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Bradley D. Thornton
Discussion - Yesterday 5:30 PM

Fred ZilchYesterday 6:18 PM+1
Thanks Wal-Mart (et al) for doing your share to help dissolve the family unit. 

Me, to Fred Zilch

+Fred Zilch Yeah, but that - your "dissolve the family unit" is traceable back centuries, and, for the profits of land speculating realty agencies/corporations/elite-dynasties, of the late 19th century, who 'invented' the nuclear family unit, simply because it was/is the smallest number of 'family' members they/we could still call 'a family', and squeeze into the smallest parcel of land. What we now regard as the nuclear family [in Australia, the 1/4 acre] home. These tiny pieces of land, sold for the maximum profit of the vendor.

THAT, is the MAJOR crime, and gives life to the likes of Walmart, and even - take a moment to think on this - even the whole auto industry survives and [used to] prosper on our needing to live as spread apart as they can force us to. As against living in more communal - er - communities - with less need to travel to work shop and play. rah rah rah, you know the rest...!

I agree with your line, against the corporation generally.

And they're right in there too! Because the smaller the family unit is, the less satisfied people become, through deprivation of the larger 'extended family' social environment, etc., to provide warmth, happy society, intimacy, knowing of others, especially those near and around us, and trust, etc.

Where do unhappy people go to escape the incurable dilemmas of personal unhappiness with the fucked culture? WE GO SHOPPING!

And, the personification of possessions, ie., commodities, such that, every nuke family has to have their own utensils, kitchen, fire, shed [man's gotto have a SHED!] lawn mower, motor car, household goodies and accouterments.

What the post is actually going to, is not merely Walmart, of course, but it's taking a subtle shot, [I'm assuming, by the rebellious look of the hippie!] as are you, perhaps, at the whole fecking CRAPitalist system.

[I reckon I seen that Hippie Dude on tele, Marching/PROTESTING at the OCCUPY WALL STREET Events back then?]

What say you go put it to Congress? Seein' as you're closer? ;-} hohoho...

However..., as this is a larger problem than little 'walmart' [!], and is clearly a 'cultural' problem, of such a scale that you and your mob - no matter how big - wouldn't scratch the surface of Congress, etc., there has to be another approach?

As you see, Atheism is growing at a rapid rate, and from my small window, globally.

This has to be along a similar line and scale of the world's peoples' general discontent with their politicians, and with the mainstream [western] religions, and that people are finally connecting the two arenas of bullshit - politics and religion - as being but in the same bucket.

I reckon the final straw, so to speak, on the peoples' [donkey's] back, is when, in the most capitalist ie corporate-controlled nations, and markets', the masses of consumers finally wake up to the connection between the politicians, religion, and - crapitalism.

If Atheism is to grow exponentially, as I reckon it will - thanks internet! - then perhaps it will also inherit this reality, of challenging the whole bag of religio-politico-crapitalism in one?

Food for thought.....

No..., I don't 'Tweet'!

But accept that I maybe a twit?

Fred Zilch
Yesterday 8:44 PM1
I agree ... hence my wording, "your share" so as to include Wal-Mart with the rest of the greedy conglomerate.

Personally I waved the white flag; expatriating from the U.S. to Central America. No Best Buy, Starbucks, Wal-Mart or McDonalds, but lots of family values. 

Max Cook
Yesterday 9:21 PM1
+Fred Zilch Damn you Jack I'm jealous!

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