My Comment to G+ Atheism Pages Lets Pray

131201 My Comment to G+ Atheism Pages Lets Pray Edition

This pic was posted [derisively] to the Google Plus ATHEISM Page, for we Atheists to make mockery of....

So...,  I DID!


[And on the 13th comment.... someone wrote...;]

Yeah, let's 'pray'!

And thus, with our head down, and the occult portals in back of the neck, beneath the 'occipital plate' [or similar name] at base of skull, exposed and opened so priestly ghosts can enter and take control of our minds!

Never Pray, Chillen!

Instead, Meditate.

Straight back.

Straight neck.

Head upright.

Allow the occult, psychic energy flow from top of the head, the Sahasrara [that's miles out!?!] chakra or such, [ loosely known as the 'god chakra' in the east ], down to the base of the spine, and back again.

This, a straight spine, and neck and upright head, is what 'deportment' and standing and walking properly, is all about.

'Prayer' as the evil christian cults ask of us, is to make us vulnerable to the dark possessive spirits of that awry cult, ex-ancient Israel.

This, along with all the other crap the western cults pour into our minds, is all about hypnotism, and entrances us to being stupid obedient fools, blindly consuming deadly rubbish - psychological and material - which they control the manufacture of, in THEIR capitalist industries, advertising and markets.

It's through prayer, they enter our souls and control us, such that when we even think of taking a TRUE Path, as known forever in the Edenic, pre-colonialist regions of the planet, our minds are programmed to react negatively and violently.

That's why when we see some sense in Meditation, and 'spiritual' practices not of the western cults design, we automatically, subconsciously reject them.

This, is also why the orthodox jews reject simply purifying physical routines especially like the hugely cleansing 'religious' daily practice of YOGA. because it, and a healthy diet, cleans our body's glandular system of the psychic toxins of bad faith, [dark witchcraft, designed to control us] etc., and improves our body and mind, making us fit to be True Humans, then supremely Intelligent, know how the world must be, and how we must be, including acting to oust corrupt priests, laws and politicians, etc.


But Meditation as said above, can be hard to begin with, because our minds are chokaz with bullshit beliefs and 'spells' from the western churches.

That's why "Philosophy' the 'Love of Wisdom', is so important, from our childhood. To learn what makes up the mind, thoughts, and the world around us, and how we can be our own boss without living bullshit lives, destroying everything, and ruining the future.

But HEY! CRAPitalism doesn't want you to know this stuff! CRAPitalism wants you to CONSUME-CONSUME-CONSUME everything your eyes see, so they, the corporations, run by the western religious cults, can own you and the whole world.

Oooowh this makes me angry.

So...., Meditate! Don't pray!

Reject western religion!

Follow the Path, Dudes, of Meditative Gnostic Atheism!



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