My Comment To Google-Plus 'Leaders' Post

131207 My Comment To Google-Plus 'Leaders' Post

In light of the Passing of one of the World's Greatest Ones, Nelson Mandella, yesterday, I'm brought to stress, that the general tenor of my e-ssay here, inspired in response to Aaron's post [in blue] is generally the case.

Obviously as with every generalization, there are the exceptions.  

Madeba, perhaps our Rarest.

Also, of course, Aaron refers to the many leaders who talk rubbish to their followers, which again, was never the case for Madeba, Nelson Mandella.

All Praise Him!

My argument here supports Aarons' point about leaders "...convincing people of the most outrageous nonsense ...", and I try to explain why.


Aaron Tingle
Religious Buffoonery - Dec 5, 2013
People who have the ability to lead and who are Leaders have a responsibility and I see them and hear them convincing people of the most outrageous nonsense and the worst part is the people really believe nonsense 
#Religious Leaders


'Leaders' in this warped age, has to be put under the microscope.

I was raised to be one, - but - found out very late, that I was a puppet of a cult.

Luckily, that happened before I tried to do any leadership shit, on the scale they hoped and planned for behind my back, lifelong.

But I've made a two decade long inquiry into this whole concept, and looking into other non-western, 'Aboriginal' cultures, see it is a very bad and inhumane thing.

Fact is, it's evil.

'Leaders' never get there of their own accord. It's always and only because others, like in my shituation, have messed around behind any prospective 'leader's' back, both setting the scene around them, controlling what they see, read, meet with, ET cetera..., and indoctrinating the puppet to learn what the others deem as necessary.

What I found is that it's not 'leaders' nor a leader we need, but simply that which they have over us, which is simply knowledge.

If we, the masses, were all taught the primary things, we'd be capable of 'leading our own lives well.

And the most primary is 'Law', laws of physics, and of psychology, of how the mind works, and that knowledge is the key, as opposed to relying on some 'expert' having it all, which always turns into a crapitalist venture, 'accountancy, medicine', etc.,

Then we would know how to control ourselves mentally thus in the world, and would know the importance of living within the laws, because the knowledge also has us see how and why there are laws, so we wouldn't need leaders, or cops, law courts, laws and prisons etc.

We most definitely would not need this utter and most criminal BULLSHIT of religions, religious messiahs, saviors, leaders nor even priests.

[Granted, the occasional Sage, Mendicant, Kwi Chan Kane, groovy TV show, etc.]

They arise because they [the religions, religious messiahs, saviors, leaders, priests], have been themselves so off the fucking track of right thought, right action, since the metaphorical fall from Eden, and essentially, all their priests and popes and cardinals have been insane puppets of manipulative, entirely corrupt charlatans, most having been witches who lived millennia ago. And, most also off the track of right mindedness, and so they've dragged everyone else down to their dumbfuck, eventually evil levels.

Its the dumbfuck leaders, who misguide the flockers into needing fucking leaders!

Anyone we might regard as a 'leader' would be a person who teaches us how we don't need leaders. Sort of 'putting themselves out of business'.

Like what cops and priests and such should have as the first and principle task in their jobs.

So Aaron, your intro... "People who have the ability to lead and who are Leaders have a responsibility...", don't in most cases, have an ability to lead.

It's only because the whole 'lost tribes' culture has been wandering fucking lost in the fucking deserts of their barren fucking minds [no apologies for being emphatic on this one] that the whole culture has bred nothing but masses of really stupid dumbfucks, who haven't got a clue as to how clueless they are, that the flockers run desperately to the belief that we [they] need a fucking leader.

Nor, do they see that looking for and running to kiss the ass of some 'leader' is BULLSHIT, because they're too fucking stupid to know it - [take a breath, maxee!]

aka - 'christians'!

'Religious leaders' are the lowest point of all culture.

And - to waste more battery -

exactly the same argument applies to all our political leaders.

aka, the most deadly oxymoron is in politics - 'christian democrat'! GO! AND! FIGURE!

I, and I hope the others here, swear in anger and despair, when we see political rallies in pre-election campaigns, with 100s of 1,000s of idiots screaming support for one or another candidate, praising them as the next president-cum-fucking messiah, ET cetera.

Why? Because the 100s of 1,000s are idiots! Hypnotized by fucking the jewish and their 'branch-office' of christianity, to 'believe' in leaders, so they can feel warm inside because they voted for him/her/it. etc.

But in fact, so the church can perpetuate the BULLSHIT myth about a central figure, a central idol, y'know, THA ONLAY SON OF GAWD!!!' who supposedly does all the thinking, because they gotta, 'cause they's the real fuckin' smart one,

- which lets the flock off the hook of awakening their own intellect [SHIT NO! Tha church don' wan' yoo to do THAT! Yo'd se through their veils of deceit, if'n yo DID! SHIT NO!] of living the right lifestyle, to keep the mind clean and healthy, so the intellect don' get polluted - AND start THINKING -

when in fact the decisions and manipulating and negotiating is all done behind closed doors by the unelected, unseen backroom executive scum who also make the highest salaries off the whole circus, and, who tell the puppet what to say, how to wave at the dumbfuck throng ["...but HOW shall we FUCK OFF, Brian?" from Monty Python's "The Life of Brian" movie], and how to keep the masses ignorant of - the LAWS.

And, to labor a penchant of mine, I put it that we've been led off the path, of knowing how to think, and so of how to educe the most important laws, which are ECONOMIC Laws, which boil down to being about how we share the resources, primarily, the LAND, purely so the evil cults, the churches and synagogues and such, can make billions from land speculation. But of course, to a large degree, the religions are controlled by the world's ancient and wealthiest dynastic elites, who own whole nations of - land.

"Hello, Aunty 'Lizzie!!" [I'm a very BLACK sheep.]

So, we's gotta rethink everything we's been sold about JEE-that's-SUS, and about every concept and call and perceived need for any fucking 'leader', and get back to da roots, Monn! of simple truth-telling about the Primary LAWS.

I say, "Laws, are God!" And Laws shall leadeth us out of the ditch/pit/abyss, and only Laws. [Today - CORPORATE AND RELIGIOUS TAXATION LAWS!]

The Laws of Physics, and the Laws of Right Thought, Right Action.

And The Laws of Equitable Distribution of Resources, Knowledge and - the Land. Everyone's Mutha, Brutha!

Don' need jewish-christian religious bullshit to know them.

Here endeth....., and I wish I had more beer! [an' th' motorbikes th' fuckin' Hell's Angels stole!] [and my million dollar business. and a home. and I'm angry..]

But HEY! Reality check! The chance of making the laws right and true - globally - now, are zilch. We've blown it, big time.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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