My Comment To Google+ Thinkers Evil Wolf Post

131202 My Comment To Google+ Thinkers Evil Wolf Post

[Posted by a white, catholic American woman, from an upclass neighborhood, who is rich enough to have the cops protect her idyllic urban fannypad, and she's 'free' to dream only nice things.  "Hi Pat!"]

A little challenge here, Pat.

In a safe and perfect world, where the waters run clear, and the sky is always just right, we can steer away from the evil wolf in ourselves.

However, as most of us have come to realize, that if we dream off into happyland, and refuse to 'feed the evil wolf in us', the evil wolves elsewhere, will walk in and take what isn't theirs, and will have one huge advantage over us, simply because we happy little dreamers don't know how to fight.

So, the line of the old Cherokee is still quite true.

But Warriors, who protect your little patch of urban or rural upmarket bliss, scoff at the general tenor of the line, knowing full-well that one has to know the enemy to survive, and that takes knowing intimately the evil wolf in oneself.

Also, because, if you do not know and thus understand it intimately, when and if the need arises for you to deploy it's awesome powers, the novice will always fuckup. 'Overkill' being something of the appropriate word.

So we do have to feed the evil fella too, perhaps, even in even proportion, so-as to, especially in these 'interesting times' , know what we are facing out there, but also what we have at hand in here, when the walls have been breached and we finally have to get up and fight the scumsucking evil bathtubs who want our playstation/s.

But it's not a trivial issue - becoming familiar with our own evil lion.

The Masters of the Martial Arts, and of War, from the less advanced era of before simply dropping bombs on 'em, knew this wolf well, and knew how quick and easy it can lose itself in the novice.

They knew that the child, to grow into the True and Balanced Man/Warrior, has to go through an whole adolescence of strict, highly disciplined training, to be as perfect as possible, to be able to know their own enemy, which we of the west know so little of - male AND female - and so to know that in any circumstance, they will be in control, at least of their own powers. And, if a Warrior is in full control of his/her own power, they will be the victor in almost any fight.

So, feed both, but never treat either with flippant aloofness or over-confidence!

Because both, can be our undoing!


General Blue Meenie
Commander Notorious,
Gunai Aboriginal Outlaw

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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