My Comment To The Guardian To Commenters

131205 My Comment To The Guardian To Commenters

Disgruntled Aussies with computers and internet connections writing to these sort of columns, are gonna have to get off their fannies soon, and take their bitching to the streets, preferably of Canberra, to assert the last of our Democratic rights, and to the extent of taking on our offshore owned, cowardly security services, and try to bring the whole parliamentary farce down.

So many commenters here, and across The Guardian's pages, express correct and sharp awareness of the outright illegality and corruption of this new government.

But how many of them are ready to back their words with action, as I suggest and implore, by getting to Canberra asap, with enough stock to last a month-plus, if needed, camping in and around OUR parliament, until the walls fall down, and we, the People, can ensure we start the processes again, but this time, with clear, unambiguous policies, right down to the roots of Equitable Government, and Equitable Distribution of our resources? And, our own Independent Democratic Republic!

How many?

Hahahaha! Today's big [as-in obese] Australians! All talk and no action!

Exactly why this darkest of governments got there, and will get what they want, over any and every Democratic Principle and Ethic.

You shoot cheap shots at this appalling government, but turn your backs to the equally appalling voters, who are yourselves, sitting comfy in your stolen acreages, voting fools and tyrants in [of both 'sides' of the same bent coin] merely to keep your 1/4 acres, false farms, and hobby farm weekenders, secure.

"Comment is free!" Indeed, and most of it, from the rightminded too, is cheap, meaningless, hollow, without concomitant ACTION to match your written outrage.

There should be a mass of us planning closing in on Canberra now, asking bosses for a few days/weeks off, using christmas present monies for the fuel and food for the trip, and readying ourselves for a Genuine and for once, JUSTIFIED Fight against tyranny - upon our own soils - rather than false drug wars on innocent Afghanni's soils, etc.

Our government is an abomination!

So too, are our voters, therefore!

Prove yourselves, Australians?

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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