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131227 JUST DEFIANCE Can you be too leftwing Edition

I flung my dung onto the comments window of this article, typically a little astray. If you're innerested, hit the link and read the article, but more, go to the comments from the readers [click on 'newest first'] because just a few I read were prime quality regards this question, and rode right over the endless crap debate about 'left v right' etc.

If you're so stereotypically 'leftwing' that it impedes the achievement of your goals, perhaps you've gone wrong
Richard Seymour
theguardian.com, Thursday 26 December 2013 19.00 AEST

A? Yeah! Looks like 'the dialectic' won?
Slightly deeper facts about 'left' v 'right' such as catholic v prodie, seem to have been left under the table dan-th-pub on th' night?
The 'left' in the western hemisphere, has apparently failed, and the semi-true, or pseudo-true believers have, gone dan-th'-pub, out of a fatalistic cynicism, perhaps in-the-main about the 'left' failing to produce the necessary 'super-leader' as has been marketed by Rome, and wherever Irish micdom is based.
The 'left' as manufactured from Wales to Shanghai by a cult of hopeful fools over the last 120 years or so, made the most stupid mistake, by putting all their eggs in one basket - a 'left-wing' christian messiah.
Y'know..., the one WHO NEVER SHOWS UP.
Fortunately, the 'left' in other places not of British nor European descent, were still Warriors connected to their deeper Traditional Wisdoms, what the colonialists called 'the mysticism of the East', so having ample Intellectual acuity, not drowned by christian bullshit [&] dogma, refined over some 1600 years, to dull the minds of all who 'looked into the whiteguys' eyes', the Chinese, and others, managed to form a more solid orthodoxy in it's Chinese Communist Peoples' Party, and having the numbers, were able to resist the subterfuge every western jew, catholic and prodie so-called 'leftie' tried to suffuse into the cause/s.
So, being too left wing only impedes your own cause if you rely on pretendlies at your local, etc, ever-ready to engage in 'the dialectic'.
And, as likely, if you're a westerner, your ideology of 'left wing' -ism is probably so far away from any True Fella Socialism/Communism, that an Australian Aborigine would just laugh at you, as they fall over in stitches.
Need I remind others that the Indigenous Aussies held True Democratic Socialism together for well over 20,000 years. Most for over 50,000 years. That's a tad longer than any 'Revolutionary' mob elsewhere has held up True Social and Humane Principles.
And.., none of them EVER WENT TO UNIVERSITY!
So, I'd say, that if being in your mind, 'too left wing' if it impedes your ambitions, career, or nation, you're not a 'leftie' at all.
Just a diluted version of a rehash of some ancient ideological dreamings.
'Pissweak' might be a shorthand way of describing the failed lefties of the western hemisphere?
But..., what would I know...?

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