We fight, we suffer, we work, like slaves, for what?

The whole world is illusion, so we fight, suffer, work, slave, for an illusion?

Whose illusion?

Yours? Not yours!

Mine? Not mine!

An elites' illusion!

So we suffer, fight, slave, so they don't have to!

Fools wait for the big I, some mythical messiah, religious or political, to stand forth and assume power.


Wait for no man! For no woman!

They will fail you!

The more store you place in another, especially to do your own work, the more you will be disappointed!

And, always there will be some who see your weakness, and will be ready to take advantage of you.

We call them priests, politicians, monarchs, executives, specialists, professionals, experts, capitalists.

Downpressers. All of them.

They think they have secure futures over us. They think they have wealth enough to keep them fed and safe in the war that the future is panning out to being, endlessly.

There is more of us than them.

They have power. That power is only knowledge. They use it on us.

They stomp us when we revolt.

And they orchestrate revolts to fool us, that we're getting an upper hand.

The 'Revolution' has been going on for thousands of years, so the elite know well how to deal with 'it'.

Knowledge. Keeping it in the hands of the priests, politicians, monarchs, executives, specialists, professionals, experts, capitalists, and the majority are weakened, to being, slaves.

How can this be corrected?

Make the Knowledge free.

Religion and capitalism survive and prosper only for having 'secreted' knowledge over the ignorant, hypnotized flocks and desirous shoppers.

And both are deeply entwined.

Religion keeps us ignorant of the 'tools', practices, beliefs, habits, and culture that is fundamental, inherent, in our being Humans, which is that of being satisfied, satiated, content, and in control of our thoughts, desires, beliefs and wants.

In this natural state, of mind, we also, are wise, and know good from ill, right from wrong, law from crime, etc. And, how to maintain the wise, right minded attitudes and practices in our every day lives.

Capitalism survives and profits for our being unaware, ignorant of how we are, as primary, intelligent, knowledgeable, satiated and wise human beings.

Capitalism survives and profits for our being unaware, ignorant of how we are naturally satisfied and contented, so not in need, endless need, of wants, marketed products, crap and short-term fixes, to our unexplained psychological and psychic cravings.

Religious priests and capitalist profiteers, be-they corporate employees, executives, and/or generational beneficiaries from unearned incomes the filthy businesses large corporations are built upon, or politicians, all know this, and that we the masses are the lesser, the weaker, and the deprived, because of their secret knowledge.

As well..., these people, all know that their unethical practices, in religion and the management of corporate affairs, are the biggest threats to our physical and mental health, to the planet's environment, and the two combined, environmental destruction and our own increasingly failing health, breeding increasingly weakened people, across whole generations and cultures, spells the death of our 'modern' human epoch [the last 25,000 years] and possibly over 90% of our species, in a shorter time span than we are near to realizing.

Some optimistic, yet thematically crazy future fictional 'sci-fi' movies cast the world as populated to maximum proportions, with 'authorities' resorting to what now are 'extreme' laws and penalties for miscreants.

But today, we are being flooded with bullshit ideological campaigns for 'humane' treatment of people in 3rd world regions, by the very people who are in fact, for their upper class 'unearned' inherited wealth, riding the wave of 'spoils' for the false divisions of the peoples of the world, into 'classes', into 1st world and 3rd world categories, into rich and poor nations.

These campaigners, most with 'good intentions', yet failing to go anywhere near the real causes of the disparities, in fact maintain and exacerbate the worst crimes, and who therefore set the scenes in business and general lifestyle trends and inequity, who direct government to allow for the most dangerous business practices to go unregulated.

And, these same ideologues of the elite schools, insist on outright illogical, false, unscientific 'laws' to prevail over the masses, so the masses have no choice but to be criminals.

Then, as a percentage will always be, the masses are caught up by the dragnet of these unjust law enforcement agencies, and thrown in completely ridiculous, illogical, anti-social, counter-intelligent and proven as completely negative for the larger society, prisons and the various institutions, to cost the same masses, by spending 'public monies' on housing them, feeding them, and occupying them, in prisons, in asylums, in clinics etc., so they do not deteriorate even further.

Even further that-is, than improving their skills as criminals, or, after a spell in an asylum, being treated with drugs, becoming less intelligent, which is one major result out of the whole system of incarcerating forced criminals into the centralized refactories of control and - revenge - our prisons.

With the sci-fi future fiction movies, where less tolerance, and ZERO intelligence is maintained by the ruling despots, today's tyrants are, for their ignorance, only too ready to deploy the worst methods of penalty and control over the exponentially increasing, out-of-control, ie., rebellious, majority, by sentencing them to prison terms for ever less criminal offenses.

While at the other end of the criminal offenses ladder, the worst crims, corporate execs, lawyers, political and religious classholes etc, rarely get prison or any serious, reformative sentences, yet their crimes of upholding the most heinous cultures, in law, religion and in the markets, are lauded as great, yet are the crimes bringing the whole house of cards, called humanity, down.

So, were any corrective approach taken, by any hypothetical 'majority' revolting, would it have to look straight and unblinkered at how we treat these worst criminals?

Of course.

Prison systems everywhere are clearly failures, and do not reform the 'criminals' into being fit for release into society.

Unless the society is itself criminal, corrupt and perverted,, which, most modern 'free-market' societies and their cultures, are.

Prisons cost the public/government purse many times more than far more evidence-based means of treatment do, of re-education and reformism while still able to live and work in the society.

And, the attempts by 'do-gooders' to eradicate the death penalty, has only ever complicated and degraded the whole culture and society.

Rarely if ever, anywhere, do proposed and legislated alternatives to prison go the full distance to fully empower and enable convicts to correct the ways they think and thus, act.

Generally, the most serious crimes, are committed by people who are not of their own mind.

Therefore, they are to varying extents, insane.

Most crimes are actually caused by psychological pathologies suffered by the offenders. But, pathologies bred into them by the larger errant criminal culture.

But the elites, most of whom are over-confident fools, egomaniacs, running on that rather than any merit or learned credibility, and certainly in most cases NOT on any highly developed intellect, resort to the 'cheaper' fix of shutting the offenders of the lesser crimes away, out of sight of their beloved superficial, bullshit society.

So the disastrously insane, out-of-control partakers, who've been 'fortunate-enough' to afford lessons on how to appear acceptable and fashionable in those societies, and for the unearned inherited wealth they live on, do not need to steal to survive, can carry-on with their unintelligent, and generally destructive 'FUCK EVERYTHING' behavior.

But in the light of a Just world, they would be condemned as unintelligent, irresponsible, and quite quite insane.

Collectively, they make the most deadly threat to the whole planet, and thus to all life on it.

As always, in a misguided culture, there are the followers and the leaders.

So if the whole culture of a society is misguided, then the peoples' duty is to sort out the errant leaders, in religion, in markets and in politics, from the ignorant fools and puppets, and use knowledge of how the psyche can become irreparably warped as to never be re-educated to a safe and socially beneficial level to assess and pass judgment on them.

This is when the death penalty has to be employed.

Whether the planet was home to only 7 million human beings, 7 billion, or 70 billion, it is erroneous thinking to believe any of us are special enough to escape an equitable system of justice.

The same goes for we who consume so much more than an equitable distribution of resources would allow us.

Yet, in our collective mob-thrill of egomaniacal criminal material ignorance, we celebrate, revere, salute and reward, those who are the worst offenders - the superich?


Is the death penalty too good for the downpresser man?

This question necessarily also goes to those who promote the most unintelligent cultural and market practices.

Religious heads. Cultural and business heads.

That none of them have weighed their own lives, and in not, have failed to find that they have no place nor right to assume superiority over others, and have followed a life course of arrogance, abuse and deceit, indicates they are either puppets, or are tyrants, aware of the fallen state of the planet, yet have consciously ignored the same responsibility each and every human being has, primarily of humility.

As primary, is the duty of each, to seek the development of their intellect, such that it shines above and slays all material desires, and establishes as fundamental, one's own place and satiation in the world.

To not place these two primaries on top of our life-list, is to be a criminal.

Indeed, failing in these departments, is to fail in being Human.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor