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Greens are refusing to back a motion to keep parliament sitting until the Senate votes to repeal carbon tax
Lenore Taylor political editor
theguardian.com, Monday 9 December 2013 14.36 AEST


09 December 2013 11:13am

"According to leaks in News Corp papers, emissions fell during the first year of the carbon tax by 300,000 tonnes.
Hunt said this proved that “the tax is a rolled gold failure."
"Labor’s environment spokesman, Mark Butler, said the figures showed the carbon tax was working.
“The first year of the Clean Energy Package saw a 6% decrease in carbon pollution from electricity generation, due primarily to a 25% increase in electricity generation through renewable energy."
"This information flies in the face of Tony Abbott’s last ditch attempt to bully the Senate into agreeing to scrap an effective climate change policy without having a credible alternative,” he said."
"Earlier inventory figures – released in the normal way with the detail – showed that in the year to March soaring emissions (so-called fugitive emissions) from coalmining and gas production offset declining emissions from electricity production.
The carbon tax was levied on fugitive emissions, but the coal industry also received a compensation package. Under the Coalition’s Direct Action package, coalmining companies could compete for government grants to reduce their emissions, but without any carbon liability it is unclear what financial incentive they would have to do so."

These to me, show that we are under siege from a club of debaters, whose main objective is to win the debate.
Larger realities, farther afield than any of them have ever cast their view, the unsustainable emissions from manmade industry, continues unabated, most of which is, IS, totally superficial, superfluous to the planets and species' needs, and most of which is for the short-lived false satiation [?] of the cheapest most minuscule, idiotic and selfish personal desires the crapitalist market has ever invented.
Hunt shows himself to be Orwellian , with his rejection of obviously clear figures saying the 'carbon tax', or perhaps mere coincidence, are effecting a reduction in carbon pollution.
"...rolled gold failure", being another blatantly cheap slogan, of absolutely NO merit.
Need it be said, that this type of cheap baseless tactic - mere fancy words - effects more a DISqualification of the minister, than supporting his holding of that ministry.
But, we are, in interesting times, say what?
What amazes me, though something I came to see in only the last FORTY years, is that we are besieged by upclub mouthy, spoiled and overpaid debaters in our political houses, and that we DO NOT NEED DEBATES about these types of crucial things, but we need facts and evidence-based legislation to temper, taper and regulate or, in that heinous word - GOVERN - our uses of and effects upon the most basic and most important NATURAL ENVIRONMENT.
Now, after too long watching, it is all too obvious that the whole bullshit notion of 'parliament' and of parties and politicians, is/are completely unnecessary, to the point of being more damaging to life on earth, than any genuine aid.
And this is easily proven, by the very existence of the likes of that twit we refer to as our "environment minister".
Then, of course, we have, in the same basket of 'cases', our "minister for agriculture", our "education minister", and last but not to go without a free three years tripping out on public monies around the globe in the best luxury government aircraft, our prime minuture!
All of whom, achieve ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WORTHWHILE, in terms of "Good Government, according to the primary edicts of that chimera known as "Democracy", "of the People, by the People, and FOR the People".
It's typically false authoritarianism of this flunky PM Tiny Abbortion to threaten the Senate sit until they pass the repeals of the two qualified and thus valuable 'taxes'.
It behooves the True Humans in parliament's Senate - if there are any - to take him on, and sit through the false god holidays of christwotamess, merely to deny him his proudest moment of showing how clever he is - NOT.
The whole show since September 7th, exposes all of them as bullshit-sperts, with nary a grain of Honor in themselves, right far right, left, 'far-left', and in-between, for not going the next step and calling the government out as a complete and utter fraud, not worthy of their positions, and certainly not worth their salaries and free flights around the globe!
How long will this go on? Until the next man-made ice-age, I fear.

Commenter, JaneThomas, wrote,
to The Guardian Article above
09 December 2013 4:44am
Oh, it is so much harder being in government than opposition. No longer is a three syllable slogan going to suffice. You cannot yet send the AFP or ASIO to raid these recalcitrants houses and knock down their Christmas trees and steal their kids Christmas presents. When can Tony get some black shirted, balaclavaed bully-boys to raid the parliament like Howard did on the wharves?

To whit, I wrote....,

KingCommo to JaneThomas
09 December 2013 11:51am

Ah? lately, the "black shirted, balaclavaed bully-boys.." you mention, [Oh, the Webb Dock war?] are in something of a dismay lately.
Beneath their apparent allegiance to Howard, they were merely [criminal] mercenaries from the USA, but with a twist.
They were run by a crime corporation of drug-addled outlaws, who thought they were anti-establishment. But were actually controlled by the establishment. The freemasons and their CIA to be overt.
The Webb Dock brutes simply took the money, sit on the same side as the establishment, then assumed control of our police forces. Just another 'take-over' from one multinational band of crims [the establishment] to another [the Hell's Angels].
So the AFP and ASIO are under siege too, which explains their failure to act and arrest the whole cabal of our LNP, ALP and the AEC, with the other right wing church run crime syndicates, after the totally fraudulent September 7th 'selection'.
But hello? the rest of our politicians, and parties, middle and small, are in the same cabal, come to it.
And the "black shirted, balaclavaed bully-boys" might be more inclined, were they too straighten UP!, to effect either a civil war, or merely go and arrest the whole political class, were they able to THINK!
Closing Canberra airport, 1, and a ring of nasty looking dudes around the whole of Canberra, 2, is the least we need to bring the Proper Economic Corrections, to the nation.
Of course, nasty looking Dudes in military uniforms would be a lot better, but hey..., they're busy videoing perverts sexing other recruits, and running international pedophile networks.

And another...,

09 December 2013 11:24am
[My font effects]
The fundamental principle embedded within the Australian Constitution which we inherited from the British is the supremacy of Parliament. There is no concept of a "mandate" for the government and elections are only for determining who gets to sit in Parliament.
The government (referred to as the Executive in the Constitution) is appointed by the Governor-General for the purpose of running public service departments and acting as Parliament's servant by implementing its laws. Neither the government nor the House of Representatives can dictate to the Senate. And masters don't accept dictates from their servants.
If the Senate does not agree and Abbott wants a vote on abolishing the ETS he needs to organise a referendum (smirk). That is the proper Constitutional procedure for Australians voting on issues.

KingCommo to Goanna1
09 December 2013 12:01pm
Excellent! Pity the 'government' is hard of hearing these kinds of things?
Late 1930's Prussia revisited, say what!

And to another The Guardian Article

Agriculture white paper will tackle food security and improving market returns at the farm gate, including drought management
Gabrielle Chan
theguardian.com, Monday 9 December 2013 17.11 AEST

09 December 2013 12:50pm

Ah? yeah? Barney who rode the 'Zonal Taxation' policy into parliament, and who has not mentioned that once since his election.
Barney who betrayed his electorate, exposed his buffoonery attempting to play finance, then ran to a safe seat to get into the House of Reps.
Barney who licks the same icecream as his 'superior' Abbortionus, denying that humans have over played their 'invent and market' hand to the extreme and ARE responsible for the warping of the planet's climate and environment, yet STILL advocate, promote and finance the most destructive AGRICULTURAL and other industries the earth has ever seen - well, since Sodom and Gomorrah - Barney who wants someone - ANYONE - to contribute to overcome his appalling ineptitude in terms of knowledge about agriculture and about what FARMING is actually about?
Oh! THAT Barnaby Joyce!
Come on Barney?
"Wheat"? "Cattle"? How may other crops and stocks of unsustainable, untenable, mass-destructive 'farming' ventures can a people consume before the inherent intolerances kill us all?
No matter what anyone says and contributes to your white paper, you'll never go the True Farmer Road, of making us a Balanced rural People and industry.
"White paper" indeed! Nothing like a True Fella Paper, or an Evidence-Based Paper. just a whiteguy load of bleached chemicals, again!
Like the rest of your LNP mob, you've been hypnotized by aliens, who want True Fella Humans, y'know, the Originals, to die.
You gotto stop it Barney, it'll send you even blinder than you are.

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