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David Ateenyi
Discussion - 4:19 AM

Why get mad, am just an elemental composition with advanced synaptic connections with the perception of reality. Just a thought I had.

Good concept to ponder.

I see myself locked in not my, but someone else's dream.

So, I sense all the stuff, and the world including my body is very tangible, so it's a strong, or powerful dream.

But, I ask, if, but a dream, what form does the essence of my not-dreaming being take?

New age folks, and even science, with pictures, show the "aura" and the "psychic centers" the "glandular system" centers, the "Chakras" in Sanskrit, as glowing aura and points of light.

7 different colors from top, white, to bottom, red, and the rest of "me" [not that I've ever seen this type of representation of little "me" in picture form] "hanging" or stuck, around them.

It's interesting to me that the 7 colors correspond to the basic colors of the world around.

Red - earth [base chakra the planet's center is red hot.]

Orange - water [2nd, genitals chakra - cannot define the connection between orange and water though. But does orange exists as a combination of red and yellow? And, if so, does fire acting on earth, or, the minerals and solids of earth, make water?]

Yellow - fire [3rd chakra, "belly" or food processing into energy region]

Green - air [4th chakra. On the surface not related /green-air/ but the vegetation out of and above the earth and the water - in the air - on the planet is mainly green. Albeit that "green" does not exist, I'm told, and is actually how our eyes interpret the combination of yellow and blue.

And, for those I believe, "I" believe, and as do most non-technocentric people who are well balanced, the natural world and nature, represented in the predominance of "green" foliage, is where a balanced heart, ie., a balanced emotional person is, or should be most emotional. Or, something??

Blue - the 5th, throat chakra, color of the sky, [the voice,]

Purple - the 6th chakra, the third eye chakra, the mind. Purple, it's shades and other names, have been regarded as "regal" colors, and has been worn by monarchs for thousands of years. [Possibly though, also for Purple being an hard to make or acquire color in robes, etc?] I see this relationship between the 2nd highest chakra's color and it's being seen as a regal color as their knowledge of it's and their height in relation to the people below them, and close relationship to the Higher chakra of Eternal or godly power.

BUT..., I also see the 6th chakra, the purple one, as the level of occult power, for it is the "occult" eye, the 3rd eye, the "evil eye", and it's use is in fact evil if not understood, by it's knower/user.

I hazard a guess now and suggest that use of the 3rd eye, without having awakened, or attained to the level of understanding of the 7th, top, white, chakra, is bad juju, and will most often bring bad outcomes.

This is why, I do believe, the world is in such an abyss now, as perhaps it's been for many thousands of years. Relate-able to the Old Testament's “fall from Eden".

I used to relate the 6th chakra to one of the biblical revelations [?] about the number of the devil being "666", forgetting now what my seeking mind then considered the other 2 "sixes" referred to.


White - the 7th or, "god chakra" as described by the Hindu, or, the Spirit.

But, to be clear, I'm now Atheist.

But, these co-relations can be seen to infer that we are but subsets, perhaps, of something larger.

It hit me yesterday, that "our consciousness is universal".

That we, or I, only see myself as a body, and the world around only as far as my eyes can see, doesn't mean I'm seeing all of "me".

My take on this is that I, and perhaps others, are locked into being limited in how far "out" I can see, hear, feel, etc, and, AND, how far "IN" I can with these two limited ocular organs, the eyes, can see.

If I was able to break the limiters of my senses, and the mind, of course - for I also believe the mind is the core of our being, the soul, which is what "psyche" means in Greek, and all things, the senses, the body and the world around us are in fact, at least could well be, just mental, or psychic constructs from within the core, of our, of my, of the, mind?

So, what am "I", me-me-me, initially, originally, primarily made of, and what form does, do I actually take, inside, beyond what my mind and it's senses have been conditioned, trapped, hypnotized, to see and to believe?

And, treading another step too many, already [?] if it's all either a dream, or a construct out of my accumulated experiences from "where?", as your question seems to infer or ask

"....just an elemental composition with advanced synaptic connections with the perception of reality."

what "reality" is there in the world I "perceive"?

I've studied at a Reputable School which taught Philosophy, and one of it's pretexts, is that "all the world is illusion".

"Reality" is that which does not change.

The body and the world change.

The chakra atop the head, is white, and referred to as the "god chakra" in Sanskrit, is what is opened to the conscious mind, with Deep, and the Highest Meditation.

"Reality" does not change, and it's said the Bliss of being in that Highest Light during Meditation, is Eternal. Therefore the Light of that realm, is Eternal.

"God" has such a bad reputation now, so cannot be used as a reference or name of that Highest condition, or place, or Light of the being.

People use it in religion, while having no idea of it, nor of how to live and practice to attain to it, that "god chakra" and it's alleged, apparent "Bliss”.

Christianity the worst offender, clearly. Christianity has done more for Atheism than any other movement.

So, what am I made up of, in some "pure" form?

"...just an elemental composition with advanced synaptic connections with the perception of reality."

O! To have a "perception of reality"?

Buddhism does not believe in any "god" as alluded to, as described in the world's religions.

Buddhism then, can be said to be Atheist.

That's cool to me, being Atheist, and having studied and found Wisdom and mental elevation in Buddhist Teachings.

So I see western "Atheism" as limiting itself down to mere and fatalistic materialism, when as the Atheist pages on G+ seem to prefer, they do not entertain this non-material aspect, or fundament, of our existence, because it's too "spiritual", "god-bothering" and “religious".


And... "Thanks David!" For the prompt...! :]

Sorry if it's too long?

Another My Comment, to another G+ Post....

Which I finished then deleted, seeing other comments being other people offering the questioner other perspectives....

"To me, no, you can never find god through logic, because "god" does not exist! lol"


Logic, "logos", is the process of deducing knowledge or facts as distinct from fiction, from untruths, from imagination, myth, etc.

So "logic" is good - absolutely necessary - for getting rid of the bullshit of western religion. Simple observation, and deduction, without deliberately confusing hexes taking the mind off track.

So Yeah, "think!" But the mind is a labyrinth, and we have to have some parameters and controls to save it/us from going crazy.

And.., western religion has abused our minds for ages to send us nuts if we ask questions contrary to what they want us to believe.

So, if you hear yourself going a bit nutty, like if the thoughts just wont stop, and become crowdy in ya head, Know that's not YOU, or your mind, but an agenda-ridden BITCH, messing with ya.

Get yourself into doing something physical, until the noise goes away.

Or, if you have been already and learned the Higher Arts of Meditation, just focus on letting the mind fall still.

And never tell yourself you're mad. It's some other guy trying to fool ya.

They're usually wearing their collars on backwards, and love playing with the subtle fabric of the world. Or they're jealous, spoiled brats.


Forget western religion. Period. They exist to prop up the class-making western, and now global elite system of division and conquer.

They're all about stealing souls, power, economics and other peoples' land.

And forget "god" as the term, and as a concept, because our western culture has so imbued our thinking on this, with automatic thinking toward the worst, most shallow interpretations of "god". [A "him"! looking down at every one of we 7.5 billion people! Etc]

"It" is the inner most level of light. "It", is in our highest level of being, [the 7th chakra], and powers us, and everything we see, and know.

"It" is beyond, or, higher, than the mind [the 6th chakra] , so is beyond all thinking on the subject,, all thinking being mere "matter".

Western religion tells us we cannot know that level of existence. That is their most evil, most ignorant lie.

We ARE That [Highest Level of Light]. And the Being that has manifested under it, as in our body/mind combo.

But HEY! They're christians! They're all ignorant, and that's precisely why they are waiting for or believe in a savior.

Therefore, we must not believe anything they tell us!

"Blind leading the blind!"

But, if you wanna get materially rich? Suck his dick! lol

The west is the lost tribes, having lost how to be satisfied, satiated in one's own Being, since "the fall from Eden" The blind and lost jews have led the world into the abyss.

But, they do deserve some respect, for at least leaving the story albeit brief, of "the fall" in their Genesis book, and in that, they are admitting to being the lost tribe. [They just forget that fact these days!]

So... forget searching for "god". the word and all around it only distracts, confuses and destroys the Intellect, and the preparation we have to go through to establish the reality of some higher essence.

And forget looking for "It" in someone else, or, in a book.

You can be an Atheist.

[ I am - as is Buddhism - Appreciating Buddhism, but don't say I am, outside of, when cursing, I say “Buddha save them/him/me, etc” instead of “god save ...”]

…..and still give sincere time and energy to "purifying" your, soul, such that you elevate your mind, to the higher realm of that which does not change - Reality.

You might decide to stop working for the man, or eating meat, or drinking pinacolada's, or associating with idiots, and all the other stuff we "love" ie., are blindly addicted to, but yo'll soon see it's for your betterment, 'cause the mind works better with the best stuff in the belly and blood-stream and in itself, so is easy and a good feeling.

But don't rush off and join a commune, not too quickly anyways. Try stay where y'are, and slowly lift yo game.

[Such that you clear out the bullshit in the western mind that stops us from being True and our Real Full, Complete, Enlightened Self].

"Logic" works on "Knowledge", and that in it's essential, purest and most noble form, is the Knowledge of the Divine, and/or, the search for the Divine.

That, the Divine, is your Essence, Grasshopper!


Except for the mad, chaotic, frightening mental valley we have to trawl through while getting rid of the bullshit the west has pumped into us, such that we cannot find that Essence, beyond thinking, in

"the Natural Condition of The Mind - is Silence."

Meditate. Meditate. Meditate.

But seek and find the Best School to guide you through your own mind first.

I think we are at a stage when Atheists can and will organize into some damn-it-CHURCH of "Gnostic Atheism"?

"Gnosis" - Knowledge.

But maybe Buddha already done that???

When the Romans and the jews 1st colluded to recognize and bring-in the growing jewish cult in Rome in the 4th century, they actually banished the blokes who were in the same cult, we know as "Christianity", but who practiced Meditation as Taught, allegedly by the Man hisself.

They were "the Gnostics". "The Knowers".

Since then, the church has run on "faith" or witchcraft, and banished "Reason", the Intellect. "Fidel et Ratio".

Buddhi, the root word of Buddha, means "Reason", "Intellect".

It's all there, if we use our Intellect.

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