World Politics' Next Step - World King or World Democracy?

131227 World Politics' Next Step
World King or World Democracy?

Being told, and uncovering a plot about me being the 1st king of the planet, brings horrible dilemmas. The biggest being that my guidance and inquiries spanning about 50 years shows that the True Way for Humanity to be governed is Democratically.
That, runs in complete contradiction to monarchy, and, to christianity.
Me owning the planet, so being uncountably wealthy, after a life of persecution and exile, and poverty for the last 20-plus years, is impossible to come to terms with. Especially while it is something evil and insane fools prevent me from discussing with others.
On top of that, weighing any reality of what I think is my existence, while preferring the 'safe' way of seeing it all as my being trapped in a 'dream' controlled by other 'spirits', from which I cannot break nor wake free of, thinking about being fabulously wealthy, and in any position of authority and thus, power, over the mass of humanity - the species currently running quite out of control, and down the sewer to our collective destruction - does not actually attract me.
Why would anyone want to be boss of a world full of fucking psychos?
These sad reality-check thoughts come on top of the considered truths about the best system of government, being Democratic. Where the People, govern themselves, for, by and of The People.
Besides, anyone stupid enough to think any monarch is or could possibly be totally competent, enough to 'rule' a planet of now, 7 billion people, should be barred from voting in any political election, and sent to do a minimum 10 year stint being re-educated to get a fucking clue about their own sick mentality, as well as that of a mass of sickos all scrambling for a crust off MY table.
The western world hasn't seen a fully autonomous monarch for thousands of years, who has been intelligent and strong enough to rule without their 'civil servants' milling and conniving around their feet, and behind their backs.
Today's examples of monarchs are all shopfront figureheads, who basically do what their evil peers demand of them, merely to keep the hegemony and totally corrupt, class system afloat, and, them, the scum, on top of the pool.
So anyone or religion who and which purports that an individual person, as the world leader, is either our only way or is coming, is humanity's most dangerous criminal, and should be burned in oil - sssslllooowwwllly!
This should silence the priestes-of-shit in the christian clergy, as it should evoke Atheists to get out and Champion True Democratic Values, Laws, and Taxes, over religious garbage and corruption.
While anyone on earth tries secretly or overtly to induce any puppet-king to be their figurehead, the righteous duty of any such puppet-king figurehead, is to fight back, and DEFY with whatever he/she/it has at hand to destroy such BOOOOLLLSHSH-IT theocratic evil ideology.
Even if it means the destruction of LARGE numbers of people, and cultures and infrastructure/s.
As long as the errant 'lost tribe' mobs have been trying to manipulate the subtle fabric of life on earth to this errant centrist wealth and power end, there have arisen Wiser, more Honorable Persons and Forces ready to go to war against it.
Islam began because a Humble Bloke, Intelligent and in Wise Company in the 6th or 7th century Middle East, saw the inherent evil of the new brand of religion a cabal of Roman and Jewish clerics created in Rome - Judaist christianity, saw that it was the beginning of an evil every True Fella must be prepared to die fighting against.
Most Atheists know the falsity of centralized religion and of centralized government, and so now, with the best resources ever available to spread the Knowledge of how humanity and nations and individuals are best governed, and knowing that the biggest preventative to True Democratic government are the religious cults, the call has to go out to the world of Thinking and Righteous People to make an effort to vote out the religions from all authority and control of our lives and of the distribution of our common resources.
Any religion not paying it's share of taxes, is a criminal organization, and must be banned from riding or associating together and from wearing their colors in public.
That, necessarily, really, demands we kill christmas, and thus, capitalism, because capitalism survives on crap christmas commercial craziness. Hohoho...

Now here's the contemplative stuff about

A bullshit super-Jesus
The Most Intelligent Path Toward Global Government
[ or, How I Get Out Of Playing The World's Richest, Most Powerful Person ]

World Politics' Next Step
World King or World Democracy?

Technology and population growth brings humanity closer than ever together.

But we also fight more, mainly for limited resources.

Nations all round are falling apart. Attempts at democracy seem to demand evermore complex systems and laws to manage them, and ever less reasoned arguments win the day in control of culture, society and individuals.

The most dominant religions, grown out of the ancient and long corrupted, long fallen Hebrew creeds, christianity, judaism and Islam, are in the worst states they've ever been in.

Yet by their evil brutality in means of control, they still dominate their regions, all the poorer for it.

Democracy grew out of the contemplations of some minds of considerable intellect, from the evidence of the failings in monarchy. But, as things go in this most recent era, of, say, the last few thousand years, rogues slip their ways in and corrupt all the finest, and the most intelligent intentions and findings.

Rogues who speak championing Democratic values, while most of them, are also for the complete opposite 'political' structures, of centralized government.

Whether they support the idea of a president, or a monarch, they fail the test of Democratic principles, because both in the end, centralize the management of the nation/s, government, society and people.

The modern remnants of the 'Abrahamic' faiths do nothing good for the most intellectual democratic principles or practices, and the worst - christianity, is in direct contradiction and thus conflict with Democracy's Intelligent culture and social functions.

It's no coincidence that christianity has developed and become so corrupted away from the essential principles which it's Master, Jeshua ben Joseph, that-was, Jesus, is purported to have taught and advised his followers to abide by.

Islam, however, even with all it's turmoil and strife, most of it imposed and imported from outside, purely to destroy all balance there might be in the Tenets of Islam, would be a sound way of living, again, were it able to operate free of outside self-interested interference.

And, christianity and judaism too, in their essences, are good and sound ways to actually live. But rogues see their chance and force flawed beliefs and systems into the basic ideals, so the cults grow on corrupt bases.

In a perfect world, these could exist happily amongst all manner of beliefs, were they not forced to champion whatever keeps the people 'faithful' and loyal.

If, say, one could advise all religion to stop speaking about their 'god', gods, and deities, and instead focus on the economic management of their tribes, cults, nations etc, it might see a decline in hostilities between them.

However, aspects of the creed and the underlying focuses in christianity do not stand up to intelligent scientific scrutiny, so an whole shift of priorities have to come into that creed before it can suit and fit into the world of diverse cultures and systems of management.

The primary flaw being contained in it's very name - christianity - which denotes the central figure of a world king - Jesus - in their case.

It's no coincidence that christianity as grown so much in the last two thousand years, across monarchic regimes and nations, because it's ideal and ideology support the monarchic system of central autonomous power and authority.

Obviously there has to be some good in these coincidences, for their being where the 'modern' ideal and science of democratic government have been considered, expounded and introduced.

But, it's easy for the present era's generations to forget the struggles, debates, arguments and bloody wars over centuries, and even over millennia, which have gone on, so the People can finally be their own Masters, over what seems to always come of monarchic regimes - encrazed centralized warlords fighting the masses so the lords can keep their privileged over-consumptive, unsustainable, in-the-end utterly insane and obsessive lifestyles. And always, at the expense of the vast majority of their 'subjects'

Indeed, 'The Revolution' has been going on since 'the fall' in biblical terms.

But that is not the case everywhere.

In Australia, up until 1788, Democracy governed life pretty well, and an impartial summation of pre-colonial Australia, might rightly label it as the actual, biblical 'Garden of Eden', or, as I like, 'the Garden of Wisdom'.

So, now the Revolution has come to Australia, and we, Bleck and white, fight all the way down the sewer, with bullshit beliefs of leaders, and government and religion distracting the masses, giving them most all, no hope, and thus, a carefree disregard for Democracy.

So while our 'modern' concepts of Democracy have come from recent thinkers, like Socrates, Plato, Cromwell, up to Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, even Mao Zi Dong, Et Al, but all of whom were led and helped to educe their finer thoughts of how best for humanity to manage itself by their mentors, tutors, teachers, and peers, as oft' in cafes, libraries and loungerooms, Democracy was once the natural and ordinary way of the pre-fallen, pre-monarchic world/s.

Surely, less numbers made for simpler systems, and less need for complex calculations and technological means and fixes, and systems of management.

But, the Principles underlying let's call it 'Garden Democracy' as of 'Eden', were, and, could we deduce and educe them again, are, simple, clean and pure.

The only contenders and corrupters are those who cannot rise above their own, as-often, justified, cynicism.

The rogues.

Masses of people everywhere do know and intelligently understand the purer principles of Democracy, in it's true and pure definition/s. But again, we are overwhelmed everywhere by rogues, even some who think they're wanting the best for everyone.

And, by numbers, the world is by rogues, overwhelmed, lost and irredeemable regarding the most balanced, most efficient, most equitable systems of government.

For those who are one way or another addicted to 'politics' or deeper, to nutting out the solutions to, now, the eventual and if we remain without a global calamity, 'evolving' pending formation of a global management structure, perhaps some more effective and perhaps more brutal imposition out of the United Nations format, I think the primary question has to be whether we must try with a renewed emphasis to purge the planet of the errors of monarchic government.

As said, some monarchs, are intelligent, humble and not so opulent, and in these, are open to ideas and scientific evidence as to which is best, in these modern times, all things considered, [A.T.C.].

All Praise those who are Humble and Wise!

And, some, perhaps by percentage, many more presidents are also Humble and Wise, and hold as primary the intelligent management and contemplation of their places and roles, way above any personal aggrandizement and opulent luxuriating in the chair they hold.

Indeed, it's part and parcel of being wise to know the folly of opulence, and thus, to mock any pretensions for that lifestyle is the source of much joy, and as often is seen rightly as one's duty. A sort of fun-filled way of keeping the soul clean.

But, we're a complex species, with possibly now a majority scampering around for another dollar, driven by all manner of psychological complexities and unresolved mental maladies, brought upon them by a long corrupted and awry world around them.

Most mental illnesses are not 'personal' as much as they are, and/or are induced by, 'cultural' forces.

So always, the True Believers and Philosophers are having to contend with, and tolerate and endure the fools who, made fools by an error-laden 'fallen' world, cannot think other than selfishly and divisively and with evil motivations and intentions, go about corrupting everything to suit their own corrupt minds and ways.

So any natural leader, if such can exist, and any who find personal intellectual growth in contemplating the world today, and how it might best be governed, one day, have to look for ways to bring the basically shattered and disparate world to governing itself, in the least destructive way.

Discerning the goal, and the path to it, means usually, discerning that sometimes harsh and brutal means have to be employed.

The end, justifies the means.

So, steps taken, all things considered, really require that we get rid of the various 'beliefs' which stand in the way of any journey to True Intelligent and thus Balanced Democratic Government of the whole planet.

Religions have to go. The easiest way, is to tax them. If they have any genuine credence to their creeds, they will be able to remain extant while being taxed the same as the rest of us and of other institutions.

Without having to form massive and painful inquisitions to find their relevance or qualifications to talk shit to the masses, taxing them would sift the rocks from the sand.

As all large organizations and instrumentalities are nowadays steeped in corruption and perverted methods of keeping members loyal, in the global fight against other equally powerful and equally corrupt bodies, selecting any one of them to force the processes is risky, if not a lost cause from the start.

But, A.T.C., it does seem that the military is the best body to employ to 'fastrack' the processes toward implementation of the policies of the global, equitable Democratic world, no matter how far into the future that might be.

How ready, willing and able the world's monarchies are to stand down, and allow any such moves, is unclear.

Religions, the same.

But perhaps worse than them, is the mass of capitalists, who really are the biggest problem to any True Democratic global government.

Perhaps 1% of the world's leading and wealthiest capitalists have a genuine and intellectual comprehension of what exactly 'capitalism' is, and how it best functions, with maximum benefit to everyone, with minimum detriment to anyone.

Those '1%' are not the problem. It's the other 99% who will autonomically jump to and attempt to drown any debate with endless bullshit about why their system of corruption is the best and only one they will tolerate, etc etc etc.

None of them are at any level capable of analyzing their own psycho-pathologies which drive them incessantly to hunger and lurch for MORE MORE MORE wealth and power, so 'discussions', debates, arguments and political elections serve nothing good, and serve more the demise of the species and our ONLY mother planet.

And besides, 'capitalism' and it's invented antithesis defined as 'communism' do not actually exist as contrary systems.

Both in any world, corrupted or still 'Edenic' exist side-by side, and are really inseparably entwined within each other.

'Capitalism' as it's meaning has it, is a means of production, trade and sharing produce.

Whereas, 'Communism', is the most logical, practical, efficient, means of managing the people who go about daily doing their capitalist trade/s.

Both prosper and work best because and when they both recognize that 'economies of scale' is the most intelligent way to function in any large society.

The biggest 'capitalist' corporations grow as big because they use 'economies of scale' to reduce their inefficiencies.

'Communist' government, functions best when it employs 'economies of scale' too. Indeed, Communist government IS the quintessential 'economy of scale', in that it ensures that everyone is given an equitable, not necessarily equal, share of the whole system, in the most efficient, that-is in the most economical way.

So, my '1% of capitalist leaders in the world' are fully aware of these similarities and indeed, necessary combinations of 'Communist' government, and 'Capitalist' uses of the resources.

Therefore, along with decapitating all monarchs and religious spin-doctors, there is not really any need to decapitate all CRAPitalist leaders or business moguls or drug lords OOP! or heads of industry.

The only thing lacking anywhere, anywhere where Democracy, Capitalism and Communism does, should or could exist, is Knowledge.

Spread the knowledge about these three principles of human existence, and of how they are necessarily entwined and needed for each and all to exist perennially, and we do not need a centralized system of misgovernment - in that misgovernment is all we'd get with anything less, aka, where monarchy rules, where capitalism rules, or where communism rules - and we should be able to introduce Democratic Government peacefully and for the good of all.

The 'monarchs', can all go get honest jobs. So too, the priests.

Not much we can do for the real estate agents though.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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