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There's a pic of our new federal government education minister, Christopher Pyne standing behind the State government education ministers, some from the same LNP state party governments, in the SMH of a day or two ago, showing Pyne back from them, with his nose in the air, looking demonically directly at the camera, as if, clearly to say, “I'M in control now!

I cannot not take the pic as deliberately staged by Pyne himself, even with and to an anti-LNP media journal, the SMH, and that he is trying to show he is crazy. As if for some bizarre purpose of exposing the outrageous nature of not just the LNP nutcases now 'ruling', but as if to broadcast that they and the whole of their clique of upper class maniacs, are just that - upper class maniacs? So far in control, that they are eager to broadcast themselves as unassailable, and are now free and in so much control that they can be utterly crazy, show it, and there's nothing we, the humble, can do about it.

But this doesn't make sense, because as I note below, I've observed Pyne for a few years, long enough to deduce that he is mad, fairly stupid with it, and lusts for power over others, especially over others more fortunate in physique and intellect, and in political power, than he.

But his latest insult to the species is his unreasoned trashing of the last ALP/Greens/Independents government's “Gonski reforms” to education funding, etc.

It's elicited quite a response from all sectors and persuasions in education and across the public and private spectrum.

So, I threw my outrage in, and await his and other fools' witchcraft responses....

But here's a lead-in, from the article's comments section to;

Funding windfall for private schools at the expense of public system would reignite hostilities, peak body warns
Daniel Hurst
theguardian.com, Friday 29 November 2013 19.04 EST

[This 'Congaline' guy cannot be serious? Or, he is an utter fool?]

30 November 2013 1:20am
Christopher Pyne is one of the best communicators of this Government. Even many Coalition critics would concede that he's one of the best performers on programs like Q&A.
And he's still relatively young. When Tony calls it quits, I think he'll be the main contender for the top job.”

Messystopheles to CongaLine
30 November 2013 2:32am
You are mental

[Love the brevity, and accuracy!]

[I read 'Conganuts' comment, and repasted this already put comment to him]
KingCommo [me] to CongaLine
30 November 2013 2:35am

From early in Pyne's noisy appearances in parliament, it stood out to me, merely a person of more decades observation of peoples' psychology than himself, that Pyne has a serious pathology, and needs prolonged psycho-analysis, and more.

Now he's in 'power', his pathologies are free to be played out, and as we see, are going to his longed-for extreme of megalo-mania.

He relishes having control over other people.

This is known by wise people, as being because the person, Pyne in this example, does not have control over his own psyche, which is essentially, insanity. A primary reaction to anyone not having power over their own mentality, is to seek power over others. The more the better, in their mind.

His general demeanor exhibits clear signs, even before he opens his mouth, that he has a 'power and control complex'.

It's not unexpected that he would push for the 'education' portfolio, as it controls the lives of whole generations, and, thus, of the future of our nation.

I warned of this well before the September 7th election, which only seemed to increase his determination to excel in being a tyrannical fool, as he is now showing himself to be.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

His rise has been fairly fast, as will his fall be, once those around him, and who observe him with clear heads, see the threat he dreams of issuing upon Australians.

Sadly, he has along side of himself, our dolt of a PM, who also dreams of maximum control of others.

"Sometimes, Kerry" said Abbott to Kerry O'Brien on ABC TV a few years ago, "my mind makes me tell porkies!".

Australians of all ages should take heed of these signs, in our government ministers, and act swiftly to oust them before all actually is lost to their wanton madness.

"Will the minister for education, please resume his psycho-analysis?"

Of course, there will never be an inquiry as to who pays your type, Mr Madface 'Congaline', to make these ridiculous, ignorant and pro-tyrannical government comments, but everyone has a fairly clear idea.

You advertise the LNP federal government's insanity very well, and at-once give intelligent readers a jolly little laugh.

Of course, we boggle at what goes on in your head, and how much it costs those around you, to be nice to you, for fear of your malicious reactions to any truthful observations as to your impotence?

[Further comment from me]
30 November 2013 3:19am

As the LNP was illegitimately foisted into federal government by the majority-media Murdoch cabal, and a complicit, corrupt, church-run AEC [where have the calls for an inquiry into the election ballot-count and results gone?], and as The Guardian Australia is already showing a dramatic growth in it's readership and balance in it's political coverage of these disgusting, outrageous political tyrants,

as the ALP has increased in opinion poll popularity since the election,

there may be a much better chance that Australia will have democratic elections, next time around?

If the right wing zionist, USA corporate-military-industrial complex administration [and CIA hierarchy] are capable of being treated with the necessary psycho-analysis, to end their megalo-maniac, blatantly dysfunctional want for global domination, and ownership of Australia as their next conquest, those forces behind our new LNP government of psychopaths will withdraw, leaving our LNP government fools exposed and vulnerable to being booted out very soon, possibly before the next scheduled election?

The adverse reactions across the nation, and across political divides, against the LNP's blatantly insane power-mongering, are growing rapidly.

We should think optimistically about this, and expect a reaction very soon, big enough to create such a disruption to federal politics, enough to throw them back into the pit, whence they have come.

But it will take the Public, and Private Citizens, smart and engaged enough to show their discontent, getting on the streets, PROTESTING, before the LNP so entrenches itself and it's character that we are unable to oust them.

The catholics and the matriarchy, have been ousted, but the patriarchy of our new government, is no better, and no less deluded and dangerous.

Human Beings, of all colors, of all creeds - as near-to-death as the Abrahamic creeds are - and of all political persuasions are, through this terrible example of anti-intelligent government, seeing that we do not have such differences that we cannot Unite and PROTEST for Balanced and Wise government.

Even if it means a complete de-construction, and re-construction of all our political houses and processes. [O! Buddha? Please...?]

To me, this new federal government is serving us by showing how utterly insane the whole affair of 'two-party' politics, and the Westminster systems are.

That anyone can sit back, as these, whom we allegedly voted into power, ruin democracy and any fair chance of all Australians making an honest income, shows there's something terribly wrong in our culture.

Perhaps it's actually the churches?

Perhaps then, with a Public outcry against this new government, enough to force a new election, our 1st demand has to be that we TAX RELIGIONS.

Because, if our western jewish and christian religions are actually credible, then they will be honorable in taxation, and should be able to stand on their own feet, economically and meritoriously?

But I bet, they will be diminished enormously, if they are taxed, and if their schools are not funded by government.

[Another comment I responded to...]
30 November 2013 3:12am

Thirty percent of all Federal money that goes to the top tier Catholic Schools goes directly back to the Vatican.
Most middle Tier Catholic Schools 'bludge' on Local Authorities. (cry poor) so they get use of parks for ovals and, Municipal Pools on the cheap.
The bottom tier Catholic Schools are like 'intensive chicken rearing'. Where children are cooped up to the level of 'mental Health' concerns. Equipment and facilities are bare minimum, if not inadequate, and worn out from over use.
Catholic Schools get a lot of 'Grace and Favour' from the 'Brothers and Sisters' working as Health and Safety Officers. File records show, not many Catholic Schools are required to meet their Compliances and pass Health and Safety Audit, each year like and other establishment.
Why do you think the 'Factions' in the ALP and the LNP choose Private School Educated candidates for Election.
Serves the interests of the Vatican.
Now we have, as a Minister for Education, a 'supplicant' named Christopher Pyne; and, its all gone a bit too far.
Have a look at the Phillipines for the best example, on the Planet, of a Vatican corrupted education system. That's turned a country into the 'basket case of Asia'.
The Northern European, North American countries and Australia and New Zealand pour Billions of Dollars into the Phillipines for Education, Health and Infrastructure Aid and, much of it finds its way back to that Mediterranean City Rome, each year.
No wonder, go ahead, Indonesia is wary of Abbott and his front bench?”

KingCommo to FreddieFoo
30 November 2013 3:27am

Quite astounding figures you put! I'm well inclined to believe you.

Such figures do need a detailed report and inquiry by credible media.

Thank you for alerting this outlet, The Guardian Australia!

We can hope they take up the points you allege, and make a lengthy inquiry/exposure of them.

However, we must sure-up ['shore-up'?] our defenses, because such exposures of Roman tyranny, tend to attract war-like reactions?

I'm ready, willing and able! "Let's WAR!"

This, and my comments go on and on, into the distant future. Lately, I've been feeling more suicidal than for a long time. So, these Quality Media, as-in The Guardian [Australia] articles and the comments especially, keep me occupied and the mind off ending it all.

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