My Comment To The Conversation Article “Abbott looks forward to Indigenous PM”

131113 My Comment To The Conversation Article “Abbott looks forward to Indigenous PM” Edition

Michelle Grattan
Professorial Fellow at University of Canberra


"Addressing the Welcome to Country ceremony at Parliament House, Abbott said that Noel Pearson, “a great Indigenous leader and a prophet for our times”, had observed that Australia was the product of both a British and an Indigenous heritage." [quote from article]

Noel Pearson, A Great Human Being! We need lots more of His Kind, no question!

I cannot see this statement by Abbort as anything but a low quality piece of sycophancy, so-as to appear to be onside with our Indigenies.

And Yep! We do need an Indigenous Elder - but more, a Mighty Mob of 'em - to Guide us all out of the abyss the Abbott lot has, for 225 years been dropping us all in.

But I find it hard to believe Abbott and his speech-writers say such things with sincerity toward our Indigenous.

Our media is mute on it, and are apparently scared of rocking the offshore mining, media and real estate moguls' boats, or leer jets.

But we can be sure any Indigenous PM, as Abbott speaks of, in the near future, if his mob has anything to do with having one "elected" [like he was "selected"] is likely to be bought-off, and will do little or nothing for the world's highest child suicide rates our Aborigines suffer, in silence, while offshore speculators and "buy-in buy-up immigrants" with the dosh from the rich 1st world of Austerity, retiring corporate executives, et al, continue to take their Ancestors' and THEIR lands from under them, to build exotic desert/ocean shoreline apartments and multimillion dollar homes, occupied maybe for 3 months of each year?

I doubt Abbort and his new face party, of the same old post-1808 "rum club" offshore houses of corruption, will be thinking along lines of having an Indigenous PM who CAN lead us back to the pre-1788 "Garden of Wisdom", and, or, as he recognizes that "Australia was the product of both a British and an Indigenous heritage", return us collectively to the Edicts sent with the First Fleet, addressing Respect for the Natives, Respect for True Laws of the Land within and beyond the pale, and that we all pay the rent to provide "the most honest tax" as revenue?

Any True Fella Indigenous Australian, especially any like Pearson, or Marcia Langton, or Gary Foley, or the many many doing their Righteous Best behind the scenes, Thorpie, Mansell, Robinson, Morgan [Yorta Yorta?] Et Al, Et Al, would only accept anything like that chair, if they were given cart blanche Authority to Enshrine True Land Law, including returning full rights of Tenure or such, to their Peoples.

Any Bleck Fulla Abbort and coven might find suiting their version of a Bleck PM, would be there for Abbort's media picture shoots, and would be under rather heavy pressure to talk the same low shit that he and his new selected mob are starting off with, as the new parliament opens.

All Strength to Ken Wyatt and Nova Peris! No question!

May they find the Voice their Ancestors knew, and kept for the Corroboree when only True Talking was heard.

But HEY! Once upon a Time, there was ONLY True Talking, in this 'ere Country!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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