My Letter To The Guardian On Pokies & Drug Money Laundering

131109 JUST DEFIANCE My Letter To The Guardian On Pokies & Drug Money Laundering Edition

HEADLINE in Today's The Guardian

Dealers talk to the Guardian about laundering drug money through fixed odds betting terminals in bookies across Britain
Randeep Ramesh, social affairs editor
theguardian.com, Friday 8 November 2013 18.03 GMT

Lately, I often don't bother reading articles all the way down, in any media site. I'm slow, and don't like reading online.

As with this one, the headline, and the 1st few paragraphs often tell me enough.

So, While this article is written from the UK, I have a smalls tory on the subject, from New South Wales, Australia, which, The Guardian, may be able to follow up.

Follow-up, in something of a more liberal era, since the darker sides of the old "rum club" ex-1808 illegal coup d'etat in Sydney, have been outed, and to some extent shut down in Australia.

But we all know the devil is adept at re-constituting itself?

Nevertheless..., for a few years I loitered around the "alternative village" of Nimbin, up the hills from Byron Bay, northern NSW, and watched in naivity the large numbers of essentially Good Folks, I'd buy marijuana from, plying lots and daily, lots of coins into the pub's poker machines.

After a while, knowing full well the depth of corruption in NSW generally, it hit me, that this practice by my dealers, small and large, was how they "washed" not theirs, sadly, but the overlord controllers of the huge underground marijuana illegal drug trade, profits.

So, this article from the UK is more of an inspiration to this 18 year homeless bum, for it shows that "over there" in Blighty" and so, possibly here, in "blighted", a Credible media organization, is finally getting into the meat of the issue of drugs, laundering and how so!

As written, the dealers I watched, are essentially Good Folks, no matter which gang or club or corporation they fell into reaping in the profits for, and as well, acquiring something of "a life" for themselves.

So as this article basically addresses also, another important issue - gambling, and more, "pokies" - you have the chance to strike a blow against corruption, and those who are so wealthy off it, as to keep entirely illegitimate power-brokers, fucking with our fundamental laws, and, taxes, ET cetera.

O! I add that after watching these lads and lasses plying the dosh into the machines, I went to the local police, and chatted for about 3/4 of an hour with the Lismore police Inspector, going directly to this laundering observation I'd had.

Funny how the cops have dragged me through the mud more times than I can recall, and that I'm still living out of a ute?

Finally, thank your UK reporter
Randeep Ramesh, AND those dealers who opened up to him, for me, will you, for bringing this to my attention.

But, as "pokies" illegal drugs, and money-laundering is rather "big time", make sure he and his family are safe, will you?


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