My Comment To The Guardian Article “Jailed Anonymous hacker Jeremy Hammond: 'My days of hacking are done'”

131117 My Comment To The Guardian Article “Jailed Anonymous hacker Jeremy Hammond: 'My days of hacking are done'” Edition

Hammond calls his 10-year sentence a 'vengeful, spiteful act' by US authorities eager to put a chill on political hacking
Ed Pilkington in New York
theguardian.com, Friday 15 November 2013 12.12 EST


It comes down to the mental health or otherwise, of those who fabricate these ridiculous laws preventing the likes of Hammond, Assange, Manning, Kiriakou, Et Al, from telling the Public the facts. Facts about the elites' protection of their wealth, and the endless creation of MORE!

And.., of course their lust for more power.

Modern culture has led the majority into a pit of ignorance, mainly about the dangers - to our mental health - of the pursuit, accumulation and need to protect, our wealth.

So sooner or later, we all have to ask that serious question about the endless pursuit of happiness, in material wealth and power. And whether our personal and "cultural" mental health is more important, and, is under threat by the culture of "ungoverned capitalism". THAT, is what "governing" is about!

Clearly, those who chase down the hackers, and informers, are wedded to the system of corporate capitalism, and have long ago - probably in their exclusive religious schooling and colleges, not to mention when dunked in the churches baptismal - lost their minds!

They're insane!

How do we break this deadly phenomenon?

One primary step has to be to dis-empower the cults who lure the crazies in the right wing - ie., church educated - department prosecution attorneys' and lawmaking offices.


Get religions as far as possible away from influence and manipulation of otherwise good business personnel who prove excellent in their professions, to being corporate executives.

Then get corporations away from controlling government policies, as they do, by blackmail, as-in threatening to slash employment, and production, etc etc., if government tries to make equitable laws for The Workers, and for Citizens to make an honest income, outside of the closed corporate employment environment/s.

Perhaps the hacksters, Et Al, have in fact been taking the wrong approach?

Perhaps we need their Righteous Kind, or the next breed of them, to take on these "mental health" megalo-mania issues which clearly pervade all echelons of the upper reaches of power - government, corporations, and - the churches?

[unregulated] Capitalism is crazy! Simple as that.

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