My Comment To G+ “What you can become depends upon what you can overcome”

131113 My Comment To G+ “What you can become depends upon what you can overcome” Edition

This comment is to a picture posted to G+ “Thinkers”. A painting quite good in terms of artistic quality. But it's been removed since, so I can't paste the painting to accompany this my comment.

Briefly, the painting was on the left side, war scenes, with images of a skull, guns, war and death generally, but was being painted into, and implying out of reality or the picture by a hippie looking male on the right side, with flowers all round his lower half, and he's holding, and pointing a paint brush into the barrel of a hand gun, the slogan with it is

What you can become depends upon what you can overcome”.

So.., I wrote this....

Wha's this sayin'?

"Paint your own illusion!"?

As good as any....

But, I can't overcome the horrors in such as Detroit, or in 3rd world places. they go on, no matter what I enforce myself to believe about myself - which is toward whatever I actually, really-truly am, not any superman, or god, or the opposite. Whether realizable or not.

And whatever i seek of and about myself, sometimes, for some of us, outside forces are very strong, and act against our being liberated, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Those are typically western religious cults, which either stymie our personal growth, or go to evil extents to steer us to how they believe we should be, and/or appear to ourselves, mostly to suit their delusional ideals.

it's a healthy thought, approach, but I have to ask if it can be applied to and adopted .by everyone?

I think these types of statements assume a "blanket rule of commonality", where-as there are ALWAYS, it's one of those laws of nature, "exceptions to the rule.

The painting is effective, [and, I DO like it, generally] but, being simply from the artist's imagination, and idealistic, it lacks the reality, at least for some.

It seems to be saying that a painter of their own destiny can paint out of reality, the horrors of death and guns and war and imprisonment, etc etc?

This is a blatant untruth, or a naive deceit.

"Faith" does NOT overcome the reality of the larger illusion [aware of the contradiction there], we know as "life on earth", where chaos is so common, and is on the increase.

Flower power is a terrible deceit, akin to "the road to hell is paved with good intentions!"

I've been there, deep into it, from a very young age, and understand it well.

It is for the privileged, the 1st worlders who never have to walk 50 miles just for a drink of water, or scrape dry crusty dirt to extract a few ants for their 1st feed for days.

The painting is trying to tell starving multitudes that all they have to do is to believe there is a beautiful river to drink from and a health-food stall in front to of them, instead of a warzone and a nutter with an AK47 whose just blown their family to shreds.

This is the "Thinkers" page. Not quite the "Atheist's" page, but I suspect those who do contribute with serious or at least genuine ideas, and points for discussion to this "Thinkers" page, are closer to intellectual, Rational, Reasoned concepts and thinking, than to the fast-dying [HOORAY!] religious "faith" bullshit.

"Faith" as best as I've discerned, is closer to, if not the same as "witchcraft".

Witchcraft, is OK by me. But naive "Harry Potter" immaturity, or soft, well-padded, catholic female "ideation", and, of course, the unthinking unethical abuses of the dark side, being most alluring, are taboo, for myself at least.

So "faith" is more dangerous than hard, cold reasoned deduction.

Faith, has us turn away from reality, has us reduce our perceptions, out of fear of reality, to insular, myopic, eventually self-deceiving bullshit, which, eventually, sends us into insanity [aka the modern world today] and has us take those around us into the same bad place [aka the modern world today].

And a rahrahrah.....

Possibly why the post was removed?

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