My Comment To G+ On The New Poope

131124 My Comment To G+ On The New Poope

Andreas Geisler
Discussion - Yesterday 131123 8:06 PM
I have talked to many Catholics lately. And one thing seems to keep popping up...”

Andreas Geisler originally shared:
'I find it hilarious that Catholics have gleefully accepted papal infallibility for years... but now that they have a pope who tells them to help the poor and stop being bigots, they'r all "having their doubts about the new pope".
What is up with that?'

Me... ;-}

Catholics will say anything to get away from the fact that the cult preys on children and adults with very bad magic, and mental and physical and sexual abuse, and the fact that the last poope resigned because it was becoming unavoidable of being exposed, that he himself was a pedophile.

Atheism, is winning, this long mythologized debate/argument/war, no longer controlled and thus censored by self-interested darkside witches in fancy robes, who control corporations, media, governments, military, the people's minds, and thus the source of all wealth - the land, the real estate markets. [AND zee GOLD & DIAMOND mines!!!]

And..., "Catholics" you refer to, especially if indoctrinated in the churches exclusive schools and colleges, for their 'loyalty' are the first in line to be allowed, or given, the chance to 'own' the land the church claims but stole from the true owners. In non-European and British nations, land owned by the Indigenous Peoples.

Were the western religious cults to admit the land is NOT theirs, and, however they could, were to GIVE the land back to the 'Natives', THEY WOULD ALL COLLAPSE, economically, overnight and would bring down global speculative markets with them, in an instant!

Their elites, in the private land speculation markets and castles, would orchestrate huge wars immediately, which the world is on course to have occur anyway.

This, on top of the pedophilia scandals, and reparations to victims, is climaxing in courts worldwide, sending the church broke, bloke, and, with Atheism's Science fast being seen as more valid than the bullshit of western religious myth and fabrication, the church, christianity as-a-whole, is at last - AT LAST!!! - threatened with extinction.

Judaism also.

Short of the Masses getting up and hanging the clergy - in-mass - the church may survive, but without the grandiose bullshit accouterments it has stolen, from the masses.

So this new poope sees enough to know he and the cult/s have few choices but to climb down off the materialism Towers of Babble, and, to not be hung, to accept poverty, as their supposed Master taught.

The mass of Catholics who don't like this new poope, and his recommendations about living poor, of rejecting endless wealth, don't like him because he asks them to give away all your possessions and stop being egomaniac selfish pieces of MAXIMUM-CONSUMPTION shit.

;-} Wot? ME? the anti-christ? Neva!

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