My Comment To The Conversation Article “You don’t need the numbers to cause a spot of trouble”

131114 My Comment To The Conversation Article “You don’t need the numbers to cause a spot of trouble” Edition

13 November 2013, 9.15pm AEST
Michelle Grattan
Professorial Fellow at University of Canberra


And questions of the Veracity of the election result itself, the "honesty" of the AEC across the land, the method of voting, ballot-counting, etc and on, as challenged by Clive Palmer, are behind us?

Will Palmer take an appeal against what, I think, many many voters' know - that the whole affair, back to Murdoch and covens' interference with the whole political process, but his whinging before the recounts about the vote-rigging/s - is so anti-Democratic as to be tyranny in full swing?

Is Palmer acting legally in his mining ventures, and if not, will he buy/trade off the government and the right wing power brokers in law and media so he can stay in politics, and, as he's said, pursue aspirations to be a prime minister?

Myself rather more "left" than anyone I've known, refusing to satisfy the ancient catholic matriarchy, who're smarting at the defeat of Rudd's then Gillard's ALP/Greens government arrangement, I give up on watching events in Canberra, let alone commenting, here, on The Guardian, or my blog.

[But I will, still.]

Federal politics, thus the lower ones, are so far beyond farce now.

Yet the utterly ignorant, and the prim and spoiled right wingers of the upper levels of the electorate burst with such pride for the rigged result, writing history before time, here and elsewhere, that the election was "free and fair", and that this is the best government we've ever had.

Clearly, they are scared sh--less about some powerful entities now controlling society and the planet, to be so pathetic in their deceits.

However, as things go, the hubris of new right wingers wains soon enough, once they hit one or ten brick walls too many.

And even in this modern example of government, there may still be LNP federal government members who do come to question how much longer they can enjoy riding the wave of false victory beneath the evermore obvious insanity of their "leader/s" and cabinet ministers, thus the exposures of their seniors' immaturity.

[The word "leader" has never been so misapplied, so inappropriate, so disgustingly wrong and so tyrannically insulting to the majority of voters, and to those too young to vote, as it is now being applied to PM Tony Abbott, and the cabinet ministers, and National party heads.]

As the ALP is now seen to be more right wing, and happy to ignore an inquiry into the September 7th election and it's result/s, even with the new government holding a majority in the House of Reps, my only hope [HA! burned out of me years ago!] is that enough of the government's MPs grow sick inside, from this charade and portending evil dictatorship, that they unsettle the government from within, by voicing and voting Dissent to the horrible character/s now showing their filthy little "agendas"?

But, I do not see any MP in government now, as anywhere near fit, Honest and Strong enough to lead a revolt, let alone to wrest the PM's chair from Big Ears, and bring any sense of Honor back into the big house.

Clearly, to an outsider, to an Outlaw, who sees also the dark sides of this modern fling with "witchcraft", the parliament from now is "leading" yes, but only in the sense of leading all Australians, and any from elsewhere eager to buy their ways in, into the pit, into the ditch, into an abyss we'll only climb back out of with a violent revolt, and with a high toll.

That-is..., assuming the American corporate-military-industrial complex's using our land as their "pivot to Asia", do not swarm us with active threats against any Democratic Dissent from us, beforehand?

To that.., while having some place..., in military affairs..., and directions, here and abroad, yet being in the dark too much to assume anything, it is a mystery why any serious Military Command would want this dangerously UNdisciplined new-era of extreme-egomania, and it's bad bad right wing misgovernment to drag the whole of us into the said "pit-ditch-abyss"?

If any place in our region is overdue for a Military Revolt, it surely IS Australia, as from September 7th 2013.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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