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A new book argues that the Atheist's battles are misplaced… Polls show a majority of Americans favor liberal policies, but our courts and legislatures are increasingly controlled and driven by the Christian Right.

Excerpt: Atheist groups, associations, and networks have literally sprung up in every town and city in America. Million dollar social awareness campaigns have rolled across small towns and big cities throughout America. In major cities, you see billboards with messages like, “Are you Good Without God? Millions Are!” “Don’t Believe in God? You Are Not Alone.” Others say, “In the Beginning, Man Created God.” These campaigns have helped coerce millions of Americans out of the theological closet. They have helped many in-private atheists step out of the shadows. The trend is very much that Americans raised in Christian households are shunning the religion of their parents for any number of reasons: the advancement of human understanding; greater access to information; the scandals of the Catholic Church; and the over zealousness of the Christian Right.
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How the Unholy Alliance Between the Christian Right and Wall Street Is 'Crucifying America'


I just went to and flicked through your website.

Excellent! And yeah, I've been aware of what you allege, expose, about christians being the biggest advocates for capital;ism. The 2 go hand-in-hand, no question.

And good points about Atheists, mocking and denigrating the shallow issues so stupid in christian dogma etc., while missing this far more important behind the scenes reality of their pushing in the arenas that have most impact on everyone - corporate mis-government.

But on the up side, it's great to read that Atheism is gaining a fast-growing supporter base!

I reckon the growth will be exponential, and perhaps well before you estimate, there'll be a gigantic increase over a very short time.

But yeah, enough to gain enough power to correct the bad laws and things which give the cults the power over Democratic government?

Still might be a possibility, if it is an exponential growth?

I've been on the same case here in Australia for a while, and found years ago, that when the nation was 1st invaded/settled, or soon after, the christian cults were given one seventh of the land here, to do with as they wanted.

As you'd probably be aware, it wasn't until 1967 that the nation chose to regard the Aborigines as Human Beings!

This was unquestionably due to the western religious cults wanting to keep the "titles" of the Aborigine's [stolen] land for themselves.

As well, of course, for the western religions being really fucking racist.

Since Rome 1st marched out and conquered other peoples and stole their land, the churches [and of course, the synagogues, although the jews were not allowed to own land in many western nations for centuries] have been in the push to speculate in land, purely for their own growth and profits, such that we, everywhere, now have such separation in their own fabrication called "class" [my interpretation] that the whole business of getting a secure home for people below that certain income level, [ for those above, are all church educated, and thus guaranteed their own patch and a permanent home, for their "soul"] is but a delusional dream.

So, yeah, I have said before that it may well be up to a "church" [damn-it!] of Atheists to tackle this major corruption of the economic managements and processes of all nations, by the false god, false religion, and false economics cults you identify.

Time indeed, to BAG THE TEA PARTY!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

O! And I've been homeless for 18 years for addressing this same issue, [and one other not unconnected issue].

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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