My Comment To The Guardian Article “Refugees and human rights abuses - we can’t pretend that we do not know”

131118 JUST DEFIANCE My Comment To The Guardian Article “Refugees and human rights abuses - we can’t pretend that we do not know” Edition

Hannah Arendt provides a useful framework to think about the extraordinary statement about torture made by Tony Abbott during his visit to Sri Lanka
Jeff Sparrow
theguardian.com, Sunday 17 November 2013 17.06 EST


All sound and true!

It occurs to me that this longtime political focus on "externals" in need of human treatment, by the big 2 Australian political parties, is their, and the offshore media cabals' ways of keeping the focus off the off-camera destruction of our own "internals", our Aborigines?

This type of article focusing on Sri Lanka's chaos, are necessary, no doubt.

Media suffers from having to keep items as succinct as they can, to keep readers able to take-in the content, less so now, since online media has not the constraints of the hard-copy press. And trying to include too many details makes articles weaker.

But, the Jews of Europe, as they had been for centuries, were a resistant tribe, who persisted in keeping to their ways and traditions.

Ways and traditions which, for better or for worse, were adding up to be against, and debilitating to, the general movement of "modern" European culture, in it's [questionable] "progress".

Also, these types of articles, good though this article is, when referring to the Jewish story of the 1930s, fail also to inform that the Jews were not just out of step with 20th century Europe, but were also as we all know, extremely "canny" business people and investors, and were rightly seen as serious challenges to the possibly less "entrepreneurial" Europeans.

On top of that, for centuries, Jews were not allowed to own land in European nations. There may have been good and bad reasons for this. I go so far as to put it that perhaps the Jews were more Honest in how they capitalized the land they owned, and to the European monarchies, and their longtime seriously corrupt administrations, the Jews may have been regarded as threats to the European elites' "nice-little-earners".

The old Jewish outlawing of "usury" for one. The property tax of land rent for government revenue, another [which China grew upon, and will re-introduce in 2015], both inherent in Jewish law, and both ignored by the modern western powers.

This deliberate ignoring of these two important economic means of economic regulation, being why we have such disparities in our "class-based" system/s.

This adds to say that the western "racism" against Jews was unfounded, but on different reasons as put in most modern articles supporting Judaism.

As another commentor writes here, there are other, undisclosed reasons why the oppression of Tamils in Sri lanka is of interest to the western alliance, and that seems to be oil and gas resources, and other issues of land occupation and speculation.

But back to my point, these are as often the same reasons why our Aborigines are out of the news in terms of the disenfranchising they suffer from having the natural and full rights to their own lands.

Many issues, most of which create this furphy we know as "racism".

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