Last Dream Of Freedom

131105 JUST DEFIANCE Last Dream Of Freedom Edition

Led lifelong by fools unable to be straight, I stumbled down a dead-end track.

All along, “friends” played friends, only to drop me in it.

It's only Maxie!” one laughed at me, 30 years before I had a clue about by how much I was a puppet, set-up to be the whiteguy christian world's fall-guy.

Unable to “let go”, and find my Innermost Strength, all I had was defiance, Defiance, DEFIANCE, against, from the extreme of all margins, exiled by the false, half-family, against “the system”.

A best-seller book from the 1930s, told about a True “Noble Savage” who Defied, passively, and with Honor, with Integrity, the spreading tyranny, tyranny of materialism, of wealth, of plastic capitalism, of false religions, of ignorance, of ending alone, living feral, in forests, only eventually to be captured and locked away, then, silently executed, by, “the system”.

Written out of history, while known as a, as THE Hero, while he knew this reputation to be false, by large numbers across the world, through the paining, but cowering society, mocked and laughed at by the simpleton egomaniac cowards, the soloist is left no option but, to Defy, until the electric shock ends their heartbeat.

Thanks mum.

Woke this morning from one of the clearest dreams I've had for what seems like years.

In an asylum. Naked. Typical “Cuckoo's Nest” type, high ceilings, partitions, beds, other patients, cold atmosphere, and unemotional, lifeless, officious nurses.

Just a patient, just a number.

No longer able to live out in the forests, my natural environment, no legal, moral, family, or other support.

Abandoned by them, to decay inside a cold lifeless, walled institute.

Thanks mum.

At least I'm used to it, to being abandoned.

Hard and tactile though this world appears, feels, is, it is nevertheless, but a dream.

Locked into it by those I only think of as “stupid”, maltreated for decades by mum, by family, by friend and foe, until frigid, so even chemical pleasure from masturbation became impossible.

Yet the mainstream slams me for expressing my being made, by insane, selfish, errant, devious women, perhaps especially mum, a misogynist.

Knowing the pathetic “systematic”, “systemic” mentalities of the psychologists/psychiatrists in “psyche hospitals”, explaining the intelligence, the knowledge, the wisdom of resisting “the system” is pointless.

They're but slaves to the gods of “the system” straight out of that book, which one, “1984” or “Brave New World”, parts of which may've been borrowed, plagiarized, into the recent hollywood movie “Cloud Atlas”, and they, are merely carrying out their orders, the assessment of my psychology is a foregone conclusion, long ago decided, concluded.


Thanks mum. Thanks sister, brother.

How long now, before the system closes in?

Should I care?

I hear their vehicles in the evening and early morning, as-if hovering, innocently loitering nearby, waiting for....., me...., to...., finally decide, “enough!” and plunge the U.S. G.I.'s knife into my ? Heart?, across my wrists? Violently in through the temple on the side of the head?

My head. My head? The head.

Which is more “Dignified”?

To suicide however is least painful, or to go through their sickeningly automaton officious systemic interviews, and the foregone conclusion of being “medicated”, so dulling all intellectual thinking, thus all tendencies to DEFY, or, to defy, what everyone knows is the outright evil “machine-men” system?

Led Zeppelin sang

Hang man, hang man?
Wait a little while?
Think I see my sister coming,
riding many a mile!”

Hang man, hang man?
Wait a little while?
Think I see my brother coming,
riding many a mile!”

Didn't bring no silver.
Didn't bring no gold.
Didn't bring you anything, my good friend,
to save you from the gallows pole.

Et...., cetera...........,

Neither half-sibling brought me anything to save me from the gallows of, “the system”. They merely sat, like mum, in their safe houses, and watched.

Hard and tactile though this world appears, feels, is, it is nevertheless, a dream.

Me? An illusory hero, built by the establishment to fool the masses of undeveloped people, in this same cultural dream world, that things like, Integrity, Honor, Courage, etc., are valuable, are worth maintaining.

To “fool” them?

It seems that way, from inside this illusory body, being, mind, set of senses.

Even those who are aware of the outright inhumanity of “the system”, and for whatever reason take a road of defiance, by joining “outlaw gangs” etc., are not “Outlaws” at all, but merely go about desiring and acquiring the same materialist superficial shit, that the idiot mainstream are sucked into being addicted to, in other, “criminal” ways.

Only “criminal” because they were born into the lower classes, where “the spoiled life” of privileged opportunity passed them by, usually well overhead.

So, wearing brave costumes, clothes and/or tattoos, nose-rings, ear-rings, etc, symbolizing “defiance” on their jackets, their skin, on the outside, inside, they were merely going about the same shitful games the privileged mainstreamers play, are being sucked down the roads of, but by more brutal, more in-your-face ways, of smash-and-grab, of night raids on vulnerable stashes of cash, of jewelery, cars, anything resellable, in as big a market, but for stolen goods. “All 'goods' are stolen!”

Inside, the “outlaws” and others, like the “hippies” the ferals, the gangs of youth, are just as cowardly against “the system” not “intellectualizing” any of the “why” and the “why not”, just smashing and bashing and grabbing their way through, the big dream.

So, there is always, and always has to be, one, individual, one, person, one “outsider”, who has no choice, but to Intellectualize, Philosophize, and Weigh Ethically, what they see around them, and arrive at an honest conclusion, that, “the system”..., is shit.

Enjoyable shit, if one suspends, until dead, their Conscience, their Responsibility, their Duty, their Intellect, their Morality, their Ethics, and simply, like a simpleton, “play”.

But..., what “Good” is there in it?

Is there an Higher Plane we Ascend to, if we are Good? If we can Defy, out of an Intelligent Inquiry and level of Knowledge, out of the Worth of Honor?

“the system”, the jewish and christian system, has so deceived the flocks for so long, so many people, blind, undeveloped, essentially stupid people,who now choose, or who think they choose, the system's path, of materialism, cannot expand their thoughts to believing that life goes on, after each incarnation.

And that the soul, the spirit, the mind of the person, is born once more, over and over, into their next life, depending upon their behavior in the previous one.

The system has so successfully reduced them to being unthinking, cowardly sheep, that hearing this explanation, as known forever by True Cultures and their Peoples from before “the [Jewish/Roman] system” marched in and stomped their Ancient, Traditional Edenic Lifestyles into the mud, the modern, “whiteguy”, mindless sheep, react with violence, with WAR, and go to every possible length to stomp back and down until silent, all these simple Eternal Truths about “Karma”, “Cause and Effect”, basic and perennial Universal Laws, Laws of Physics, and any Culture or People who know and adhere to them, merely so their little minds can keep flitting through the day, playing with their trivial toys, ignoring the hard, cold, truth, about how their selfish lifestyles are destroying the genuinely Good ways and things of the Natural World.

The Natural World which sustains even their trivial existences.

The “Noble Savage”, knows these things, about the machine men, and machine women, people, clones, totally hypnotized and unable to think for themselves, for their conditioning, from the cradle, from the baptismal, to be mindless slaves, so mindless they are completely unaware they are slaves, but all-the-while think they are “winners”, the lucky ones, the smartest ones.

The “Noble Savage”, knows, about the cowards, about the middle-roaders, about those who see but can only go half-way between accepting the filthy, soulless, machine men and women system, and being Righteous Outlaws.

The Noble Savage, knows about his own life, it's place in and against the larger “scheme of things”, and dwells, between depression, and an effort to maintain a sense, a sight, a vision, of his Rectitude, thus a sense of Honor, thus, now just a sense, not an experience anymore, thus just a fading sense of happiness, of joy, of pleasure in his stance, against “the system”.

He struggles with it, of course.

Those who follow “the system” see also the question of “the struggle”, between being a True Human Being, and being a machine person, a clone, a shallow robotic imbecile, and, for their conditioning, and it's programmed cowardliness, run to it, choose idiocy and “fun” against Honor, Dignity, Ethics, Intelligence, Wisdom.

What do they build for themselves, when this life has passed, and their soul, their spirit, their mind, is recreated in the next incarnation?

What does the Noble Savage have waiting for him, next time around?

Is his, like the general theme as portrayed, typically lacking any complete or completed explanation, in hollywood's “Cloud Atlas”, destined to go through similar struggles, again and again, against an ever-growing population of machine men and women, all deceitful, juvenile, cowardly, “funsters”, running to and for the juggernaut's programs?

Typically, hollywood limits any alternatives, any options to those which best serve it's zionist masters' system, and desires for control of the masses, so the zionist masters can stay riding the whorey wave of material wealth, power, insane abuse of the Natural World, forever.

Typically, they, hollywood, pick and choose subtle and gross facts from whichever culture, religious or philosophical treaties they plunder and plagiarize their “block-buster” stories from.

So typically, hollywood omits such elements of ancient and known stories, tales, myths about how a person can leave this life, and not have to be reborn into a similar plane, a similar life, on earth again, of having again and again to decide between living the Noble Life, and living the life of the funster idiot, between the life of taking Intelligent Issue with such an inhuman system and the life of an ever-degrading moron, ever-cowering and obeying the outright evil inhumane machine men and women.

The life of a mindless, worthless, slave.

Or..., the Life, THE Life, on an Higher Plane of Existence, not on this earth, but on another planet, in another solar system, elsewhere in either this our galaxy, or in another, far away from this little orb, where Integrity, Honor, Honesty, Justice, Intelligence and Wisdom ARE known, Understood, and Totally Respected, not merely by a reducing, retreating clique, of Fortunate Souls, but..., by The System.

Or..., of breaking Free altogether, from any physical form, Permanently, to be Free, and in a State of Eternal Bliss, to rise to being a Truly Free Spirit, free to be whatever, do whatever, go wherever, free from all oppression, from all tyrannies?

hollywood typically omits such scenarios for the common movie-goers' soul.

That type and level of knowledge about how and where-to, the soul can travel, is not good for the business of hollywood.

hollywood, being but a moneymaker to fund the illegal regime of jewish power, with it's illusion of being “the chosen tribe”, in Israel, and it's war machine, the corporate, military-industrial complex, based in Washington DC, USA, Britain and Eurape, relies on people being born again and again into this world, where “the system” can keep reusing their bodies and minds, and, their psychic energy, to keep it's dark worldly system operating, against the Noble, against the Divine, the Divine Masters of the Universe, against the not-so-savage.

Hollywood relies on such an occult system to keep sending souls back here to earth.

And for their ignorance of how to rise in Nobility and in Spiritual Worth, they don't live Worthy or Honorable Lives, but are seduced to merely “play” it the way of “the system”, people are reborn into more and more degraded bodies, needing more and more of “the systems” medical clones, hospitals, experimentation’s and treatments, and “special care” and assistance from other facets of “the system's” wealthy classes.

Food, for the elites, the upper classes, the 1st worlders, the biggest most consumptive, most ignorant parasites of and for, “the system”.

So the masters of “the system” being themselves but baptized, hypnotized, clones risen up through the ranks of “the system”, also mindless, also, cowardly, also clones, unable to break the shackles clamping their minds, of “the system” themselves, and “rewarded” for their cowardice, or, what is told to them as being “loyalty”, cannot see, and if they do, it is a struggle for their clamped mental processes, the Simple Rectitude, and it's Worth, of anything other than “the system”.

So, it is automatic for them to react with perhaps, some measured, brutality and condemnation, of those, who might actually be, Noble, whether “Savages” or within “the system”, on the surface adhering blindly to the system's demands, while in their own private existences, thinking more freely, and more Honestly, and perhaps even more actively toward any Noble Ways.

It's automatic for the clones to unthinkingly go about obeying the orders of the actual terrorists, the masters who are so enamored of their positions of power, mainly because “:the system” has long ago captured their thinking faculties to react with horrid fear, when suggestions of “freedom” let alone “cultural freedom”, let alone Noble, Honorable acts, ways of living, arise.

It's automatic for them, whether they are high in the ranks, executives, or mere cannon fodder, soldiers or police personnel, whether subjects of any class, and even school children, not yet near an ability to think outside the minimalist square their cloned parents and the local “system” slot them automatically into, to react mindlessly, actually cowardice, when some thinker, is found, outside “the system”.

It's a fully automatic reaction to condemn them. To insult them. To stone them, until the Noble, the Noble Savage, has been hit so much that he, they, cannot stand anymore, and falls, only to be kicked by the clones, the cowards, of, “the system”.

And all the cowards cheer, and run off to celebrate.

So, who implanted in my mind, in my dreamspace, the dream I had last night?




So very clear?

So very cold.

Going by my [half]-sister's very cold behavior the other day, at mums, I could easily believe she, was the channeler of that cold scenario into my dreamspace, she being very much an “insider” in “the system” being a “doctor”, an immunologist, who ignores reality by hiding down a microscope day to day, who must have an operation to cut out an ingrown toenail, whereas she knows I live by doing things like repairing my own 3rd degree burns with vinegar, reused, washed bandages, and time.

So it's easy to believe she was ordered to channel, to transmit, such a cold lifeless “asylum” scenario into my dream.

However,  as I polish this off, about to publish it, I ask again, who it was, who came into my dreamspace and fabricated that miserable scenario.

In the last few days, on Google plus, I threw some contrary opinions onto a post's readers' comment's thread, and was responded to by one wise-arse, clearly out to "troll" and intimidate me.

I'll avoid giving him the pleasure and reason to boast to his fellow dick-fiddlers, that I mentioned him.. 

If he's not CIA, he's one of those cowardly trolls, a clone for the gutless "play" of the illusion, who like most, merely accepts "the system" and takes what he can get away with. 

But others like him, or my estimation of him regularly insult me, mostly, out of their own smallmindedness, and envy, or want to shit on anyone bigger, Intellectually, Morally, and in fame than they.

Knowing my sister, and brother, are being threatened to give me a hard time, it's still as likely, that this Google+ troll-insulter, is as likely to try his witchcraft out on my soul.  He looks like the type. He writes like the type.

So?  What was the dream?

A warning?

A foretaste?

A threat?

An inevitability?

The Sun, the Great Father Sun, Shines this morning.

The flowers blossom. Spring is back.

The highway traffic driving through my sleep, through my waking hours, is ceaseless, carrying clones, and battlers, along, from-to one useless destination to the next.

The mind, remains stuck, fixed, against “the system”, against “the system” which wants me, my mind, my being, to play their Hero.

Having nowhere to go, with no point nor hope, of escaping this isolation, no hope of having an honest conversation, which might lift me up with the long deprived and much needed optimism, gained from some Truth, at last, such that I can break these chains, of Defiance, and relax enough to release my mind, my soul, my spirit, and finally, leave this earth and “the system” of religious death, all the while knowing others are actively walking in and out of my aura, of my larger hidden soul, body, mind, for their own entertainment, and for to control my thoughts, and to try, typically uselessly, to inspire me to break free.

Few, if any of them, want me to be free.

Most, all of them want me to be their slave. Their savior. Their king.

So they can laugh, and rejoice, that their illusion, their implanted myth, their Jesus, IS real, and HAS come back.

So they can continue to be slaves, to be clones, but to be excused from their Duties of being Responsible, and to think for themselves, so they can feel “forgiven” for not living True Lives, as opposed to how “the system” demands they exist.

O? Were they to see it from my spirit's position?

And a flash in mind - a bird flies fast passed my ute, through the trees, through the Sunshine, capturing me, “O? To be a bird!”

And another flash image.

Being the Noble Savage of “1984”, or “Brave New World”, and to hang myself until dead, on one of these trees.

“This world, is all illusion!” say the Sages.

“Live True, Have no fear of death!”

And..., as I finish this off.., I'm reminded of the hollywood blockbuster “Conspiracy Theory”, starring Mel Gibson playing me, and it's conclusion of him, “me”, after years of fighting “the system”, finally being grabbed, by the actual “good guys” of the authorities, and driven away for remediation, and thereafter resuming a stable and happy life back in the world, etc.

Last night's dream, was to frighten me into acting, in a way I'm too damaged to do.

Hollywood, has been a format since it's 1st days, to portray things it's writers and directors see, “through” or “across” the illusory barriers in time, between the past, the present and the future.

Like so many other movies out of hollywood, “Conspiracy Theory”, foretold some, some, facts, about my sad existence.

Perhaps this little e-ssay, written this morning, is too negative, and overlooks that there is the slightest chance, that THE “good guys” are onto my case, and, are nearby, ready to grab me, and, perhaps with less doom portending, of my last days anonymous and abandoned in an asylum, are about to rescue me, at last?

I'm hungry!

SHIT! I'm hungry!

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