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mike reider
Communities & Resources - 2:11 AM
Lets pitch in and help the Philippines typhoon relief. One of the best and most respected non-religious organizations is MSF (Docs w/o Borders). Please donate to help thousands of victims of this awful typhoon.

Doctors Without Borders
doctor [this "doctor" word here, might be the Mike Reider's profession.  So we can be certain he's biased and supports not only any corrupted organization, as all large medical outfits have always been, but he's probably sponsored by pharmaceutical corporations to flog their medicines.

Here's my 1st entry to the post with this pic...., and the words above, in yellow

Apologies, but please be aware that MSF is not the holy crew they [and the western media marketing departments] paint themselves up to be.

And.., Mike? it is naive to think that these types of NGOs are "non-religious".

Yes, they do good stuff, often.

But like all western NGOs, they have "sides" , or backroom ideals, which are VERY political [that-is capitalist market-driven], and in that have agendas which are about infiltration of cultures and "markets" for their own nations' pharmaceutical corporations, and medical devices, and even military industries, ET cetera,

They, not unlike our loved but also dubious "Red Cross" watch, and even target regions, nations, political leaders and cultures which live contrary to the dominant western zionist preferences.

Rwanda Africa was but one example where they had a negative influence on the events there some years ago when one Nation massacred their neighbor Nation. "Hutus and Tutsies".

These NGOs are all created by "do-gooder" religious school graduates, and their clergy, with good and not good intentions and agendas from the start, That was the same as in Rwanda, where the catholic clergy actually incited the slaughter.

I fully agree that we should donate for the Filipinos effected by the cyclone.

But we are better to demand our governments [fully aware that governments are but corporations, thus are but elitist dynastic families in disguise, who are but the same mega-corp pharma-and other multinationals], and I think our military are best suited to help and deal with the aftermath.

Also, I know also that few, if any military at command levels are free of agendas.

But I am inclined to prefer them for their high levels of self, and group discipline, in danger zones etc.

And, the on-the-ground troops are excellent, everywhere in these situations. They are paid whatever occurs, so do not have to have the "private" NGO or corporate or personal agendas and limits and restrictions common to capitalist organizations.

NGOs does not mean without a need and a want to profit.

Also, NGOs are inclined to "brand" medicines and equipments.

But western media makes sure we do not hear of these less favorable aspects.

Whereas, outside of the privatized western military, "generic" is known as quite sufficient.

Lobby your government to send military support crews, before donating to MSF, et al.

We have to understand that private help does cost more than public.

Pity the USA cannot see that in their welfare and health care systems.

I reckon, being Australian, and so perhaps the closet westernized nation to the Philippines, we should send our Navy with Army personnel there, to both assist on the ground, and to ship the busted thousands down under down here until their homelands are OK again.

But we've [our OFFSHORE masters] just "selected" a right wing and heartless dictatorship, who specialize in drowning asylum seekers in boats.

It'd be good to hear our military command, speak out as to helping up north?

I hear the British and the USA are already sending some of their Navy to help.

Funny, not a peep from our new right wing terrorist dictatorship, the same one's who backed "GW Cheney" to invade Iraq?

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

I got replies from 2 people for the above.  1 was the poster, who later after the piece, below, gutlessly dismissed my valid points, the typical way envious cowards shit on people who expose their deceits, by telling other readers to "ignore the troll".  Hoho.  Silly boy.  The other, went so far as to use strong language like I have no choice but to "dump" you in the basket of conspiracy theorists.

Wow!  Now, as I try to post those couple of comments I made about MSF, one of them is hacking my connection and blocking my posting this.  

They cannot know how mentally ill they are, by using those pathetic tactics to assert their bullshit beliefs and, quite possibly, undeclared interests in MSF, or such.  But, they could have a connection with any of the "41,000" according to an item I read this morning, of the "protestant church" 'sects' or such just in the USA, or the Salvation Army, or so.

They're all self-interested and always have been.

 As I've written before, "christianity is 1stly a business", and they employ millions, if not nearer to a billion people around the globe, all of whom are self-interested in supporting and giving false advertising of their cult, so-as to keep their jobs and be paid.  

I do not criticize the work these organs to.  I've given selflessly to a few of them and see very Good People in them.  But there's more and more today, quite deceitful, self-interested scum working within those NGO type organizations. 

And, one bad apple...!

131113 My Comment To G+ Post about Donate To MSF

+Mikel Syn And to Mike, I agree, I make bold assertions, accumulated over a long period of watching and listening to innumerable testimonies, and since the Rwanda event was discussed by a credible media outlet here, [although I am angry with them most of the time] the ABC Radio National, "Late Night Live" , it is too hard to find that program link for you.

But obviously your complaints to me go to the overall commentary [Mike? try be a bit more mature than to use the cheap shot "long diatribe". idiots want the whole world told in one tweet! Grow up if you're gonna challenge me, pls?]

Mikel, you don't rate to me, so I don't give a shit what you categorize me as.

hollywood did that in 1997 "Conspiracy Theory" with Mel Gibson as me.

And again with big Arnie, currently making "The Terminator 5". I'm the real John Connor.

Shots like yours at my allegations and assertions, too large to give weeds, ":links", display your want to steal some of my light.

Laugh dicks. Laugh, you'd be good at that.

But perhaps you're young?

Give yourself a few more decades. NOT, that "age" is directly related to "maturity".

The point is the disaster, and we are blinded by media and self-promoting NGOs into accepting their rhetoric and heartbreaking adverts, while usually, for well-meaning but dangerously narrow minded 1st worlders, ignoring the hard cold utterly painfully disgusting facts of the dark side to so many out of the "free market" capitalist world

I guess you think or assert that we do live in a free world and do have a free market?

Good on yer.....

Because both of you, and a mountain of others waiting in the wings to do the same, for entirely untoward purposes [ dark witchcraft], makes no factual points contrary to mine.

Open your minds to the sad side of western expansionism, and all manner of shit that does go on before events, during and long after.

Promoting an organization which does pay it's workers, on this site has whiskers in it, I and other clear thinking folks believe, or, know.

How are we to know that the person who posted this "donate" post, has no undeclared interests in MSF?

Or, in any of the many pharmaceutical corporations they buy and channel medicines from.

Et cetera?

THIS, is exactly how they work.

Sorry for the "long diatribe".

Sorry for an intelligent dissection of the "donate" post?

Look and think outside the square....

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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