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David Ateenyi
Thinkers (Discussion) - Nov 8, 2013
Why get mad, am just an elemental composition with advanced synaptic connections with the perception of reality. Just a thought I had.”


Good points/questions.

Not wanting to claim authority on the subject/s, I think I've asked the same, myself.

Our Australian Aborigines, from their earliest interactions with the whiteguys on these matters, accepted the term "The Dreaming" for this world they/we are in.

This might infer that we all have our own, and/or cultural dreamings, in which we're nurtured by parents, and others.

All Aborigines were living in what the bible would call "the Garden of Eden" so needed no "schools" as we now know them.

But christians and jews find it very hard to accept that the "primitives" , ie., non-whites, and here, until 1967, still "not humans" were in fact living in their own Gardens of Eden!

Watch them FREAK when that's put to them! HA!

But yeah, conditioning of our ways of perceiving the world are part of everyone's growth, and it's worth defining the differences between "healthy" conditioning, for the individual and for the community together, and "bad" conditioning, for both.

As each is from their own time/space Homeland, Culture, and such, who is to say one is good while another is bad?

Aborigine, being all still "not fallen" as per the biblical reference to Adam and Eve, et al, also knew but were very strong in their cultural "demands" in terms of "Talking True" as they say.

Out in the deserts, there are still what they call "True Fellas", who do not tell lies.

Obviously they are hard put to exist within the corrupted western styles of life even amongst their own Mobs.

But like the Japanese, who also had no word for "no", and no doubt most "pre-invasion" Peoples, they were also Wise enough to know how to "negotiate" their way through conversations with those who - talk shit - or just have no ability to not lie.

Once whiteguy came, and began the decimation and stealing of their Mother, the lands and the rights to practice their cultures and customs, they knew things, the Eden, had come to an end, and one thing they had to change, was the continent and island-wide fundamental, of "Talking True".

In other words, for whatever momentary reasons, they had to adapt to the invaders deceptions, and simply to survive, had to be able to talk shit. To tell lies here and there.

So teaching kids became a new ballgame, and the elders had to modify what they knew and had for ever known, that "not lying" was fundamental to keeping the Dreaming in balance, in harmony with each other, with each other tribe/nation, and with the larger natural world.

They knew, and still do, know that the invasion signaled the end of the balanced Dreaming, and things were gonna get crazy from there-on. Which, they have.

So, sorry for the "prolixia", the question about the difference between good and bad teaching/raising of kids, your "Are people being brainwashed, or is it simply the passing on of knowledge?" rest on the outcomes, short and long term, in the personal and macro, cultural levels.

We now see the overwhelming influences of the western ways, as breeding utter madness, chaos across societies and within minds. And, AND, the destruction of all natural, crucial balances in environmental terms.

So, it's not for one superman to be judge on this overall and underlying point, but we are all able to assess and add the evidence to find the same conclusion.

The modern culture as "brainwashing" is in-harmonious, so, doesn't fall into what an "All Things Considered" inquiry would regard as merely, and purely, "the passing on of knowledge", for the sustenance of "Good" Culture.

Using your terms, "passing on of..." and "brainwashing", delineates good and bad.

But, yeah, the definitions of both terms, are open to interpretation.

"Good conditioning", or "the passing on of Knowledge" would infer the retention in the Child/Adult and Nation, of the Purest Ways.

Knowledge about how to lie, doesn't rate, in my strict interpretation, as "Knowledge", in it's best sense.

So, probably, it's down to observing the results of "passing on of knowledge", and "brainwashing", if we accept the definitions and inferences you also put?

And, I have no doubt, that if it requires it, being strict across the culture to preserve Honesty, and all that goes with it, of the underlying Principles for Being Human, of Complete Respect for Equals, who hold fast to the same high standards, of maintaining Honor. Dignity, Integrity and all those flowery, high and noble words in one's self, and thus in whomever we know and especially tutor from youth, then the result is a Pure and Healthy Culture.

Whereas I reckon..., while we acquiesce to corruption of how to behave, economically, and in relations with others, so are deceitful etc., the Knowledge which comes from an higher realm than the chattering, conniving, ready-to-deceive mind, from perhaps, that Universal consciousness, is buried, and soon enough, is lost.

Thus, the culture turns bad, and everything goes to shit. Becomes unbalanced and chaotic.

aka "whiteguy" culture.

But Hey? Defining good from bad in culture, is a hard one, especially to have accepted widely, as generic.

But, I think, in the long run - if there is a "long run" for humanity from here into the future - this type issue is vital, and needs a hell of a lot of popularizing across the planet, such that a majority can get into the fine Philosophical, and Intellectual, thus Cultural details, to not merely accept, but to Know and understand it, and it's/their need.

But, while the judeo-christian CRAPitalist "creeds" [both essentially, putting the individual before the well being of the Group/Nation/Planet, ie., selfishness] dominate most everybody's lives, such that we're all forced to do battle not only 9-to-5, but 24/7, with our neighbors et al, for food and a roof, etc., few will be able to go into the Silence enough to open the Intellect, and thus to deduce for themselves any Wisdom on these macro, now, global matters of survival.

My biggest putsch, in my basic argument about today's culture, predominantly western "christianity", and it's domination of "the global culture", is that christianity is the very enemy of "True Democracy".

But we have, I think, to arrive at that conclusion, "fact" I say, ourselves.

So, all-in-all, we're fucked!

But it's always enrichening to ponder these deeper "Dreamings".

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