My Comment To The Guardian Article “Carbon emissions must be cut ‘significantly’ by 2020, says UN report”

131107 JUST DEFIANCE My Comment To The Guardian Article “Carbon emissions must be cut ‘significantly’ by 2020, says UN report” Edition

Failure will mean greater costs and risks and pathway to limiting temperature rise to under 2C will close fast
Oliver Milman
theguardian.com, Tuesday 5 November 2013 04.01 EST


"Bemusing" but one word for my observations of the Australian government's and other far-right-wing dictatorships of the world, in their refusing to accept that climate changes threatening the globe's ecological balance are manmade.

To me, it's blatantly obvious the Australian LNP, illegitimate government, the least intelligent I've seen in 40 years watching "politics" here, ignore the facts on anthropocentric climate change because they know full-well that their masters in the planet's upper echelon of wealth, the most destructive, most consumptive, most deceiving-of-the-populace multinational corporations - Xstrata, Rio Tinto, BHP-Billiton, plus the host of others, and their financier banking sector, the real estate industry, and allied industries such as the "auto-industry" with it's numerous ancillary offshoots, PLUS MEDIA, ET cetera, ARE liable for costs for damages to, if-not the extermination of, all of "Life on Earth", were the politicians to admit to anthropocentric climate change, and it's negative impacts on "Life on Earth".

These huge, multinational "profit-first" industries typically "own" governments, and because they can blackmail them for ongoing financial support, and distorting of laws to suit their private profiteering and plunder of the environment, for having such huge workforces, affords them the power to kill off all debate and public, ie., "democratic" pressure to institute True Land Laws such that humanity would not need, the amounts of energy we are now addicted to, via corrupt culture, corrupt land distribution laws, and corrupt "judeo-christian work-ethic" systems.

But.., why do the Greens, the Conservation Societies, and the "Climate research" institutes popping up, not link the long researched and documented facts about the threatened and current extinction of the climate-sensitive species, the plants and small creatures, and large, which, who, are dying off because man and woman, to be fair, are over-consuming the natural environment?

The arguments against abandoning the "carbon tax" and the other reforms to reduce carbon emissions, etc., in the federal houses now, or, whenever they return, can only be enhanced for the Greens and ALP, by including the undeniable data on the numbers of species being sent extinct for the same effects/changes of manmade over-industrializing of the climate.

If the Greens/ALP pulled all the data together, on manmade climate change, etc., surely their case would be undeniable by the LNP government?

However, even with the highly educated jesuit Bill Shorten as leader of the ALP, I think it's beyond his/their intellectual and True Democracy abilities, or wants, to go all the way in this vital argument, and put the airtight and massive case against the whole corporate-government and it's global system of WRONG WAY economics and paths to personal and cultural satiation, by introducing the global law suit against the global corporate madness, for destroying the planet.

But were they to step off the merry-go-round of completely corrupt western elitist politics, and address this whole psychosis of "progress" and development to our collective extermination, they could do the best thing any political grouping, the ALP/Greens/Independents, has ever, and will ever do.

And.., all it would take, is for Bill Shorten, to drop a warrant for the arrest of the prime minister Tony Abbott, on charges of mass-extermination of "Life on Earth" onto the Table in the House of Representatives, when parliament resumes.

But...? Naaah! TOO EASY!!

Hy-uk! Hy-uk! Hy-uk! 'Nother beer, mayte?

On re-reading this post, sent also to the article comments section, I saw need to throw this onto it:

I admit to a "possible" exaggeration in the above, 2nd paragraph:

"...if-not the extermination of, all of "Life on Earth"

I, and we, cannot know humanity's excessive destruction of the ecosystem, of the biosphere, will exterminate "all" Life on Earth", at this stage....

But, it's not an impossible scenario....

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