My Re-posted Comment About Evil Christianity

131110 JUST DEFIANCE My Re-posted Comment About Evil Christianity Edition

I opened my G+ pages this morning and found a “Tick” or a “1+” added to an old comment I threw onto a G+ post [above] in May, which seems more pertinent now than I recall it seemed then.

The basic argument of the post is in the text [above], but was a video posted to the Google Plus Conversation pages. I never play the videos. It's there and might play. I ain't bothered knowing.

Seeing as my distaste and vehemence against all things jewish and christian grows by the nano-second, I repost this, to make once more the point, that the vast majority of MY, own misfortunes can be traced back to that outright deluded, deceitful and filthy rotten delusional, lying core of selfish jewish and roman, and the another jewish branch office, freemasonry, BULLSHIT cult religions.


It'd be a REAL pity [NOT!] if any government or rightminded organization, or, Best, A COLLECTIVE OF RIGHT MINDED ORGANIZATIONS, were to take on all western religious forces and have them SHUT DOWN AND banished FOREVER.

That not one government on earth is prepared to recognize the intellectual and economic evil inherent in western religion - period - and join forces with the Intelligent Forces of the Universe to STOMP the western religions' filthy priesthood and flockers to extinction, shows that we as a species, are totally SCREWED, and thus that the apocalypse is an inevitability.

The apocalypse of the religions' making, no less!

As far as I am concerned, being the puppet the idiots tried to build and hypnotize to believing I was Jesus returned, the end of the planet, at least the end of all WHITEGUYS, and sycophants from other tribes, creeds, cultures and skins who take the bribes to live lives of BULLSHIT western materialism, the end of life here cannot come too soon.

So, here's my comment [in red] to a G+ post of May 2013.

Mental illnesses of many kinds are the biggest result from this. It's not coincidence that the culture with the most mental illnesses, and most people who become insane, suffer dementia, senility, and age-related mind disorders is the one with the most untruth to it's basic creed.
HELL-OOO!!!! Christianity!

At the moment in Astrayliar, there's an inquiry into the child sex abuses in the Catholic church.

The link here

goes to a news report on it. It's worth reading, because it tells what level of profits the - just the Australian diocese earns, and a few things about it's assets.
It should be clear enough that the church is but an elitist capitalist enterprise, or, in it's own terms, "a worshiper of Mammon".
It should also be obvious therefore, supported by the levels of abuse it's clerics have dosed out to any vulnerable, as are being exposed in these inquiries, that the church is closer to a demonic institution than to any it professes to be, of a "fatherly", "caring" and HA! holy organization.
None of the modern Christian, in the least, churches can justify their existence.
This goes to all of the so-called religions. Especially those which hold their flockers by abuse of speculation on the virgin mother earth.
They all profit from the most unjust, or, evil, economic practices, and have no defense against such charges.
There need not be any further "inquiries", not even court cases. We all know they coach the best lawyers for their own loyalty and thus, singularly, for their own defense.
There is NO doubt! The churches are GUILTY.

"And what, kind dictator, of the synagogues, and the Temples?"

Build your own Altars in the privacy of yourn homes, O Yee Honest of The Little - that-is - of The Humble Faith! Such Work is Private, and Personal, not to be shouted from the rooftops, nor even from the pulpit.

Make yourselves rich, in mind, in body and in soul! NOT the priests of demonic teachings.....


“Aaaa-choo!” being my self-mockery, what with the general comment and it's last few paragraphs reeks of some preacher's rave. Aaaa-choo! Instead of “Amen!”

I add today, Sundee 10th November 2013, that I've tried for over 8 years now to get some assistance from any and everyone, for what the catholic and freemason, and jewish cabal has done to me, and every time all I get is derision, family included, and insinuations that I'm mentally ill.

FUCK YOU! Is all I see fit for those cowards, all of whom do so as much to be paid by the pieces of shit behind this scam, to stay silent on what might well be, totally aside from it fucking my life, but what may well be the most important political issue of our times.

“Christianity versus Democracy!”

Each piece of lying and bad-magic-abusing shit who takes the silver, adds to my firm, conclusive, and correct belief that humanity has gone beyond itself, and is now only a threat to and a blight on all other forms of life, not only on earth, but across the galaxy, ET cetera.

I have been driven into a psychic chasm deep enough to educe the most awesome powers from my spirit, enough to cause the most massive chaos in earthquakes and even worse catastrophic events worldwide.

This is why I refuse to play any game recommended by any of the endless stream of whiteguys with witchcraft who try to have me go all the way and awaken my powers.

Firstly, all of them are hypnotized idiots. That-is, they were idiots prior to their reading Harry Potter type magic shit, then wanking enough to awaken their occult 3rd eye, and in the western world, NONE of those who profess to be occult masters, are in fact. Not even Prince Philip of England, the world head of freemasonry!

Phil, like all whiteguys of the elite, are but remnant by-products of the ancient jewish lost tribes, those I call “the golden calf tribe”, who fell from Grace thousands of years ago, and have been wandering lost and clueless since, only spreading BAD magic everywhere they tread, plunder and hypnotize.

All western occultism, jewish, catholic, and the re-invention out of Britain of “Druidism” has been “making it up as they go”, with disastrously ill-tuned, or with disastrously ill-prepared minds, thus minds vulnerable to all and any occult realm entity able to fool the “”seer” into believing anything, and, at-once, placing clamps on their intellectual abilities thus making them unable to discern the facts or the true way to see and act, and, believe.

So “as above, so below” being pretty constantly true, every scumsucking idiot below our witch-monarchies, has also been entranced into being fuckwits.

The trail of disasters brought down on the planet by those idiot elites, those heading up the likes of the IMF, the other “peak” organizations, and the idiotic “Illuminati” et al, those who are formed to oppose the Illuminati, etc., the mass destruction of all the Good and Sacred aspects of the planet's Nature, is now endless. And, that NONE of them have the balls to admit to this irreverent abuse of the occult is the cause of our common demise, proves again that the western elites are humanity's deadliest enemies.

Western elites using “holy” “religion” as a cover for their evil.

Hence, as a parochial example, Australia now has the most idiotic and criminal federal and state governments since the illegal deposition of the Fine and Rightminded Aborigine Nations, pre-1788.

And, therefore, EVERYONE below our idiot political governors, is also fuckwitted and more of a threat to life on earth than being of any Real, Honest and True Good to Life on Earth.

ESPECIALLY, those who have been hypnotized and indoctrinated through any of the elitist religious, “church-schools”.

Therefore, re-read my comment [above] to that May 31 G+ post.

Perhaps, having sighted an Optimism-inspiring news article last night, 

Sunday Assembly atheist church comes to Australia

telling that an “Atheist Church” started recently in the UK I think, is opening branches in Australia's capital cities, perhaps, there will be a massive flow to them, if only of interested people wanting to have a genuine and sincere look at what the Atheists have to offer, as a Credible, and HONEST, Intelligent Alternative to the filthy rotten deceitful speculative and terminally-corrupt religions.

But perhaps if the Atheist Church blooms, and has as one of it's Imperatives and Edicts, ECONOMIC JUSTICE and TRUTH, they will take on this crucial issue of outing the false god and false economy religions, and in time - HURRY!!! - will bring about the most needed Revolution, of, the end of christianity, judaism, freemasonry, and all their filthy lying little branch offices?


I doubt I will live long enough to witness such a Collective of True Fellas Rising up against the most tyrannical scum the earth has ever seen though.

But I'll go to my grave with large feelings of Joy, if I know it's coming!

O! And a last FUCK YOU! to Google, for making yourselves so fucking rich, while running such SHIT typing and formatting software on this Blogger, gmail and other pages!

You prove my conclusions as correct, that whiteguys, perhaps especially your geeks, are brainless fuckwits, only adding to my above assertions that the end of western cults and “civilization” has to happen.

I really cannot believe that anyone lets people as dumb as your techies put up such crap, the same as our shitful “Telstra” employees [not all of you, obviously, but those who control what goes up], with NO quality control, thus, with no intellectual assessment of quality in the products you rush to market, merely so-as to “beat the competition”.

YOU, are why Intellects such as The Great Steve Jobs, was and still is, the leading light in modern hi-tech communications devices and software- Buddha Rest His Soul!

But, it is the times we live in, and, though I again find it hard to believe that people can be so fucking narrow and blinkered, STUPID, and for their selfish fanaticism, fail to see that this is the path, the DOWNWARD path that CRAPitalism inevitably follows, and sucks the masses of idiots down with it.

CRAPitalism, and it's competition agenda and basic mantra, kills everything eventually.

That the elites of capitalism are in indomitable control of life on earth nowadays, 1, the end is assured, and 2, is more than justified, and 3, the sooner the better.

Google, you're a cheap, sickening edifice of everything that induces failure of our species.

Thank-you in advance for the further internet terrorism you and your sick employees will invoke upon my use of the 'net, in my drive to give people some useful hints about this shit we call western cult capitalism. ET cetera.

It has to be said here also, that the general internet using public are fools to blithely accept both capitalism and any level of trust in any player in the capitalist system.

I have no doubt that the likes of Google, have done, do, and will in future go to any lengths to subvert my, or other users' preferences for other than their products, by programming my/our software to run slow, or crash, until we use Google products only.

I much prefer “Open Source” software and products. But they suffer from Google and other private scum-club crapitalist companies deliberate subversion, to force people back into the crapitalist corporate market.

A pox on all your houses, whiteguys!

This, these tactics of subversion, is/are not specific a means of ensuring users to their [Google] products, to be sure. This type of “tactic” is inherent in capitalist competition.

The same goes in hardware manufacturers too. Hard though it might be to believe!

But the more famous, the more sought after, the user is, the more they will have to endure this type of slow-to-crash type of interference.

Telstra in Australia, our main service provider, and their leading competitor, Optus, both use the same tactics, to force users onto their services.

This is known as a tactic across the market now, and so the small players with big egos, thrill in playing the same games.

And, if one is bold enough to criticize them, the scum make it a mission to fuck us over.

Hence, my astute and accurate corruption of their selfish market system name, “capitalism”, to “CRAPitalism”.

As it's too late for the world to wake up and make the necessary corrections to life and the free market, the sooner the world is blown to the shithouse, forever, the better.

THIS, can be arranged! Fuckwits!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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Fighting for a Just World!

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