Assange unlikely to be charged - SMH

131129 Assange unlikely to be charged - SMH

November 26, 2013
[Sydney Morning Herald, taken from The Washington Post]

“....it should not have taken the Department of Justice several years to come to the conclusion that it should not be investigating journalists for publishing truthful information."

There have been persistent rumors that the grand jury investigation of Assange and WikiLeaks had secretly led to charges.
Officials told The Washington Post last week that there was no sealed indictment, and other officials have since come forward to say, as one senior US official put it, that the department had "all but concluded" it would not bring a case against Assange.

A Justice Department spokesman declined to comment, as did former US attorney Neil MacBride, whose office in the Eastern District of Virginia led the investigation into the WikiLeaks organization.

Justice officials said that the same distinction between leaker and journalist or publisher was being made between Manning and Assange. One former law enforcement official said the US government could bring charges against Assange if it discovered a crime, such as evidence that he directly hacked into a US government computer. But the Justice officials said he would almost certainly not be prosecuted for receiving classified material from Manning.

Assange has been living in a room in the Ecuadoran embassy since that country granted him political asylum. He is facing sexual assault charges in Sweden. Assange and some of his supporters have said he fears that if he goes to Sweden to face those charges, he will be extradited to the United States.

But current and former US officials have dismissed that defence.
"He is hiding out in the embassy to avoid a sexual assault charge in Sweden," Miller said. "It has nothing to do with the US government."

[Washington Post]

Great news!

Media have now the job of extracting from the USA, a clearcut assurance that they will not pursue charges against Assange, to expedite his freedom from having to live in the Ecuadorian embassy.

Contrary to what the 2nd last quoted paragraph says, I think Assange is not wanted in Sweden “facing sexual assault charges”, but is merely wanted to answer questions.

I also think his suspicions that the USA was hoping to grab him are correct.

So, if the media can get an official quote from the USA government giving Assange the 'all-clear', he should not have a problem leaving the Ecuadorian embassy and traveling to Sweden to answer the questions?

This has good implications for himself, of course, but mainly perhaps for the whole issue behind his, and Chelsea Manning's troubles with the US administration.

I'm sure too, that the British “Met” police want this debacle, of having multiple officers constantly on guard outside the Ecuadorian embassy, to end. It costs them, ie., the British public purse, many millions, totally unnecessary in these strapped times of austerity in the northern hemisphere

Once cleared, Assange will be free to resume whatever he wishes, and we assume that will be furthering his expertize in and with WikiLeaks.

But in Australia, we wait with expectation, that Julian will return here and pursue his recognized needed and possibly most useful place in our federal Senate.

On top of that Australian reason for inspiration against the clearly inept and dangerous new right wing LNP federal government, it will be the much needed lift the whole world's media needs, out of the portending censure of reporting leaked, and such similar material.

As well, I see this opens another door for the release, or at minimum a reduced sentence, as imposed upon Pvt 1st Class Chelsea Manning.

Because we would be able to reopen the debate, of the difference, the necessary combination, and the inherent rectitude in and between 'leakers and publishers'.

That someone within the US Justice Department can go as far as saying , as per the above quotes, “...as one senior US official put it, that the department had 'all but concluded' it would not bring a case against Assange.” to me, shows that at last, there is a majority opinion, within the US Justice Department/s, that Reason, ie., Intelligence, supported by history, and by the Edicts underlying Good and Democratic government, are resuming their rightful place in the American administration.

Ed Snowden, while not quite so severely incarcerated as Manning and Assange, is of course the other central figure in regard to these types of “Righteous Acts” in his leaking the stuff he has, and thus, though it may take a lot longer, he can look forward having his name cleared and his freedom to travel and live again, in the USA, restored.

Of course, the simple quote above from an official in the US Justice department regarding Assange, is a long way from these scenarios I paint.

But it may be the first step back, or more realistically, for the first time since Plato's “Republic”, that Democracy, which has as inherent in it's Ideal, Thesis and Basis, “Accountability of Government to The People”, that we see the shift toward Rectitude in government.

Were it that the USA government, the world's 'Mr Big' in corrupt and pernicious authority, were/are to realize these truths, and their absolute necessity for any government to sustain, and to be able to govern the markets and thus the wants and needs of the People, such that The People are Happy, there is one Hell of a HUGE Reason for the world to Celebrate!

But, as 'the big ship' takes a long time to turn about, and that there's so much for all parties to do in the turning, means we must be patient.

Very patient.

This can be reduced however, if the world's media see these opportunities for Justice, and go for them with every asset they have.

Our Finest Legal People and Teams too must see this as an opening for them to Return to their Hopes of becoming Lawyers so-as to Act for the Greater Good, and to support media and the victimized, such as Assange, Manning, Snowden, Kiriakou, Hammond, Et Al, Et Al.

And there is a clear Duty of and by the Public, everywhere on earth, to Agitate The Process, by making it clear that they see these considerations, and the Rectitude and Fundamental Democratic need of 'Leakers and Publishers' to be able to blow the whistle on corrupt government behavior, and indeed, on corrupt laws.

This essentially goes behind the shop front of 'government' however, and basically demands that employees of any institute, corporation or cult, have also the Duty to report and expose corrupt acts and rules within their workforces and social groups.

The long playing out of my suggestions and considerations from this one inspiring if minuscule news report, is me playing what the corrupt would say is 'the devil's advocate' perhaps, if that's the right metaphor, or perhaps is me foreseeing the Path we all, as one Human Race, are obliged to follow?

Whatever, I'm but one who stubbornly clings to 'Hope' amidst the most pessimistic REALWorld actualities the species faces.

That we have the likes of Assange, Manning, Snowden and that long list of “Whistleblowers”, and that today, there is so much powerful and in-the-end positive reaction and action from these few Just Warriors, says I'm not the only one who knows my, and our Collective Duty.

Maybe yesterday's email to a QC on my shithole, has lifted my head out of the dump, for a day or so?

I assume the SMH, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Washington Post too [for Buddha's sake! What with it being a Murdoch-owned paper!] and other media, are mulling and conferencing on how they must move from here on, regards this crucial and groundbreaking Correction, if it has an official follow-up leading to the official statement from, we would expect, the USA White House, that Assange is free.

The Support Groups behind the other Whistleblowers, Manning Snowden, Kiraikou, Et Al, should be doing the same, as far as their renewed Impetus to PROTEST their governments for the larger reforms to recognizing the Place, and the Ultimate Need and Rectitude for Whistleblowers, in all such [government] departments, corporations, and, cults.

Indeed, a well supported worldwide PROTEST to the same, would have it Enshrined in all national laws, that Whistleblowing is fundamental to employment.

So! Mote! It! Be!


[This one coming down the pipe to the SMH from the AAP stable]

This article in the SMH on the day after, shows that Wikileaks is officially skeptical of the previous report, by The Washington Post.

Obviously, they are wisest to take that position, for now.

Nevertheless, it does not mean my inspirational rabbit above, does not have a place, in WikiLeaks' chatrooms, and in media and other Human Justice offices.

The unconfirmed report, again, from the Murdoch, media, which is typically extreme right wing, has to be investigated, and the US government hounded until it and the issue returns to the front pages of media, such that the pressure forces 1, opinion inside governments, and 2, officialdom, to CORRECT their attitudes to Whistleblowers.

Besides, with the more recent 'Leaks', exposures of fucking stupid government spies breaking all moral and ethical and legal codes, and spying/tapping/monitoring/metadatering foreign governments, ministers and even presidents and chancellors, not to mention the millions of private citizens' information and emails and phone calls, there is now no doubt, from your mainstreet Jo, to the world's leaders, that this 'Leaking' sensation-continual, INCLUDING those leaks by PRIVATE FIRST CLASS CHELSEA MANNING, have been for the Greater Good of both governments and for the Human race altogether.

So, the analysis is that the USA government has no option but to withdraw all pending cases, inquiries and charges against 1, Assange, 2, Snowden, 3, Kiriakou, 4, Hammond, 5, WikiLeaks, Et Al, Et Al.

And..., that, therefore, they have a Duty to take the contrary Action and Officially Recognize these Whistleblowers, and their Support Teams, as Beneficial and Fundamentally Necessary for Democracy and the Sustenance of the planet and species, and forthwith legislate Whistleblower Protection Laws into all national Constitutions.

And.., finally - IT NEVER ENDS!!! - Just Compensation must be awarded these Champions for Democratic Justice and Freedoms,

1, for the suffering they have endured because of insane sneaky fuckwits-incorporated - spies -

and 2,

to send the Right Signals to the world that Whistleblowing IS Justice and Duty by All, for All. And shall be recognized and rewarded.

As compensation claims always drag on, and cost more than most of them should, to both sides, if I were one of the complainants, be-me Assange, Manning, or another, and, as these People are shining Examples of Human Beings at their Finest, Most Intelligent, Most Honorable, I suspect they would look down on compensation cases being left to the usual bullshit “he-said-she-said” court hearings and assertions and testimonials, etc.

So, considering each of their travails to now, with Manning perhaps the most “insulted”, so deserving of more than the others, I would advocate that they all be paid a decided amount by the offending authorities, simply to lessen the bullshit, the stress, and the effects on everyone.

It would be the Most Magnanimous Act by the US Government to issue a clear statement releasing all involved, and awarding them before any compensation cases need be heard.

Julian Assange has not done the things he has done, involving WikiLeaks, and the Manning Files, etc, for his own aggrandizement, nor for any large monetary reward.

But Ten Million Dollars US, is, from where I see things, his Due.

And I do not think he would object to that?

Manning does deserve a lot more, and should be awarded much more. But knowing his Honorable mentality, to the extent I do, he may well be more than happy with a handsome monetary sum, but also, to ensure his name and reputation are cleared, I think he must be promoted, in his appropriate military company, and be allowed to Serve as he is most able.

The US military loses if they do not allow him to employ his ample Intellectual talents in his Service.

But, if he wants to open a 'Tranny Bar Nightclub' in New York, he should be allowed to.

So! Mote! It! Be!

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