Some Degree Of Vindication May Be Due, For My AEC Bitches

131103 JUST DEFIANCE Vindication May Be Worthy For My AEC Bitches Edition

Scott Ludlam for the Greens and Wayne Dropulich of the Sports Party declared winners in controversial recount
Australian Associated Press
theguardian.com, Saturday 2 November 2013 03.19 EDT

It's been over three years now, since I first champed at the bit over what I heard, on the news, and for much longer believed as fact, not merely another mother of my “Conspiracy Theories”, about election rigging across Australia, during state and federal elections.

Obviously, “as above, so below”, so we can quite safely, factually assume that our local council elections are as rigged and corrupted by their little schools of AEC counters. If the AEC counts local election ballots?

But this recount of the results in Western Australian electorates, adds to my noises, and to the more recent complaints made by the newest successful entrant, now “Senator” Clive Palmer, that our elections are corrupt.

As the impetus grows for a major re-evaluation of the system we've had since well before ink “Biro” pens were invented, in which Australians' have been blithely, lamely, ignorantly writing their preferred corruption-specialist er.., “politicians” names on ballot sheets with lead pencils, responsible Australians must take the opportunity to demand, to force a total re-evaluation of the political election structure as-a-whole.

And that, should, in this age of readily available information, facts, data, knowledge and even courses for-to educate ourselves about - ELECTIONS, LAW, SYSTEMS, and ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT, etc., should inspire and engage the voters to push for the best possible “Democratic” system of electing politicians - “Proportional Representation” - as well, of course, as reforming the institute we've trusted for so long, the Australian Electoral Commission, AEC, so that they are not open to manipulation by self-interested parties and corporations and foreign elite dynasties. ET cetera.

And, several other, equally, if not MORE important things in the systems, management, and worthiness, or NOT, of those we elect.

However, being but a puppet, built to air the facts, in politrix etc., and having severely limited abilities in learning lots of involved stuff, I am happy to admit that I really don't understand all the details as to why PR, “Proportional Representation” IS the best electoral system.

I was for over a decade in the Learned Company of several of Australia's most Intelligent, and Informed, and Righteous Individuals, Economic Justice Warriors, ALL, who woke me up to some fundamentals about not so much, “politics” but it's foundations, “Economics” over 25 years ago, and they gave me the most Sound advice as to the Rectitude of PR.

So, don't take my word for it! GO research for yourselves! A clue, or a shortcut, might be to look early at how Switzerland structures it's political system. They have PR, and seem to be on top of the world, as well as the Alps, as well as the banking, as well as several other rich-peoples' things.

As I was brought to be aware of, perhaps more than 30 years ago now, but probably more recently, the MORE important thing Australians really have to become Human over, and address, is the three-tier government system we again, blithely, lamely, and ignorantly accept.

State parliaments are but the middle-house for corruption to control us, and, our lands. Sorry! Aboriginal lands.

So, to now, the recount across the W.A. Electorates, brings back Greens Senator Scott Ludlam to Canberra, which makes me happy.

But as the whole affair, Australia-wide is now out, in the news and in the general public debate, as to the veracity of the whole thing we call “elections”, we sell ourselves short, if we do not take the debate, the inquiry and the Advance, all the way, and begin seriously to address a total Reformation of the whole political system.

We will know immediately those who are corrupt, by their objection to this, as we will know, to some extent, those who are genuine about making Australia Democratic, and, as the Australian Republic Movement has been making more noises about their Cause, and it's Time, it's Veracity, and that Australia has to step up to the crease, plate, stump, podium, or such, and brave the howl-downers.

The howlers-down, from self-interested foreign elite clubs, cults, cabals, cartels, corporations and clans, and correct the century-plus long system of keeping OUR Country firmly and illegitimately, in the hands of a bunch of foreign, spoiled, offshore “lords of sick” arseholes, mainly sitting fat and filthy-rich, in the British House of Lords.

So..., MORE NOISE, please...? From Australians who have the balls to take on this huge and quite evil rich-kids' party of economic injustice-writ-large.

Congratulations to Scott Ludlam! And, to Wayne Dropulich of the Sports Party, for your rise from the dustbins of vote-counting cabals' back-rooms!

However, you both know, as Clive Palmer has already shown, that to prove your sincerity, in standing as Candidates, this issue becomes one of your priorities, from here on!

Even, if it means your own loss.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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