My Comment To Google-plus Post "Surround Yourself With Successful People"

My Comment To
Google-plus Post
"Surround Yourself With Successful People"

Me, to "+khalil aliy"  - 

I'm in the richest. per capita nation "Astrayliar" [Australia], where materialism is 1st in being successful.

So your description of poor people in poor countries is tragic, like an ever-down-spiraling path, which must feed on it'self to the end.


But I think we in the "rich" nations are heading that way too.

The dominant paradigm of our modern culture, as fueled by our crazily avaricious elites, and every aspiring person below them, is blind to the wider and longer-term damage the materialist culture is doing, now to the planet.

I have no doubt, that materialism, which is the dominant culture today, destroys our own Intellect, thus our ability to know when to say "no more", of bad personal, social and cultural things and beliefs.

Our Indigenous Peoples are so marginalized by the whites, that they too, like your "poor people", suffer badly, and the Aborigine children, so often the most astute and happy, likable kids, have the highest suicide rates on earth.

Yet all our mainstream politicians ignore their plight, bowing instead to the land-grabbing mining cartels, and real estate corporations, mainly owned by Britain and China, and of course, agricultural multinationals, of, the white elitist culture of greed and "success" in wealth and social standing.

Success is not success if it ignores a moral and ethical position, of an equality in the people, and Respect of life on all levels - [ except demons. ]

That kind of "success" is in reality "failure".

None of our, or of any other nations today, as represented by our false leaders, most of them from church, ie., "false religion-false god" educations, for that matter, have anything near what they need to stop the down-slide of the "Quality" and "Community" of Life, that certainly existed in pre-colonialist times.

I accept that then, life was as likely very brutal, when push-came-to-shove, but I know in Australia, the Aborigine had the Highest Quality in terms of "Respect" of others, and of the world, of life, and am inclined to think that most pre-colonial Peoples had that innate connection with a Common Spirit, thus an Intelligence with which they knew when certain ways and material things were not healthy for the individual but more, were not healthy for the whole Group.

As you infer, "the personal is cultural".

However, of recent centuries, the west, the western, selfish, I believe quite insane, elites, have popularized "individuality" thus selfishness, thus ignorance in general, purely for their own sustenance of their privileged lives, so people are deluded to believe they are their own person, etc.


They cause most of the wars.

This "NOBODY TELLS ME WHAT TO DO!" etc. is not true at all, and so is dangerously wrong, as it's a spell which spreads with each argument for it, and destroys the Common Good, and peoples' knowledge of when to say "enough!"

As for the drift of the posts to "being positive", I think that too, has it's dangers, for being positive more often is for fear of reality, and ignores the sadder, harsh negatives of life, and the "worst-case-scenarios" a wise planner knows must be considered.

Being successful is not the same as being positive, in either sense of either word, methinks.

Both obviously have merit, but in "success" Ethics is a must, which demands we deduce what "success" really is, as I put in my earlier post, and if the goals we aspire to do not stomp ethical fundamentals.

And positivity too, for it means also to be wise to the unseen threats to any "positive" path we take.

Positive people very often ignore questions of morality, in their want to climb higher on the ladders tr\hey are on.

And some of them can be very hard, cold, negative things, making the thinking less than "positive".

But, it IS realistic, which often means accepting one's fate, being less avaricious, more humble, True to your Highest Self, and, in the end, of a more Honorable, Noble and Peaceful mind. The last being crucial when your time to pass on has come.

So I say we must be very wary of these simple, catchy clichés.

They are very attractive, but can be merely more of those "good intentions which pave the road to Hell".

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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