My Comments to The Guardian Article The psychology of spiritualism: science and seances

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The idea of summoning the spirits took thrilling hold of the Victorian imagination – and has its adherents now. But the psychology behind spiritualism is more intriguing
by David Derbyshire
The Observer, Sunday 20 October 2013

My Comment to article...

21 October 2013 5:37am

"Grey Walter showed that there was a fraction of a second delay between the brain making a decision and someone being aware that they were making a decision."

That, is an astounding revelation.

Is the "brain" it's own controller, or, indeed, is it but a remote "psychic" mechanism effected, at least, by other forces?

I say that "the personal, is cultural", which effectively negates us as independent-minded "individuals", and the quote seems to lead in that direction.

But, there is the question of the level of "Intellect" of those people used in the relevant experiment.

They may have been people of a low level of knowledge about the influences always active upon their own minds, as by far most, in the christian, western world are, or, were.

But, most of us are or have been for centuries, less-than-fully-aware people, easily led and very unaware of our own mental, intellectual and psychic make-up, methinks.

Methinks methinks?

Up until very recent years, a lot of people were unaware, or uninterested in the use and abuse of our latent psychic powers, made so by the Roman expansion/colonialism of the last 16 or so centuries, by old Israel's and Rome's errant religions and religious teachings or stories, effectively dumbing the populace down to terribly low levels.

In the 1960s when that particular experiment was done, western peoples were very automaton in character, sucked into living whole lives of idiocy, again, by the churches, to following the flock along the "industrial" path, which is perhaps to lesser degrees, the same today.

But almost everyone is much the wiser in terms of the unseen forces active on animate creatures [etc.,], and mostly - though I remain skeptical as to our actual Intelligence, or our levels of self-knowledge - have some interest in their own mental, intellectual and "souls" well-being, as-in being secure against and free of forces not of their own.

So more than ever we take an interest in what's going on in our own mind/brain combo, and myself excluded, may have far better awareness as to what is going on inside our mental processes.

So, the experiment I take the quote from, probably should be done again, to see if it still applies?

As the dominant western, religious and thus economic and social culture/s is/are completely awry, and generally are totally ignorant of how to live Balanced lives, so trashing everything natural and essential to the Global Ecological Balance, it's little wonder the planet is kicking up, that there are so many "anti-establishment" wars going on, and Anarchy and Atheism are gaining popularity in the 1st world.

But I still believe that "the personal is cultural" in most of what we do day-to-day, if not in how we arrange our thoughts and beliefs, and accept as "good" for us.

But that is as much the conscious while cowardly decision of those "blessed" with a middle-upper to upper class life and lifestyle. Very much a "blue pill" choice as in the hollywood movie "The Matrix".

These decisions, of "me-first" are nevertheless, incorrect and cultural.

Were the experiment done again, perhaps, it be done on people from different cultures and religious beliefs? Etc?

And my reply to a Commenter “Cluedout”


And..., "Whether one or one hundred million people believe in astrology, makes zero difference to whether it’s claims are valid."

Replace your word "astrology" with any "christian or jewish" sect or religions' name, and we have the same truism.

All western cults and "religions" [the centuries old "rebranding" away from the term then commonly applied, but less and less popular, of "cults"] fall into the same category.

"Atheism" "Gnostic Atheism" and even
"Scientific, Philosophical, Gnostic, Atheism", based on the personal inquiry, sourcing older, far far more credible "Eastern" Philosophical and Religious Teachings and Techniques, Raja Meditation at the fore, would lift the masses over these old western false god and false religious hurdles keeping us stupid and gullible to the article's "mediums" and silly, as well as personally and culturally dangerous beliefs, etc.

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