My Comment To The Guardian Article "Germany and France warn NSA spying fallout jeopardises fight against terror"

131026 JUST DEFIANCE My Comment To The Guardian Article "Germany and France warn NSA spying fallout jeopardises fight against terror" Edition

Angela Merkel and Fran├žois Hollande lead push at EU summit to reshape transatlantic spying and agree new code of conduct
Ian Traynor in Brussels
theguardian.com, Friday 25 October 2013 07.31 EDT

My Commentsss..,

Funny how Obama gets the shit thrown at him? Did Barack personally tune his listening device/s into Merkel's calls?

This focusing on individuals is terribly sad, and terribly bad, because it is merely a way to take the focus off the corporations who own most western governments, and focus off their dynastic elite masters/mistresses. And, who should be called out for "owning" the irascible agendas, for which capitalism makes necessary these intrusions.

The NSA, the CIA, MI6 and even Mossad, work for "the dynastic corporation/s", who are perpetually blackmailing all our politicians, to call it in the corps., favor.

The "war on drugs" like the "war on terror" ,as much as the Islamist Outlaws, the Taliban, Mujahadeen, and no doubt others including Al Qieda, are products of the western agencies, exist to 1, counter the extreme right wing plunderers of culture, economics and resources, and 2, to further and finance the global war machinery.

Always, in politics, there are those who see the distortions toward right wing selfishness and it's being the enemy of Honest and True Culture, Community and Societies, and Obama is just one of them.

That he cannot muster the necessary Dissent against the dominant hegemony of [insanity in] competition, wealth and war, to enshrine, rather than reinstate any True, or Truer form of Democracy, ie., "Government FOR the People, BY the People", is a failure of The People, and not just across the untied - UNTIED, ie., completely screwed-over people of the States of America, but across the planet.

Media, and the People, have to urge all powers to bring to the fore, the corporations behind the headline decisions of our governments.

But this would, were it near possible, also bring to light the utter fraudulence and indeed, evil of "capitalism", and it's marketed mantra of "competition".

That Mr and Mrs Average are left no option but to enter the employment market ready to "compete" with their neighbors for work, income, thus financial security, etc., is not connected to those international mantras of competition and, of it's obvious, [il[logical end, of war, is one of our greatest failings.

Every aspect of day to day life, including news media, drives us to seeing things only from the "parochial", myopic, "mememe" viewpoint/s, and with obviously deadly consequences, has the vast majority totally miss the "All Things Considered" view, and ultimately absolutely imperative ATC perspective in local, national and global politics.

The NSA employees, et al, are "only doing their job", because the competitive employment marketplaces leave individuals no choice but to bow to evil abuses, such as phone tapping, etc.

Not that I condone anything like that line of "only doing my job".

That itself is the classic example of us, police, military personnel and corporate aspirationals, etc., cowering from being Human, and running from our collective responsibilities.

These cases of invasions of privacy, do us well, in bringing to the fore the farcical nature and evil falsities in supportive tenets of the modern false-market capitalist ideals and industries.

Changing the erring nature of modern society demands that We-The-People follow up on the exposures by Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Et Al Et Al, and PROTEST until we drop if necessary, against the blithe arrogance as we witness daily now, in Canberra and the new world order LNP government.

ET cetera.

Can the likes of "The Guardian Australia" foster Legitimate and Effective Dissent?

You stand in the best position in Australian media, than any others, to encourage Australians to take it to the streets, and into the houses of parliament, by these types of articles, and, the excellent readers' comments.

For they, the comments, show that Australians are NOT all gutless self-interested, clever-tongued and lame imbeciles. That many do consider and see the implications of lame politicians and media, and, do possess intellects enough to know the ways we should be living, and ensuring we move not away from, but further toward, now, Global Democracy.

Here endeth..... [lol]

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