My Comment To The Guardian Article On Mel Gibson

131026 My Comment To The Guardian Article On Mel Gibson Edition

The screenwriter of Basic Instinct and Flashdance talks about his feud with Gibson and other fights in his Hollywood career

I'll have a bitch against Gibson until he pays me the royalties for making the movie "Conspiracy Theory" about me.

I'm fairly bitter, but can still laugh about it all. [Even with 18 years of homelessness made so by those he colluded with - my ex-friends.]

However, I am a big fan of his roles in the Miller films "Mad Max" "Mad Max 2" and ":Thunderdome" all really B-class-ish, but suiting my perspectives on our and the future world, and cannot help but like his abilities as an actor.

And, outside of his acting, I actually have a lot of respect for the prick [?] for being as honest as he is about "Hebes", or Jews.

An impartial appraisal of modern cultures, and the forces behind today's mass-destruction of all things natural, ie., of the global ecosystem/s, will conclude that the Jewish/Christian ["Christianity" being in fact but a "branch office of Judaism", and a "creole" in party with Roman aspirations of world domination - (what do you expect from THE Conspiracy Theorist?)] banking, financial, real estate and free marketing of endless desires for resources/consumables culture, the exact opposite of finding happiness within one's own Spirituality, is leading the world irretrievably into an abyss of apocalyptic proportions.

That Jewish power-mongers who own hollywood, thus have dangerously inordinate influences in Washington, and also basically run the western world's media, and the western alliance's machinery of war, does not mean they should not be spoken against.

In a zionist centre of power like hollywood, it is a "Brave Heart" who dares speak honestly about the deadly control of the globe, that the jews have acquired since they lured Cecil Rhodes and the British elite into funding and warring for over 100 years, for the jews to have Israel as their homeland.

[Because of the control of media by the jews, the world will never openly know the facts behind the "holocaust". It did happen, but Hitler and other forces were instrumental in fabricating a massive publicity campaign etc....]

The Russian woman who had a child to him, then sued him, was sent in by zionists for Gibbo being so irreverant. Ask Putin.

Gibson's OK, albeit that he's also a prick. But, that's how a bloke has to be to survive in that zionist cauldron of agenda-ridden movie-making - hollywood USA.

Give him a break.

There'y'are Mel!

US$50 mill, tah!

Apologies to non-zionist and zionist jew alike. I do like most of those I've known. Even a rabbi or 2. It's not completely "personal", because, "the personal, is cultural".

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