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131013 JUST DEFIANCE My Comment On ALP Shorten & Death Edition

Written to The Guardian Australia online article

First ever vote involving grassroots members means Victorian rightwinger will lead Australian Labor party into opposition
Katharine Murphy, Guardian Australia deputy political editor
theguardian.com, Sunday 13 October 2013 15.25 AEST



Career pollie, career jesuit, won by prefixed inhouse right wing tendencies.

Albo is the better bloke for simply not being so ambitious.

Both though, are reactionaries, dyed in the staid Labor ways and words.

I predict that the ALP will lose support for this result, mainly because Shorten's a "jesuit boy". It's 2013, not 413.

I think more Australians than ever are fed up and pissed off with the whole "christian", or perhaps just the "western" religious "thing", perhaps muchly sick of the clones their church schools pump out - a la Shorten.

The private schools may well be increasing their student numbers, which says nothing at all about any faith, or "growing faith" in the students' or parents, et al.

More are Atheist than ever [or more are more game to admit it?], and see also the tired antics and stereotypically same-same, boring church-mouthpieces ranting at the pulpits, known as "parliament".

Private schools promise all the wealth of the world to graduates, but always for a price - their soul! Most middle-upper/upper class westernized parents only want to know the kids will have jobs, and be living independent of them, elsewhere, once the fun of babies and a family grows up. [Oooowh I'm a cynic!]

Labor has to die a painful death, [and be "resurrected"? NO-O-O!] and be almost totally reformed, before it can reclaim any political high ground. Again!

And it's renewal will be the one which revolutionizes it away from a false, conspiratorial, delusional, psychologically destructive, racist, totally non-Australian, pro-Eurapean, power mongering for the "dominatus pan" lustings of ancient Rome, and Zionism.

Of course, neither Albo or Shorten could ever take the party in that direction, at least not all the way, and I posit no-one there today could either.

Any woman who might try, will only attract "THE MATRIARCHY" label, which will be exactly correct, divisive, and send the "ambitious" women crazy ["ambitious": over-reaching for more than one qualifies for] with hopes they can still take over the world and own all the land and manage it better than the blokes have since Adam.

I've fought hard for decades for Labor, for the left, and for Democratic politics. [Even for womens' rights!] But I don't see Labor climbing out of it's pit until it goes to and answers fully, in 21C policies of Scientific, evidence-based, facts, the hardest political questions on earth, of "religion v Science", "leadership v Democracy" [or christianity v Democracy], and "imagination [including religion] v Science in regards to revenue collection".

While a jesuit and the party has to bow to the church/s [proddies aka masons too, and the jews] which educated the MPs and gave them everything they've got,
religions will never be taxed as they should be,
religions will still make most of the profits - "profits", not merely money - from the least honest means,
the least "civil" business practices,
the most socially-destructive/divisive culture [class is religious]
of speculation on land - buying/selling,
religions will still own some 1/7th of Australian land/real estate,
will side with offshore speculators and
be sending millions back to their Brit-Eurapean HQs...., and
their student/graduates will be the only ones given the leads and loans to owning the best real estate.

The non-religious and lower classes left to rent and battle for a home and jobs in religious-promoted ever-increasingly tighter land and employment markets. [Phew!]

ET cetera.

And..., who really believes the election was straight? 52-48?


Must a been counted by the AEC!

The election of micro parties on September 7, was the first step and sign that the voters are sick of the two/three majors.

But..., Shorten may be reading the tea-leaves right, and see that "things politic" here ARE changing away from the stereotypes of last - last - last millennia?

But..., even if he and those who follow him as a team, and further up the track, has/have the gumption, and the support..., and if he can institute policies going all the way away from the old Brit-Euro-centric shit, some Zionist cabal[-ist] of overly-wealthy Brit-Euro fanatics will simply start another major war, to put reforms back to the 1890s, and to be never spoken of again.

That's what started WW1, though "history" has been edited.....

The micks, having the global "reach", might pull together the necessary worldwide collective any newer Australian Labor Party will need to get the REALReforms through, because the True Reforms the nation, any Honest Politics, and the world needs, will only work on a global scale - but they [Rome] will always be thinking "centristically", ie., with some nut at the top of the global pyramid.

True Democratic governance of decentralized power, would/should put the death knell on catholicism. But crucially on christianity.

And Shorten's egomaniacal enough to dream he could be it. [Joking, really.]

Albeit that that scenario, should it be actual, and should it have even the slightest possibility, is generations ahead from now, from 2016, etc.

Labor will never die. We'll just be seeing front-people - faces - as the body decays and maybe morphs into something suiting the bullshit system.

Yep! More of the same-same.....

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