The Brutal Truth About Australian Politics Exposed, And How To Best Employ It

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News this morning told of the elected Senator representing the “Motoring Enthusiasts Party” MEP, in Victoria, one Citizen, Ricky Muir, or his “council of advisers”, have taken the silver from Clive Palmer and sided with Palmer's Palmer United Party PUP, to form a “block” in the right leaning federal Senate, when the MEP Senator takes his seat in July next year. [Next year?]

Hearing an extract from this morning's Terry Laidler ABC 3LO Melbourne radio interview, with Terry interviewing Mr Muir's media spokesman, it became clear to me, as to why I called for voters across Australia to vote for anyone but the major two/three political parties.

In short, “politics” is a scam! A con! And, a sham!

Apart from the MEP appearing to now to be a small, parochial, local clique of lower-class, outer-suburban Victorian “petrol-heads” suddenly thrust into the highest echelons of Australian political, thus economic power, with not the first understanding of the responsibilities they have allavasudden dived into holding, but that they appear to be very cynical as to the “game” of politics Australia-style, as most of us are, so, out of no qualified education as to how to “play” the political game, they fall to being right, to extreme right wing, in their ideals, preferences and political theories.

As I assert, “personal is cultural”, so they are not being regarded as entirely responsible for their, if they are, extremely politically ignorant views.

Our culture has been seriously off the rails since 1788, or, since 1808, when the best policies on earth, as sent with the 1st fleet, were destroyed by the illegal leader of our first coup d'etat, John MacArthur, and his cohort.

These policies were, “pre-politics” to a degree, whatwith Australia, or, New South Wales, a prison colony, still being essentially under Marshall Law.

So, “the best policies of governance on earth”, as put together back in England, by King “Farmer” George the 3rd, a proponent of Agrarian Socialism, were being instituted by the first few Governors, until and including Governor Bligh.

Were Bligh able to resist and defeat the illegal coup d'etat in 1808, it's possible Australia would have become the leading nation of the world by now, and several highly destructive “negatives” in culture and social trends would not have overtaken us, and from here, out to becoming dominant fashions, worldwide.


The “nuclear family house, on ¼ acre blocks of land, fostering extreme selfishness and extreme individualism, causing the breakdown of the “Common Weal”, or the Common Wealth of resilient and in all senses strong Communities, one.

Corruption of all levels and departments of government, through the forced denial and educated ignorance of “The Most Honest Tax” of Land Rent for Government Revenue, two.

The perversion of land distribution laws, away from the Scientific to the selfish, thus creating “classes” of landed, and landless, three.

And, all the resultant disparities which follow from these initial disturbances to the Arts, and Laws, of Good Government.

Underlying all these negatives, and caused by them, has been the dumbing-down of the electorates, the voters, the polity in general, such that they are at best capable of seeing that “politics” is now a game for the select few, who are, by the “establishment”, lifted up into the “political class”, the proverbial “1%” most wealthy as coined by the “OCCUPY WALL STREET” Movement of a few years ago, and so, the voters without a clue, retreat to cynicism, based not on informed deduction, but from it's opposite, extremely limited knowledge and understanding.

Hence, we have the MEP.

Sorry Blokes! It's, as I say, “cultural, not personal!”

Clearly the MEP is made up of right wing types, who prefer motorcars to bicycles, for example, beer/bourbon as opposed to organically-grown vegetables and vegetarianism, the nurturing of footy over the nurturing of the intellect, and a multinational supermarket duopoly over Egalitarian Agrarian Socialism, etc., and thus refuse to accept that humanity is bringing on it's own destruction, by a major part, exactly the mechanisms they so love and now represent in our federal arena.

Motor cars.


Perhaps the saddest outcome of these unusual, but I still deem, quite necessary election results, is that Clive Palmer, being a very sharp business entrepreneur, was the fastest to approach the MEP, and win their “block” support in the Senate-to-be.

As I infer, the Greens stood next to no chance of winning the support of the MEP. Yet??? [Watch this space, Clive!]

This also plays well for the already exposed as struggling and disgustingly inept LNP federal government, being also of the mememe, “I'm too self-absorbed to see life and things from the highest intellectual, impartial perspective” egomaniac parties.

How the other micro parties and independents elected to the Senate will side and show their leanings, I've not heard, nor inquired after.

But this morning's events, and Terry Laidler's interview in Melbourne, etc., should bring media to go chasing the others for their “opinions” and, we hope, their understanding of what they've been voted in to, and the tasks they have ahead.

I guess I'll hear about it in.., oooowh...? 20 years?

So, to now, these little stories are actually quite significant in how the “micros” are upsetting the major party's “party” in Canberra, and possibly signal the beginning of the break-down of the 112 year old cabal between the two major, offshore cabalist establishment consortia.

Mainly, I suggest, because the “micros”, some being elected on farcically small, and impossibly “democratic” percentages, show that enough voters are sick and tired of the major parties, and will vote for anyone, anything, as long as it's not “more of the same” bullshit as we have had, especially in the last three year term, but in fact for the last 205 years.

It's clear to me, that the majority of Australians have for many generations, been fully aware of the depth of corruption in our nation, and, that it does actually begin and is maintained from the uppermost - offshore - levels.

Most of us, even a large portion, I put it, from the uppermost classes, know this, and are deeply cynical and disgusted with it.

Most all of us, now know what might well be possible, were the entranced, self-interested, and in that, the most cynical, to the point of not caring at all, anymore for society, for the well-being of the rest of us, or of the nation, and last of all, for the health of the planet's environment, the ambitious, entranced political class, to step out of the way, and not mindlessly seek to subvert the business, the management of government.

As I say above, if the Good Laws of Government, pre-1808 were still instituted here, Australia would have long ago become it's own Independent Democratic Republic, and would be amongst the leading nations of the world.

Hypothetically, we would also have taken the whole world up a vastly better, more honorable path, such that it would not be on the brink of eco-disaster, human-on-human apocalypses, and, we'd not be drowning in false religions and false political bullshit.

But HEY! “One bad apple....!”

So, we have badly unintelligent people buying their way into the political arenas, further diverting all attempts at good government deeper into the trashcans of history, and we march as slaves, mindless toward the last world war.


This September 7th election in Canberra Australia, will be known as a more significant election than we've ever had, methinks.

Because it has even to now, served to expose the weaknesses, the flaws, and the farcical nature of the whole affair we call “politics”.

So from here until the new government implodes, the voters will only grow in their dissatisfaction, and calls for reforms to the whole process, based not on ignorant cynicism, but on the people's expanding knowledge-base, will “Blossom”.

By the next scheduled federal election, the scene will be entirely different, with voters being far more engaged, and enthusiastic about their chances of actually making the whole affair better, more Just, more - HONEST.

I mustn't omit the role our media has played in fucking politics to date.

The last election coverage - case in point.

An absolute abomination!

But, again, this has is up-sides, in that it has so disgusted I say, a large majority of voters, of all sides of the so-called “left-right divide”, from yer, illiterate underclass crims, to the trying to be noble upper class thinkers.

The media, in the wash-up post-September 7, seem to be doing a bit of soul-searching, at least outside of the mememe, “gizbrianed”, “YES-Sir-three-bags-full-SIR”, I'll take your 30-bits-of-silver Mr Murdoch, idiots media cabals.

But this is already going on, what with the massive destruction of the traditional media bases of news-print and even now, the “old” medium of television.

Enter “social” media, and, it's medium, the internet!

I think everyone in those now dated media, is freaking, as to where their futures lie?

Out of minimal-nay-ZERO Honor, as indoctrinated into the new media-class out of the church schooling systems, having the fanciest, most-”zingee” and classiest lifestyles is entirely what drives the new breed of journalist, over any integrity to do their jobs with facts and quality at the forefront.

So, we have that battle to deal with also, as those of us, who recognize the importance of good government, follow “politics”. “Media” being our sole portal into what's going on in politics.

As the world does appear to be entering an “austerity-phase”, with the IMF and other global watchers of world economics tell us the growth is slowing, etc., even while Australia was reported yesserday to be the world's wealthiest nation, next to Switzerlandenenen, a strange factor is that people become “accustomed” to a certain level of wealth and material comfort, and when that declines, they get testy.

So, while Aussies might still be, relatively, the wealthiest, as our economy and quality of life goes down the shitter, the masses will feel hurt, less comfortable and relaxed, and want answers from those they voted in to take us down the sewerage pipe.

And, while we might well be disappointed about going the “anything but the majors” route this last election, because of the chaos we should expect once the new “micros” take their Senate seats, we might, or should, be inspired to ask more relevant questions as to the veracity of the whole political processes we have been hoodwinked to now, to believe are the world's best?

The most effective business from this last farce on September 7, is the exposure of the bullshit that our political processes are.

We can only hope that a few related corrections come from a more pissed-off electorate between now and the collapse of the new federal LNP, Lounging Numbskulls Party, in the coming months.

One correction, being that the British regime and it's American fucking psychos in the US administration and the CIA, tire of maltreating Whistleblowers, the lead being WikiLeaks' Julian Assange, as criminals, and as terrorists, and as traitors, and drop all warrants and release Assange, and Snowdon, and others, from their forced protective incarceration, so that Julian, our own Most Worthy, is free to serve Australians in the next Senate.

That anyone, or authority, acts to prevent Julian from being elected to our federal Senate, to serve us with his possibly most developed Intellect, we all know, surely, exposes the establishment as humanity's most real and present enemy.

But, do you think William Hague, Britain's Foreign Secretary, can hear the truth of that, from behind his arrogant, superiorist, frontal cortex?


Back to little middling power Astrayliar, the last election has drawn out the flaws and farcical fraudulence of our voting/electoral/parliamentary structures.

All manner of shady deals are in play now, to secure the interests of those who DO NOT QUALIFY as representatives of the Australian People.

Whether or not the mass of us are incurably corrupt.

If we are, many, perhaps most of us are 1, only so because we have no choice, because corruption starts and is maintained by the [political] elite, and 2, does not mean they/we, of the lesser classes, the voters, cannot see that there may be enough hope, and knowledge now available to putsch for Reforms to the whole process/es, and 3, that we can still use the current voting system to correct the gaping flaws, as much as, I put it, the current voting system will exist by the next election.

And, lastly, while I'll never shut-up, as the MEP has sided with the mining magnate and his decidedly, scientifically unsustainable coal mining industry, so are siding with humanity's enemy/ies, it should be stressed to the likes of the scared Ricky Muir, and his advisers, that from my perspective, of being deep-deep-Green, and overtly [read my previous few blog posts!] anti-motor vehicles, for ego-transport alone, it's straight-out madness to expect the planet will ever be rid, peacefully, of the motorcar.

But, not incapable of understanding reasonable arguments for us to clean-up the whole business of motor cars, from go-to-woe, I reckon they can agree that it - the egotripper's pollution-mill motorcar - is a serious blight on the future for everyone, if we do not look at incorporating “Green” design technology, and even low-tech retro equipment into cars from now on.

Me, I'd fucking LOVE, a lowered, chopped-and channeled 1956/58 Ford Customline, or a Mainline Ute, with a WHOPPING BIG, blown, V8, to cruise around in, and even to stun the Motorfans with, down Noble Park street dragstrips, late on Sat-dee nights. [A? Why else would I have one?]
And, I reckon, it's not at all infeasible, to develop the abilities to make such a Beast Environmentally Green [in British racing green, of course]! Like, why not introducing legislation for all motor vehicle makers to have a go at making all motor vehicles' panels out of a modern polycarbonate, from renewable Hemp fibres?!?!?!? Henry Ford had a go back in the 1930s or so!

Imagine a 351 cubic inch V8 running on H2O, emitting NO pollution, costing NO fuel resourcing, with renewal parts and paints' products, etc???


So, Well Done to Ricky Muir, for his winning his Senate seat! Good Fortune to ya' Cobber!

But you got there because your supporters, and yourself, recognized that “the game” is sick with bias and corruption, all leaning too much to the upper classes.

Your Mission, Mr Phelps, should you choose to take it on, is to bring your favorite lifestyle object - the motor vehicle - into the 21st century, by advocating the most Intelligent Policies You, and an Intelligent body of MEP members can educe, from the Science, and from the vast and steep learning curve you are now tackling.

I wish I was of your mobs, enjoying whatever form of motor vehicle entertainment you and they enjoy, be-it a guerrilla-drag-meet on the Princes Highway, Noble Park, or out at Calder, Winton, or Philip Island, with a few cans of beer or bourbon to share.

And, I do estimate that you and your mobs are not so brutalized that you cannot see that the car can still be excessed-over while it gets ever-Greener.

This, therefore, requires that the MEP, makes a serious assessment as to the bribes Clive Palmer has secured your vote with.

If you came into the fray with knowledge that the majors are shite, and need to be set straight - by the People - then letting yourselves be leaned-upon and bought off, by unethical brute-billionaires with connections, and with blatantly obvious leanings toward the same planet-fucking ideologues of the extreme right wing, reduces you to the same-same bullshit corruption you stood to challenge.

As long as you side with that shit, you'll be a one-hit wonder, and out in the next election.

You'll probably grow old and die with shallow associates who prop you up with a slab and a cynical, intelligence-free laugh about what a laugh that was, etc.

If, however, you Man-Up to the immense challenge you took on, and dedicate the next few years to learning as much as you can about Good Government, and how you're micro MEP can actually effect Good Corrections, while maintaining your preferred tickler, and making them sustainable, Green, and loved by the next generations, you can only rise in your own self-respect, and in the Respect of the People.

Think of what the kids in your neighborhood will think of you, if you get it right?

Go for it, Ricky! Keep Humble, and ensure your advisers unnerstand the Mission, and are with you.

The “game” is farce, and needs once more, the Peter Lalors, of the Common Folk, like yourself, to fearlessly do battle with the idiots on top.

Today, however, your not supported alone by a loose though Dedicated Troupe of Diggers, against the bastard “traps” of tyrannical England.

Today, you might well have a Mighty Force of fellow Warriors - The People - to ensure you're not subverted, corrupted, bought off, by the same corruption parties and interests who have led us all down the shitter.

One Idea, Ricky Muir...,

Take the Mob out for a weekend at Ballarat, and imbibe the Reason, the Ethic, the Emotions of the Eureka Stockade.  Spend a day in the Museum there, and get the sense of what those Warriors were doing.

Good Nourishment for your heart, and mind, and for the Mighty Senate Role you've got in front of you.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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