Further Thoughts On My Hell Ride - Lilydale - Geelong in 50 minutes - ~1989 Friday 1610 to 1700 PEAKING Hour

131024 JUST DEFIANCE My Hell Ride - Lilydale - Geelong in 50 minutes - ~1989 Friday 1610 to 1700 - Further Thoughts Edition


Reposting the pic I constructed yesserday, mostly for nothing better to do, I spent the whiling hours last night and this morning pondering the ride I did, back in whenever.

It could have been with Data Express Motorcycle Couriers, or with Wiz, and could have been some 4 years after my estimated 1989.

Not that those details matter, but were any conversation to come from this, which it wont, it'd be nice to ge the dates right. and, as I query here, the actual time it took me to blast through time-space continua.

But inneresting thoughts came this morning, so here they is...,


That's 140kph average?

Can I believe my memory?

Did that ride actually occur?

Or, like David Edney [a bloke who came into my life when I was about 14 or 15 y/o in Bocky Tech, and assumed a “friendship”, only to be a demon sent in by his freemasons cult to do their thing to my psyche, and who has been fucking my life to suit their messiah plan since then] charging [with 2 big mates, of course] into my dreamspace this morning, was it yet another fantasy of a well-oiled imagination?

Considering that my whole life has been playing captured in other peoples' dream,[“people” plural, “dream” singular] mainly the Theosophical Society's mad plan to fabricate Jesus back from the tomb, and considering that the several other courier riding events I think occurred, were just so outrageously amazing, as to have me [not just since calculating the speeds I must have done to get from Lilydale to Geelong in 50 minutes, but from the events themselves through the 1980s], ask how I got through them, or did the stuff I did really happen, I have to leave the question open, to some extent?

And, thoughts flow, such as,

1, “the reality” in which I went at 140kph across peak hour Friday evening Melbourne, and the other thrills, is not as fixed as I and “the controller” of the existence, wants me to believe,

And, therefore, 2, that time and space, etc, are manipulable, can be stretched or shrunk, according to one's or the master's strength of mind.

These questions therefore beg asking further questions, such as, “what else is manipulable in the existence?

And, confirming somewhat what I've concluded more recently, that this “existence” of mine, is also, but a dream.

ET cetera...?

However..., since I did the sums last night, and found I would have to have ridden at an average of 140kph, meaning at least half traveled at 160kph [100mph] and over, while I vaguely recall actually going over 160kph along the Geelong Rd, which is also about half the 116 or so kilometers in length, it also means I'd have to have ridden at fearsome speeds, of between 100 and 120 kph, across the north-eastern and inner northern and inner western Melbourne suburbs to make the time and average I did.

Well..., before and after that ride, for years, I was well out of control in terms of riding within - or beyond - set speed limits.

That is the main reason I attracted the name “Mad Max”.

And, to clarify, that label was given me by my 1st courier company owner in Australia, John Bendall, or his office secretary, the lovely “….?”, of Discrete Couriers, then based in Box Hill, who ran a car courier company.

In early 1979, after I returned from 3 years living and working, for 10 months as a motorcycle courier also, in London England, my Dad, who used Discrete for the company Dad worked for, suggested I try Discrete couriers. So Dad made the call, I went and spoke to Bendall, an agreement was made, radio fitted, and I quickly blew his mind with the times I was able to make, as against his cars and vans.

This happened at the same time that Mel Gibson's “Mad Max” [renamed “Road Warrior” I think, for USA release] movie came out, so the link, what with the film being about mad bikies being chased by a mad cop, was unavoidable, albeit by the dopey car courier people, who couldn't define the difference between Gibson's role as “Mads Max”, a copper, and mine as an anti-copper.


I'd rarely get through a year without spending some “downtime” with a suspended license, for a few weeks or a few months, because of traffic offenses and being caught [THAT.., is the nub of the game. NOT “getting caught”!

And, while not related, I once estimated I'd had at least 100 spills, come-offs, in the 10 or 12 years riding, though most were just slips on oily corners at otherwise safe-ish speeds. Most of them only incurred a “the rest of the day off”, or a few days recovery.

[CLUTCH LEVERS? UGH! How many clutch levers???]

But, sure, they also happened because I was always riding to and beyond the limits of safe and possible bounds.

And because it was the most dangerous job in any city, especially at my breakneck speeds, stress determined, also via hangovers, that I could not work here and there, for a day or 2.

But..., regards the Lilydale-Geelong ride, speed was the key to making money in courier work, and was key for the companies to win customers. So, everyone, except the coppers, encouraged “fast!”, from mad bastards like meself, “the Gun!

And, I was addicted to every aspect of the danger, the thrill, the “near-death” challenges, the time-shattering, the war against the lame and aggressive, potentially murderous motorcar and truck road-users, and, the monetary rewards, of, in the 1980s, taking home between $800 and $1100 Australian, a week.

But, as said, the stresses had me drink and smoke to excess to cope.

I paid. Eventually, my bad reputation was wide and throughout the police and the motoring public. So, behind my back [O HOW SURPRISING!???] the companies colluded, with the coppers, and even with the courts, and I was suspended for 18 months from riding or driving.

And, an whole lot of scum took to terrorizing me. But that's because I was the king of everything, which mummy forgot to tell me about.

Neverthelessss...., did I do Lilydale to Geelong in 50 minutes?

I still think I did.

This, because I remember being at the pick-up point, a lawyers or perhaps an architects office in the Lilydale main street. I could point it out now.

I arrived asap, but was asked to wait, and wait, and wait, as they finished the document I was to take.

I recall it was something like a tender for a contract with the Geelong council or such, which had to be delivered by 5pm [1700hours] that day, if they were to have it accepted.

And, by 4.00pm, I was champing at the bit, not aloud, but started telling them I was not going to be able to get it there by 5.00pm.

I'd scanned my route in the Melways, the best street directory for Melbourne, and figured how to get as close to the Westgate freeway with as few traffic lights as possible - through the north eastern suburbs to the “eastern Freeway” which then, ended at Thomsons Road, Bulleen.

So I finally got the envelope, was encouraged simply to “do the best you can”, and fired up the Yammy at 4.10pm.

Also, this was well before the days of “Google maps, and satellite”, etc., and so I had no idea that it was some 110-plus kilometres from go to woe. I think now, that if I did know it was that far, 1, I wouldn't have tried, and 2, if I had tried to get to Geelong by 5pm, I would not have made it. The known certainty of the distance would have sort of cemented me to staying within the space-time contiuum.

Nevertheless..., ignorance was bliss, so....

AWAY WE WENT! [Me, the envelope, and Yammy!]

That's how I remember it.

I sincerely doubt it, but..., it might have been THREE-10pm?

Or ten to four pm?

But, I'm fucking sure it was FOUR TEN PM.

So, I return to “bending time”, and whether this, or any “reality” is as fixed as our masters would have had us believe?

I conclude with the certainty that time, and space are manipulable. Bendable.

Discrete”! John “Bend-all”??? Hmmmm...??]

So..., as The Beatles sang in “Sergeant Pepper's” “....nothing is real...

So, therefore, neither is Jesus, or YOU!

Or a fixed distance between places, be they Lilydale and Geelong, or earth and that black hole over..... THERE!

Or, the beautiful illusion we know as “planet earth”.

Which could be said to be a shame.

But, if none of it is real, then the disease called judeo-christianity, and all which has evolved out of that corrupted and perverted, evolved and degraded couple of deranged ideologies, is but another illusion, but is one which is proven as most detrimental to the larger illusion called the planet, the solar system, the universe, etc.

If..., nothing is real, then are any “fears” real, of, “aliens” “end-of-days”, “nuclear war”, of “economic depressions”, of your “neighbors”, of “me”?

Of, corrupt police?

Of, being killed?

Death, it would appear, is but another illusion, therefore is nothing to be feared, or run from, and avoided.

However, there is the consideration that outside of this illusion, there IS some certainty, some more solid life, existence, form, influences, power?

So, if we kill ourselves, others, or are killed, to what do we, or our soul, go?

And, who, or what has more power over us, over there?


Was a fucking HOT ride though....!!!

What, was the purpose of your “visit” into my dreamspace this morning Edney?

As with most of this type of “chat” while I'm in the ever-pliable sleep and semi-conscious dreamworld, next to none of what others like you say, are remembered, nor make sense. Oppressive attempts are all I do recall, this time.

O! And don't assume I want ever to meet you Edney, in my “awake” state.

I have no wish to have to talk with you.

But there is something, most likely of your occultists level of making, which prevents your type from speaking straight and honestly with me while I'm awake. You must resolve that tension in your own consciousness, to be able to engage in an Honest conversation with me.

Is the firm, acting through the Sydney ALP, the Sydney freemasons whence you came in the 1960s to fuck my life, upset with my DEFIANCE against playing their puppet?

And, if you are so in control of events,

1, you should not need a false prophet, a false Jesus to “save the elite”,


2, you should be powerful enough to correct the errant beliefs and culture/s yourselves.

And, if you cannot send your little terrorist emissaries [Edney] to me in my “awake” space, and speak your concerns straight and honestly, then you are not so powerful, and therefore, perhaps you must bow to something or some force, or some spirit, whichever, whomever, that is the superior.

I put it, as you well know, that Truth, and the fundamental Universal Laws of Physics, are paramount to life on earth, in the existence.

Disobey, or ignore them, and you pay. And, they will make it hard for you, hence your inability to be open and honest with me.

And, as you well know, that refuting, ignoring them, and confabulating bullshit, about myself, about Jesus, about the right of the global elite to manipulate things and people to their own selfish and clearly destructively evil satisfaction, is tantamount to evil, and surely brings about an equal and opposite reaction, the destruction, your destruction, of all that is good, primarily in Nature.

So, that I'm educing these words, and expressing them for all, shows you are idiots, for not being able to educe the same yourselves, that you are entranced and more deeply captured by your own self-confidence and ongoing entrancement, with each abuse of your occult power.

Since the 1st “theosophists” [ a term which I laugh at, for it containing falsities from go to woe, in “theo”, not anything to do with “Deity” but everything to do with “theory”, and “sophist”, the same as “sophistry” or the manufacture of bullshit ideas and verbal concepts, by loose, errant., verbose, out-of-control and deluded minds, none of which can fit within factual or truthful universal principles and if it does, or somewhere, were to exist, “reality”, and the ongoing fabrication of fear by them, up to the terrors of the 2 world wars, ET cetera, the world has fallen lower and lower into an abyss of immorality and ignorance.

Such that we are now ruled by utter fools, here in Australia, and across the 1st worlds.

Predominantly, by no coincidence, the judeo-christian 1st worlds.

Yet the Theosophical Society persists with it's delusional false Jesus idea, and as well persists in stupefying the masses such that the masses cannot discern any simple and obvious political and economic facts. Nor, tragically, the Will and Courage to Act Righteously, and depose the whole elitist political class and system.

O the blessed wonder of “magic”, in the hands of spoiled, selfish, nubile egomaniacs! But O how they know how to “sound” wise!

But, like supporters of right wing political rhetoricians, you are locked into playing the illusion the way your masters want and demand you do.

30 pieces of silver, anyone? Just to betray humanity, that's all!

No matter if they themselves are so long and far off the track of Honor, Honesty, Truthfulness, Integrity in everything and thought they do and have.

They guarantee you and your sycophants and henchmen a house, and work, and friends, and “a life”, so, as well as making you the gutless piece of shit you are, make you dead scared of not having all the illusory “false-happiness” shit you play around in and with.

So, being as weak as you are, against their malice, or threats of malice, you do as they say, and only add to the demise of the most beautiful illusion we know as the “Natural Earth”, and, take your shameful and cowardly awareness of your own pathos, out on me, the “lamb” to your elite technocratic cults' slaughter.

As I write above, “death” should not be feared, nor perhaps even avoided, unless we have work yet to do, in terms of cleaning our own soul's slate, such that what or whomever awaits us on the other side, let's us pass, and travel on to higher, “holier”, safer grounds.

Whomever it is who threatens the likes of you and the coppers and the rest of the whiteguy imbeciles with “eternal damnation” etc etc etc., and thus into doing evil upon my soul, in my sleep/dreamspaces, or awake in this sad homeless deprived situation YOU have so enjoyed fabricating over and around me.

Therefore it is clear that YOU - all of you, have huge amounts of work yet to do, for your own release from the darkness you're all so afraid of in the after life.

And, I have no doubt, that THAT work of yours, is to speak the truth, about every falsity your cults have manufactured, around my existence, and over the hearts, minds and souls of all humanity, in fooling them of a returned Jesus, ET CETERA!

Naturally, or as “being natural” is alien to you, and apparently feared by so many of you of the cult/s which manufacture fear and falsity at such destructive rates as never known by the True Fella Peoples of this previously Pristine Planet, nevertheless..., “naturally...” speaking the truth about those things, me included, involve speaking the truth about the illegal state of Israel, and the illegal economic structures you and your Templars, and IMF, World Bank, ILO, and other insane zionist covens and banking cabals, ET CETERA, have constructed, totally against the ways and nature of the universe.

And..., HA! Involve speaking the truth about LAND DISTRIBUTION, and the True Laws which MUST underlie how we share and use the Precious Planet's resources.

And, how humanity funds it's passing time on Her.

As the Great “Midnight Oil”, and lead singer The Honorable and Great Peter Garrett sang


Or this little puppet will continue to RAGE against your delusional machinery, with untold consequences to more than a few spoiled 1st world comfy-fanny whiteguy bitches and mongrels.

It's only October. Summer portends being a hot one.

As you are in the same darkened room as the NSW police force, et al., then five million Australian dollars [ AUS$5,000,000 ] is not an inordinate sum in compensation to myself, from your combination, for the hurt I have incurred for your idiotic abuses of the fabric of life against me, to make me be perhaps the most dangerous individual ever on earth, your false messiah.

But perhaps, or clearly, you, David Edney, are but a will-less coward, and have no say in such recompense. So speak to your masters.

As for refusing, or rejecting this humble and honest and righteously due request, and having them react as usual with their sick brand of punishment, I expect more deprivation is your course of action, avoiding my death, for you know, I have no fear of death.

I have absolute belief in Higher Powers even your warped cult has yet to meet, which, who, sees this charade you engage me involuntarily in, more powerful than any and all of you whiteguy delusional thinkers, and He, knows I am Righteous, and He, or, It, awaits, and will lift me clear of all of your stupid wants and punishments, were you to kill me.

He, may be my own Superior Will, which YOU prevent me from absorbing myself in?

He may be simply True Universal Laws, to which I bow, and obey, better than most?

He”, may be the self-creating Intelligence of those Laws, whence it's own Intelligence evolves?

He, may well be my own Step Father, for He was and Is, Noble, Honorable, Immortal and Great, and does watch over me, for the Greatest Good?

Something you, fools, seem unable to know, let alone reach and hold to.

So..., how foolish can your kind be, that it needs someone else to say the obvious, about what you must do, for your own salvation?

How foolish indeed, when these things have been known in words, if not in heart, by your own mobs, for generations on generations? And, that have been as much divined and written by your own???

Truly, you are abominations, whiteguys!

Obviously not all whiteguys. But an elite, to be sure.

I, am a product of your lost, errant, frantic imaginations, and for that, can only bring disaster if I am forced by your stubborn will of keeping your foolish plans running, if I am forced to play that role of a false god.

Five million dollars Australian, from the Australian, Brit-Euro establishment, and the release of your commanding others to interfere with my humble life, please.

And...., “WHERE'S MY 50 MILLION BRITISH POUNDS, SCHWARZENEGGAR???” Just to remind hollywood and TS Pasadena, Chennai and Exeter.

You have to accept it, your game is up! 

More fucking with the occult fabric, firstly, is no longer yours alone to fuck with, and 2, is out of order, and will only fuck everything, to everyone's fall.

You surely cannot want that upon your tombstones? In the ether though they may only be?

Personally, I accept that that might be the only way Humanity will see the future, because egomaniacal idiots like yourselves, cannot contain your lusts.

So. Be. It.

Earth is not the only planet with sentient intelligent life on it.

And, Earth is not the province alone for a white, superiorist elite, clearly, for eons, utter nut cases!

Life is sharing, not claiming possession of, for your egoistic selves.

For me, “Only the Truth will set me free”.

And an illegally imprisoned force such as I am cursed to possess, is no-one's friend.


But shit what a ride that was!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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