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Further in the thread started by Jackson Goldstein....

TO: +Jason Reynolds

 Hi. The IMF is the 20th century name of the British East India Company, which bought the English parliament out of debt in 1783, after the English went broke fighting the US War of independence [an aside]. They own Australia, and more of the world's governments than we know, and corporations, mining and banking in particular, and have planned and built some of the most disastrous major projects interrupting the ecological balance to this potentially disastrous extent.

You're wrong about the IMF only being a lender to governments. Governments they own. Governments are merely private companies owned by the hyper-elite dynasties of the western world, and this should explain to you that "democracy" as we believe it is today, is but a sham, a crude and evil cover for their "world plan.

Sorry for the "extreme" language, there, but it is nevertheless, true.

You'll likely take it I'm anti-Democracy.

Quite the opposite,

But "democracy is dangerous, if the people are stupid".

And the people have been quite maliciously dumbed-down, especially since the 2nd world war, and the "Brettonwoods" agreement to own and control - ie., censor media to suit the elite's "world plan".

So review your silly assertion about suing etc.

I entirely agree with you about "agriculture".

I live in rural Australia, and witness the insane and disgustingly lazy, bad, evil [Ooops?] practices and maximally inefficient abuse of our precious lands, with "farmers"! [HA!] lording it while they FUCK EVERYTHING on their own land, in the rivers and streams, water catchments and coastal waters, et cetera, taking donations from equally culpable state and federal governments and agri-corps and land agents, to keep doing it.

So, YEP! If any hypothetical corrections [scientifically proven, of course] were to be effected, farming would be the first to be seriously reformed. I mean SERIOUSLY!

As for my other thought, about litigations against the main, biggest culprits behind the climate eruptions we have and face, the global corporations, they rarely, no, they never respond maturely to Wisdom-based requests for reform to their profit-driven industries and - culture.

Money, is the biggest thing to them mainly because it buys them, and their dynastic clans, power.

This enables them to walk all over and totally ignore Justice, and Ethics, especially in terms of anything "democratic".

"Revenge" does run through my Black Heart, but Reason out-wills it, seeing litigation as the least aggressive, most effective, in terms of forcing the psychos to change their errant ways, method of approach.

As for "Daniel's" words about my thoughts,

"And I can't say I agree with +Max Cook's legal solution. I don't think anyone should be punished for any type of liability for damages caused. I really think the elites are trying to build the strongest country, spread the most prosperity, and of course make themselves a good living in the process. They're just deluded about how to achieve this."

His "I don't think anyone should be punished..., etc", is pie-in-the-sky softheaded thinking [sorry Daniel! Don't take it personally! "The personal, is cultural!"]

And his "I really think the elites are trying to build the strongest country, spread the most prosperity, and of course...." is uninformed thinking. "Naive" in other words.

I'd ask him, and others who think that is the case, research the power games of the world's elite more deeply, which, unfortunately requires digging through a lot of crazy and wild "conspiracy theories" to increase your knowledge as well as learning to discern between bullshit and suppressed, but often by "crazy people", exposed facts about the crude and rotten games going on above us.

it's a long journey from having unsubstantiated middle-class, mainstream theories - "opinions" in other words, and flinging them onto such as these websites, "'cause we CAN!", to knowing how to discern the hard cold frightening and thus very uncomfortable facts about the world of money, power and politrix.

Or.., something I am by no means beyond, "a little bit of Knowledge, is dangerous!"

Never form an opinion, and refuse to update it, especially if it means dropping that theory altogether.


Aye? Arnie??? 80 Mill! Pounds Sterling! [Interest!]

Or FOX media.

And more......

TO:  +Everett Anderson 

Yeah, "other factors". I agree. Like, I live in Australia. I see that some 20 years ago, 95% of our Australian rainforests had been to then, wiped off the continent, and replaced by either cattle pasture or monocrop broadacre agriculture - wheat, primarily.

Across the continent, before the British invasion and settlement, much of the "deserts" were covered with sparsely treed forests, in fact most of the regions not gone for millennia to totally inarable soils, had some smatterings of short and varied trees and shrubs. and a fairly wide variety of wildlife. Enough though, to keep the ground surfaces much cooler than how they now are, having had all the wood removed and the soils plowed to wheat crops, etc.

This exposes the ground to our hot and very hot Sun in most times of the year, with and without crops growing. This does raise the overall temperatures, especially in the hotter seasons, and because there's next to no weaving of tree and shrub roots in the surface ground, and for no tree leaf shelter from the Sun, with the often high winds from the west off the Indian Ocean, onto and over a very flat western and central Australia, dust storms lift the dried soils up by the megatonnes to blow as far as to New Zealand, on big days.

Then, there's the methane cow farts.....!

America was covered with endless rainforests and temperate forests before Columbus and the whites came, but in a few centuries the timber was wiped off like by a giant north-south bulldozer from east to west.

"The Grapes of Wrath" story by [?] Steinbeck, tells about the "dustbowl" of those regions which were turned into - er - dustbowls, by the pillaging and bad broadacre crop replacments. The results were devastating to man and the land, thus, with this going on ceaselessly for at least the last 80 years, the effects add up to influence the global climate. So, those who zero in on "carbon" etc., and either for or against the effects humans have, are not taking in all the factors.

So carbon is but one factor.

Those who deny we are causing it, are sold on the “blue pill” bullshit of the corporation, of staying blind to these larger illusions/realities.

“YES! Mr Anderson! And what if you could not SPEAK???” [Hugo Weaving, “Mr Smith” of the corporation, in The Matrix.]

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