Stepping Beyond the church's Child Sexual Abuses

131003 JUST DEFIANCE Stepping Beyond the church's Child Sexual Abuses Edition

Lengthy submission to royal commission reports shoddy record-keeping and supervision but no changes to Towards Healing”
David Marr
Wednesday 2 October 2013 19.52 EDT

Didn't bother reading the article by Mr Marr, good as I expect it is, because I'm looking beyond the sexual crimes against vulnerable children, to what the mental abuses of the dogma do to the whole culture and to humanity.

So, I dug and got this The Guardian reporter's email and flung her the following...,

Hi Lee, 

1st thanks for being part of The Guardian in Australia. 

Though no-one can know yet, I have no doubt The Guardian's opening here has improved the Australian media scene or quality by at least double, and I chastise your senior editorship for not coming here about - ooowh, a decade earlier?  Hooho, well at least 3 years earlier.

As the "subject" slot shows, I write regards the catholic church, and the inquiry into child sexual abuse in Australia.

I wasn't ever abused "sexually" by any clergy.  

But it took me until I was passed 50 years of age to come to terms - no, not the right term, as I'm incurable - to alter my way of living and dealing with the abuse I did suffer, not of any physical nature, but of the subtle, and perhaps most of a "curse", abuse that only leaves evidence in one's mind - "psychological" abuse.

To this day, I'm "cursed", if I may, for an upbringing, with every overt kind of "love" and affection from the family, and those I now know partaking of this abuse, but all the while [I know without doubt now] I was being "conditioned" to believe things about myself, about my family, and other people, and - of god.

ET cetera.

I ask you to excuse my writing to yourself on this matter.  I looked for David Marr's email, but he's obviously shy.

Even after over 8 years since I 1st inquired as to the meanings behind my given names, I'm finding facts which numb and shock me, making resisting suicide that much greater a challenge.

["Max Nichols Meredith" - it's complicated, because of an uncovered, rather grandiose, little "plan" to build a 'special kind of person', but Meredith is my Step Father's genetic father's name, the plan's details of which are substantiable, but too complex and indeed, bewildering for this email.  Besides, my miserable fate is not actually my point.]

Nevertheless, I rather suspect David has read "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Browne -  I'm "the merovingian" apparently.

Oop?  My point regard the current inquiry into the catholic church, is that "sexual abuses" while never to be diminished in terms of the crime of such offenses, or regards the lifelong pain and suffering - psychologically - to the victims, is but the lesser of 2 evils, if-I-may, put it that way?

Because the inquiries here and globally into this heinous abuse by clergy, seem to be offering compensation to the victims - surely, for boys, being sodomized, or for girls, raped, etc., but I seem to see that the compensation is for the after-effects, of the psychological damage.

I haven't been following the inquiry, other than listening to the news reports as it progresses, but it might be that we, the public, perhaps, as the public are led by the media and the institutions which determine and feed the media, but of course the media, fail to go to the fundamental effects to the victims, thus, I suggest, to the wider community, and to the over-riding culture, not of the sexual abuses, but of the psychological abuses, to the whole community which has, up until late in the last century, been forced to imbibe the dogma and creeds of "the church".

I reject the "mission" no matter that it's rumored also to bring me endless wealth, imposed upon my "soul", but because I'm left with but one option, I employ the "gifts" I've got, have realized and so have nurtured, so-as to keep the mind sane, to inquire and look for the wisest answers to well, any conundrum the world around me, in news and internet media, throws at me.

It's mostly for keeping the mind active and exercised in healthy intellectual pastimes, seeing as certain participating mongrels stole my motorbikes, small business, life and associations and left me homeless.

But "seeking wisdom" is for naught else to do, so I've conditioned myself to enjoy doing it.

Sorry?  The "sexual abuse inquiry" goes to the psychological abuses and after-effects, yes?


When will your good selves, in investigative media, et al, meaning also the law enforcement agencies, take on that yes, rather large "crime" I have no hesitation in calling it, of the psychological abuses and their gigantic after-effects brought upon "christendom" [small-c] thus, after some 1600 years, upon the world, in of and from the outrageously crude and determinably "evil" religious beliefs, and the fundamental mental/spiritual separation to one and all, by it?

My lonely life of self-analysis, introspection and with years in some of our finest schools, observation, of societies, characters, and culture, at least determines that so many "mental illnesses" and those which pass as "normal" today, especially in the 1st world nations and cultures, have their roots and seeds in the, as I call it "wrong way" culture, out of, yes, Judaism and Rome.

So, if we, in journalism, are serious, and do seek explanations - and resolutions, cures - to the "big malady/ies" of our times, I have no doubt that the psychological after-effects wrought on whole peoples, by proven bad dogma and culture of our waining western and forcefully dominant religions, have much to answer for.

Since the "circuit-breaker" - the "resignation" by Joseph Ratzinger from the papacy - so preventing the portending violent reactions from the growing emphasis on the catholic church pedophilia, most fermenting want by the public for justice against that false and terminally corrupt cult, we are lulled to think all is OK again, and the church, so the world, is "all better".

However, it did, and the church, new pope or not, does nothing to address this underlying crime, of the mass psychological abuse by all the jewish and "christian" false-god religions with their dated superstitions, and outright ignorant dogmas, and, here the point once more, the psychological damage it/these has done, and continue to do, to one and all?

Being also, while it's denied by the family, of Aboriginal descent, I cannot ignore that facts that none of the mental illnesses of "modern society and culture", as best we can determine, existed in pre-1788 Indigenous Australian People.

Same as so many physical ailments.

It's the job of quality media, to take that next step, regards the current inquiry into "child abuse" by these sad and forlorn institutions, methinks.

If you regard this as worthy, please forward this email on to David Marr.

Thanks, and thank you all for your 1st Class News Journal, alas!  "The Guardian"!

Apologies for my long-winded-ness.  Surely an after-effect of being conceived to play a false god, by a massively awry, false and indeed, evil cult.  Or, a collective of awry, etc., cults.

aka Max N Cook[-Meredith-O'Brien]
Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw
18 Yearsontha Rd

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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