GREEN EXTREEME - How To Enjoy Freedom, The Highways, The Backroads, The Scenery, Health, And Traveling Light Edition

Here's a few pics for the future without excesses of fuels to motor with and to warm our houses.

Obviously my drawing were inspired by the WW2 Poms and their witty inventiveness, in times of need.


Mine, need finishing touches like mudguards and things.  But for beating the scum plagiarists, here's my first drafts, with a political touch under the "hood".

Very GREEN, of course, and how better to travel light, yet with everything a wiseman or woman needs, as well as keeping fit.

If I ever get A SHED!!!  And enough time outside of making other stuff like "furniture" and a house, that's one little project, 1, I could put my heart and handtools into, and 2, enjoy perfecting, perhaps even to retail level.

I reckon a little Honda or similar 110cc motor would be enough for the hills [little ones].

But a 250cc would make it good for mountains and the highways too, methinks?