My Comment To The Guardian Article "Nick Xenophon to call summit on international surveillance scandal"

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Independent senator accuses major parties of 'sleepwalking' on issue in the wake of Edward Snowden's NSA revelations
Lenore Taylor political editor
theguardian.com, Tuesday 22 October 2013 04.49 EDT

23 October 2013 1:09am

Nick, old Son, Australian "security" services [for the establishment elite] have been tapping our calls for decades. Well before the latest hi-tech wireless devices and means of transmission were available.

I drove cabs in Melbourne, from the 1980s, night shift, and one popular rank was out front of the then new "Telecom" ["Telstra" pre-privatization] building corner Lonsdale and Exhibition Sts.

One fare told me that ASIO had an office in the building, and discussed their access to the network, they had open access to all calls. And the AFP too, have been monitoring calls at will, without warrants, for decades. Then there are the state police forces, who have also been at it since the 1st telephone networks.

Of course, ASIO, is but a subset of the British secret services overseas bureau, MI6. So we have never had privacy in our telephony from British or, as the Australian high Court ruled around the same time, from "a foreign power", inferring a "not completely friendly" overseas nation.

And "NO!" Both our major parties, the LNP and the ALP, haven't "dropped the ball" on this security and privacy issue, they have never had the ball in their possession to start with.

As long as Australia is tied to Britain, under this chimera, this utter phantasm called the "Constitutional Monarchy", we will never have secure telephony, or secure electronic telecommunications, not, at least, from British private, corporate interests.

However, were our unbelievably lax, lazy, scared, self-interested and ignorant populace to ever get off their fat-cells and demand we go Independent, becoming a Democratic Republic, it wouldn't end there.

As long as any major power - private, like most western national "governments" [private, dynasty corporate governments in fact], are free to warp trade, distribution and taxation laws and affairs, in this rubbish we know as "the free market" of capitalism, there will always be powerful entities like MI5, MI6, Mossad, CIA, NSA, ASIO, ASIS, DSD, etc, sponsored by self-interested psychopaths in industry, wanting to know our thoughts.

And, not even "god" will be able to stop them intruding! [Mainly because there is no god!]

Ed Snowden's revelations indicate only by how much the world is out of control, and is an anarchic mash of psychopaths out for their own advantage, before the big implosion of our functioning systems of supply.

Fight On! Warrior, nevertheless....!

I'm with You, Sire!

KingCommo KingCommo
23 October 2013 1:18am

A? Yeah, not "dropping the ball", "sleepwalking". Same same meaning basicly.

And more of me to another commenter, one “Argotrend

A? One point..., We have to come to terms with, and get beyond the dangerous error of thinking of "nations" especially the world's most powerful, as "nations made-up of and controlled by democracy, or, by the people".

You're right about our not standing up to the USA, but neither they nor us, are democracies. 

 They and we, like Britain and the major, most powerful "nations" are private companies, run by dynastic elites, controlled through the largest corporations in land, resources, mining, commodities, and military hardware, etc.

So we, are in exactly the same basket as any other "people" in the USA, Britain, or any 3rd world nation/region.

Therefore it is not a question of "us", Australia, standing up to "them" the USA, or, "Britain", or the EU, or China, et al, but The People, all The People of the planet, , taking on the - yes, out of control, so near-unstoppable - global [militarized] corporate hegemony, whom, which, are as much in your local shopping centre, local police station, local army barracks, as in Washington, or Westminster, or Rome, or or or....

And, hardest to overcome, they are very well entrenched in your every day life, in the accouterments and trinkets and disposables you are addicted to.

Not to mention the evils of mainstream market economics, like banks, real estate, and consumer goods manufacture, not for your sake, but manufacture-for manufacture's sake..., etc etc etc.

Everyone has to lift their eyes to see the disparities not as 1st world nations vying for the upper hand, etc., but as the OCCUPY WALL STREET Movement went to, a tiny, psycho-pathological [metaphorical] "1%", having such an economic advantage over the 99%, by buying off poorly-educated people desperate for a house and food and "a life" - ie., police and soldiers - to STOMP Dissent, Intelligent debate, and decision-making, you and me, and Equitable Distribution of resources.

It's too far gone now, of course, but while we blithely, ignorantly accept "capitalism" and free speculation and profiteering from land markets, the elite, the "religio-political class" will merely walk all over the 99%, unto "the end of days", as they moan.

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