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131027 JUST DEFIANCE My Comment To Google+ CHICKEN CARTOON Post Responders Edition

Here's my reply to one of the impressive commentors to the G+ cartoon CHICKEN post :

+Steve Fraser You guys are very impressive, intellectually. I salute your acute-ness and knowledge about Occam's etc.!

You leave me in the dust, which is most of Australia. [geographically and intellectually!]

But Steve, and the others, forming hypotheses and even conclusions in "conspiracy theories", works on an accumulated amount of experience of observing all performers seen or not, to be being "shifty", and connected with some, always deliberately indistinct, cabal, etc.

"Clues" come in many and strange ways, not always in "textbook" styles, giving one often unexpected, surprise insights to any characters's behavior and thus likelihood of being involved, somehow.

Assessing situations and a collective of, to form a C-T, can take years, as much not of trying to find a conspiracy, but merely being observant of things "going-on" either around oneself -[ as in my own case, who was totally unaware of a MAJOR conspiracy, in which I, mememe, was the central player/figure/puppet ]-, but also what's going on in those larger local, national and global spheres of the bullshit we call "politics".

I would actually go so far as to say, that if one is observant enough, and has a clean head, that-is, a head not overly burdened with bullshit beliefs, like say, christianity, or, indeed, the charade of politics, or, lost in the frantic, madness-inducing, insatiable search for personal wealth and/or gratification/s, one will tune the mind, and "naturally", to actually "divine" some amount of details, facts in fact, contained and hidden in real conspiracies.

So, not criticizing the group here, who are discussing C-Ts and Occam's razor, etc., while forgetting the simpler intent, I assume, of the chicken cartoon, because as I say you are all very smart dudes, but a "seasoned" investigator, copper, PI, or journo, will tell you that these high levels of mental abilities, as all yours are, can actually sometimes get in the way, if we don't know when and how to silence them, of discerning a conspiracy, from either one's own paranoias, or that want to find something, when nothing exists.

I'd say it's sometimes, a case of getting beyond the thinking processes, which, I think is what I learned in a very high grade School of Philosophy, is what the "Intellect" is actually doing. Again, that word used and I reckon abused in religion: "divining".

It is above the thinking processes, which people gifted with the ability to reach, attract the "genius" and "savant" etc., labels.

As Einstein himself said, [paraphrased] "it's a fine line between genius and insanity", so lots of people who DO see real conspiracies, are up there, and for that, regularly shun the mainstream ways of life, and also appear to the "normals" as "loopy" "crackers" "off-with-the-fairies" etc.

Of course, the laugh is for the "normals" to understand what the "fruitloops" think, often more correctly, of them!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ask yourselves, "which chicken, in the cartoon, most fits yourself?"

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