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"Way out of my depth economics" of mine here, nevertheless......


Alan Williamson
Discussion - Yesterday 10:47 PM
Why aren't Republicans more frightened of a shutdown and a default? Part of the reason is magical thinking

[Video] Christian delusions are driving the GOP insane

My thinks after not watching the video....

I don't know much about these macro economic factors, but isn't a lot of "international debt" interest?

Poorer nations in the recent past, which have defaulted, or refused to pay the international debts they'd accrued, when lured by the IMF or the World Bank, etc., to borrow for major infrastructure projects, which as often turned into terribly bad investments, stopped paying the debts, because they were never going to be able to pay them off, mainly because the interest was all they were ever actually paying back. Never the principle of the loans.

So how much of these US "debts" consist of "interest" and will any nation, perhaps more so the USA, for it's huge, and I must say, excessive MAXIMUM CONSUMPTION running costs, bills and loans, ever actually be able to clear their accounts, by paying it all off?

And, to whom, does the USA owe these trillions? Quadrillions?

Whomever, there is the extremely bad concept, the very bad business practice, of "interest" involved, making a very small clique of elites, bankers and corporations wealthy off the outrageous interest charges on borrowers.

The questions of the veracity, ethic and immorality of interest, gets ignored in all banking transactions, from us little borrowers to major governments.

Yet all wise economics, and economic science, shows beyond doubt that interest - "usury" - is one of the most evil ways to profit.

But hello? Not one of the national leaders, banks [of course] or major influential organizations, the UN, the ILO, World Bank, or, hahaha, the IMF, or any others, dare mention this proven fact, of the evil of usury, and none take it on as perhaps, the thing most in need of either reform or complete eradication?

So, the Republicans would know well this fundamental stupidity-cum-evil in such large economics, as do the Democrats.

Why then, does neither of them make that point?

How many of the western nations, on the brink of economic default, such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland, etc etc., would have gone under if interest was not such a burden?

I'd guess a hazard and suggest that were Congress or whichever, to bring this gaping hole in fiscal policy to the fore of the debate, and demand reforms to the whole of the world's banking laws and charters, to eliminate interest, at least to realistic, not-for-profit alone charges, covering accounting fees, etc., the only result would be benefits to everyone. Except the psychotic bankers et al??

If 3rd world nations could simply stop paying their loans, to the global banking sharks, and still remain functioning [no doubt other arrangements were made], is it not possible for the US government, everyone's [fucking psychotic] big brother, to Man Up, in both the Senate and Congress, and in the White House, ET cetera., and take on this bullshit of endlessly unrepayable debt interest, by ordering the world to CHANGE! YES WE CAN!
Or.., something?

Sorry Alan? i guess I'm off topic there. I don't watch the videos, merely for the data charges down under.

And, I have no doubt, the christians are driving the whole world insane, and quite possibly very deliberately, reducing the world to their level of stupidity, thus, my theory, making some puppet, some false prophet, they build, [?] to appear as an extwemely wise wabbit!

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