True Fella Talking About The False Jesus And Atheism

131023 JUST DEFIANCE True Fella Talking About The False Jesus and Atheism Edition

Google + had the above image posted to it's Atheism page the other day, which made me laugh.

I posted a short few sentences about it making about 300,000 Australian Aborigines laugh, then, came back to it a few days later, and posted the following [in yellow] to it.

This morning, Friday, I was asleep and had a visit from one of the people who've been messing with my mind for decades, one David Edney.

As usual, I don't remember anything he spoke to me in that dream, but as he was also with 2 “henchmen”, I reckon also from the either the freemasons, who are part of the Theosophical Society, all dressed in suits - very formal - he and they were upset by my posting these facts to the Google+ page, and were trying to tell me something this morning.

Clearly, they and their cult are afraid of that which it deems “the only religion”, that is “truth”.

Their occult dream-invasion, and never openly and honestly to my “awake” face, and the rest of the deprivation they force everyone I come into contact with to enforce on me, seem to me to be clear evidence that they are full of shit, and are scared of - the truth, that the myths about myself, and about Jesus having returned, are heinous lies, of greater danger to humanity than they have the intellects to realize.

So, I now post here, that comment I posted to Google + the other day, and another [above] going further into that issue of people messing with the occult, and the dangers to life of doing that.

My Comment to the picture...;

There's macabre irony here though.

Here comes a True, but a bit sad story....

The facts behind why people think Jesus is returning are,

because the Theosophical Society, Britain's 1st and still largest secret [occult SHSHSHSH!] society, started in the 19th century by the world's richest white guy, Cecil Rhodes, occultist Helene Blavatsky and others, including one Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who wrote several fictions under pseudonyms, one being "George Meredith", and a book called "Vrill" which was an huge influence in Adolf Hitler and the Nazi ideology, and also started the British and offshoot spy agencies, MI5, MI6, the USA's CIA, and others.

They also decided the world needed a messiah.

[B-Lytton is a descendant of the Tudor king, Henry the 8th, Welsh surname "Maredudd", Anglicised to Meredith, [my Step Fathers genetic surname], whose ancestry can be traced back to two "king Arthurs" of north western Wales, 6th century CE and 2nd century BCE] Go figure..?

They, Rhodes, Blavatsky, B-Lytton et al, were influenced by a jewish rabbi [sorry, haven't got his name at hand] who was of a "zionist" persuasion, and who set the aforesaid wealthy fools - Rhodes, Blavatsky, B-Lytton and others, to making the world situation congenial to establishing a homeland for the world's jews - aka Israel.

So, along with these ridiculously wealthy and egomaniacal fools setting the scene across Eurape and the Middle-East to enable the lost, landless jews of the world to finally have a home, and, in their old Israel, they also decided that the new Israel would, being a theocratic state, need a king.

So they began, in the 19th century, to spread the myth through the christian religions that Jesus was coming back, to reign over all of "chrissendom" from Jerusalem, and to save the faithfool. [TYPO!!]

The irony is macabre, for your allusion to Australian Aborigines, via reference to their amazing "Boomerang".

Because, the Theosophical Society, a mix of mad catholics - the descendants of the Tudor king Henry the 8th, the last catholic king of England, who was also king of France, and other parts of Eurape, with ties to the Spanish catholic royalty, ie, the Aragons, et al, and others of the now far wider spread of the House of Hanover-ians, and..., freemasons of Scotland, ie., the Sutherland clan, said, by no substance whatsoever, outside of Dan Browne's novel "The Da Vinci Code", to be the actual descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

The "Sutherlands", my mother's adoptive family in Victoria Australia, who were party to raiding the homeland of the Gunai Aboriginal People in eastern Victoria in the late 19th century, massacred thousands of them, now documented as "extinct", and stole some unknown number of then young children, one of whom was my own Grandfather, Donald Sutherland Willis, and several others I knew as a kid as my Aunties and Uncles, and assimilated them into white society and families, forcing them to never again mention what they all witnessed around 1900, of their own People - the whole nation - all being massacred.

This, all so they could include those they knew as the True owners of Australia, our Aborigine, so included Aborigine bloodlines, whom the invader/slaughterers saw were all Enlightened Peoples, into their plan to have a messiah assume authority over all the world, including Australia.

That is the True, Honest to not-so-goodness reason why christians were fooled to believe Jesus was coming back.

Rhodes, who made his pile by his ruthless slave-based diamond-mining ventures in southern Africa, who began the De Beers diamond company and thus also, through clever marketing, began the world's fascination with diamonds for women's jewelery, etc, That is where Rhodesia got it's name, and, an aside, is why the Zimbabwe President, Sir Robert Mugabe, who fought and won back that region for his People, is so against the British aristocracy.

But, the Spirit of the Enlightened Aborigine they mass murdered was ahead of them and saw this heinous plan coming, so hid in the descendants' souls for about 100 years and is now debunking the whole BULLSHIT of their evil centrist plan for Israel and jewish and christian superiority. And, is exposing the bullshit myth of Jesus coming back!


AND..., that True Fella Spirit, that Fella, IS AN ATHEIST!!!


And you should see him throw a Boomerang!

Ooowh! DEADLY!


So, next time some racist christian thinking creeps into your heads, think of that Aborigine Fella, who is shattering the bullshit myths about Jesus and the whole christian rubbish, and say

"Praise the Immortal Aborigines!"



and Goodnight!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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