My Comment To The Guardian On London Cabs To Start Service In Perth WA

131007 JUST DEFIANCE My Comment To The Guardian On London Cabs To Start Service In Perth WA Edition

Hmmm! More good ideas...., maddening, but good. So I wrote this to The Guardian.....

The London cab is to make an appearance on the streets of Perth, but coloured white rather than the traditional black
Press Association
theguardian.com, Monday 7 October 2013 10.10 AEST

Aaah! Sensible and crazy in one!

I wrote at length about this, plus a better idea some 20 years ago, while I was still driving Melbourne taxis.

Yes, the London cabs are naturally far better in design for the job, than our typical "sedan" cars, [having lived in London, used their cabs often, and actually driven one].

Tighter turning circle, practical door, internal height, smaller outside dimensions, etc., Also, the absolutely ridiculous "driver shields" our industry tried when drivers were being attacked too often are a non-issue in this London cab.

However, as the Australian auto makers, Holden, Ford, Mitsubishi [?] and Toyota, cry for becoming unsustainable here - thus, inordinately demanding evermore government funding - quite illogical - as I wrote 20 years ago, and sent to a number of taxi associations nationwide, Australian auto-makers have here, yes, a small, but fantastic opportunity to design and make our own taxis.

As I put so-o long ago, rather than each maker compete against the others, we would be being far more intelligent to have them combine to design and make one special taxi for Australian conditions. This, mainly because of the smaller market here. But a proven design awaits export opportunities.

Considering also, the advances in, and demands for, more sustainable power-supplies, the chance is here, for Australian auto-makers to show their talents, - if they have any, and are not able to be other than idiotic clones of US-type makers - to make a beautiful taxi specific to our conditions, and for the purpose.

All manner of options for general designs and, for power supplies for taxis are waiting an inspired design group to incorporate them.

As city roads only ever become more congested, smaller cabs is logical, practical, efficient, and economical.

State and local governments are typically too corrupt to see the wisdom of electric power stations in town, especially for taxis etc., eliminating pollution, and in sunnier climes, solar power awaits incorporation into this type of specialist vehicle design. Et, cetera!

On top of these thoughts, can people not see that auto manufacturers are going broke because they are carried away with fantastically delusional design concepts and super-hi-tech trinkets, which are either designed with planned-obsolescence so last but 5 years, good for the trade-in industry, but costing the environment to make, and the user to renew, as well as sending the makers under, long term.

Were some of them, to get REAL, and start making vehicles to last - London cabs last 30 years, and more - with more practical, durable designs and equipment, the production would be more sustainable, short and long term.

I estimate that people would flock to buy guaranteed longer-lasting vehicles, which are less "fancy" and even of an older kind, lower-tech, which the more advanced, more capable home mechanic can maintain themselves.

Surely part of humanity becoming smarter involves reducing our quite, quite insane desires for the never-satisfying fancy crap of every new [anything] model's latest idea, and finding lasting satisfaction in long-lasting, good quality products?

We have to wake up to, and leave behind the idiotic trends of clambering after every "latest" product idea, perhaps especially in things like motorcars.

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