The Indigenous Vote And Crazymind Whiteguys

131016 JUST DEFIANCE The Indigenous Vote And Crazymind Whiteguys Edition

It's 2055, and it's my 100th birthday!

HAPPY FIRST CENTURY, JUST!!!” shout the crowds.

Fuck my first century!” I respond. “You reckon I was BAD to now? Just wait an' see what's comin'!

It's been about 70 years since I started to look more seriously at the politics of this planet, and the learning curve was steep and rocky, full of landslides that sent me tumblin' back down a few altitudes.

And a few attitudes!

Before I started, before I was led to inquire philosophically, thus, scientifically, into human nature, and it's opposite of human artificial mentations, where the person is gone to puppetry, of demons, usually, I, was, a puppet!

Once I dived down through the hexes, through the misinformation, through the false doctrines and delusions, and through the evil cults' plans for me, I was still a puppet, but a rather more DEFIANT one.

As my Most Noble Step-Father, “Nobleman Chief”, shouted at me in an argument about politics, about 65 years ago - “FUCK THE ESTABLISHMENT!!!” ….to which I glowed on hearing, now, “I DEFY!!!” every try and call from every wisearse whiteguy to play the game their way.

So..., 60 years of being Nomadic, an Outlaw, living “on-the-road” in forest, desert, mountain and valley, and sailing on oceans too, shunning as much I can, any aspect of any culture even vaguely connected or subsumed into whiteguy mainstream, establishment CRAPitalist ideals, I still find it amazing I can still find the isolated knoll or cranny or remote bay or forest patch not totally infested, infected and subdivided by crazymind whiteguy culture, enough to sleep without the roar of highway trucks, or military tanks, aircraft and offensives hammering their thud through my dreamspaces.

For a wild upbringing, soaked in mad plans to make me not just a king, but the king, and not just the king of some passing madhouse nation of bewitched idiot/slaves, but of earth, something I still laugh at, so riddled with unspoken witchery, and a mix of very unusual inculturations, I was on the fringes of the deserts of the most remote margins from the minutes of my illegitimate conception.

From there, I always had a rebellious attitude against idiocy, though I was at once imbued in it, for the secrets around my existence, and mad plans for what I've become.

But by about 1980, I was a confirmed outsider, destined to rebel against any and all mainstream blind and blithe behavior, as is the trend for my own nation's people, or of something around 99% of them.

Configuring these awarenesses and dissident knowledge-bases into my political journalism, made for innumerable vicious and usually unwarranted battles.

From yer local constable or farmer stalk-jacker to the global powers of the minute, all of whom knew about nothing of their own trances, and whence they came.

After about 10 years I became inured to their “ignottacks” - “attacks from ignorance”, and remained undaunted in flinging of my hexes and thumping occult responses to mainstream fuckwittery.

“WAR!” it was, and war it has always been. About in tune with life on Hell.

That I'm now throwing insults at the crowds shouting “HAPPY 1ST CENTURY!” my way, shows I musta done somethin' right..., I guess?

But, things became the Game of Kings in about 2001, when the first “Airplanes in Buildings Day” occurred.


It took me over a decade to come to terms with my involvement in that event, and I still fall into that “SHIT I'M DUMB!” state of mental numbness when I'm reminded of it, and of me, at the time.

I knew I had something goin' orn, inside my aura. But trouble was I didn't have a clue as to what and how big my aura was, or had been stretched to become.

Years after 9/11, I realized that the 1975 bombing of “Green Park Station” in London's Underground rail network, which went BOOOM about 2 hours after I'd alighted from a tube train there, on my 1st day in London, was my Army of Anti-establishment Freedom Fighters sending the 1st message to the establishment, that I'd arrived.

Maybe fortunately, I was completely unawares of myself, of my destiny, and was on that day too jet-lagged to know or figure anything out. That, of course, made so, for never being told THE FACTS, about myself, and about what I'm living for, to be, to become.

So..., being led by my appendages hither and yon for some 4 decades, being covertly conditioned to be the King of Outlaws, another label I use, to describe my whorey lot, but DEFY attachment to all it encompasses, by about 1970 I'd become decidedly anti-establishment, so saw every news item going to the macro economic and political stuff as “dubious” at best, and “outright evil” as usual.

So, having The Noble Chief Lord as my Father and Mentor, who still guides me from His Higher Realm, beyond passing from His Mortal Coil in 2012, I, He and I, took the mainstream bullshit with fire in my heart, and deciphered whiteguy to have been of an incurably crazymind, for millennia.

Using the media of the era to it's advantage, and for the WAR against ignorance, I was always under fire from the bulk of whiteguys, the bulk of insanity and ignorance, from all corners of earth.

So the assaults were but fly-shit on my shoulders once I let it be known that whiteguy USA, Britain and Eurape - I've been warring against the 99% in Australia since they began killing my Indigenous Nations here in the 19th century - so Australia also, DO NOT QUALIFY either as Human Beings, nor as any “leaders” of the Common bipedal species - MAN!

In 2013 things were on the brink of some 4,000 years of jewish delusion and bullshit finally being outed, and, creating, or, “uncreating” the biggest cultural crash since a big meteor crowned the big dinosaur, some millions of years or so, prior.

The leading economies, that-was, the leading private estates, known as “nations”, were running on delusional “prayer” and fading hopes of some witch king rising and making everything honky-dory again, so allowing the whiteguy crazyminds to carry-on as usual, as usually fucking stupid in their insatiable habits of MAXIMUM CONSUMPTION in their blind, stupefied WRONG WAY excessings.

When it became evidentially irrefutable that I was it, against all reason, against all philosophical science, I was left but one option, but to DEFY! ...all whiteguy christian “we're so fucking stupid we can't know the stupidity of our beliefs!?” hopes and pressures.

That I was forced to side with their perceived “Devil” was a trivial but blatantly obvious move, backed by Reason, Science, Philosophy and Logic of the Highest, Gnostic Order.

But as these things - large scale cultural fuckups - go, in the dimensions of whiteguy fuckwittery and vein egomaniacal hopes, after the first few entranced disciples take off, the momentum gathered is hard to break or stop, let alone correct.

So telling them, no matter how far and wide the voice travels, is bound to attract a response of “HOW DARE YOU? We're too comfortably parked on our ignorant fannies to want to know THE TRUTH, ESPECIALLY about ourselves!!!

So airing the obvious, that the 2013 USA government shutdown and that the USA, and the Eurapean nations, collectively the Eurapean Union, collectively the “western alliance”, which included Astrayliar, and the fabricated, invasive, completely out-of-place and highly illegal Middle-Eastern state of Israel, had run out of plundered colonialist-credit, and the Cosmic Debt-Collectors - also, to a Rarefied Few, known as “The Physicists” - Knowledge-Keepers of the Universal Laws - were knocking on their palace doors, demanding payment - for about 3,000 years of plunder and fuckwittery, didn't help their fuckwitted stock markets, or the idiots who'd bullshitted their ways up the wealth ladders and into positions of paid-oratory in support of - fuckwittery - ie., the global corporations.

Hardly a True Outlaw, or Indigenous Warrior, be they aging Male Tribesmen, Women or impoverished Children, didn't jiggle for joy at the prospect that FINALLY the whiteguy crazymind princes, princesses and sycophantic ponses atop the world's economic houses of cards, were being brought to face The Drum - “The DRUM of JUSTICE” - when USA's politicians couldn't come out and be honest enough to admit, that, they were, FUCKING INSANE!

Or, that they were atop the least sustainable, least logical, least realistic economic and cultural structures the planet had ever known, and thus, that their time had come, to both - attend DEEEP psycho-analysis sessions IN MASS, let go of their materialistic avarice, and addictions to - group, or “corporate” stupidity - and begin running government, ie “The People” FOR The People, and BY The People, the only sustainable way possible - BY THE INDIGENIES!

But Hey! Telling a crazy person they're crazy is, CRAZY!

Especially when they have wealth enough to buy lower-class military personnel their own car, and house, and sex til they drop! And very big bombs!

So world war three followed as night follows day, and by 2055, my 100th, the world was in serious shit.

Kids were killing their parents as soon as they could wield a machete, or poison their soup.

I, having finally been gifted enough moola to buy a chunk of my Ancestors' Land, just as the globe's speculation-and-plunder economic structures imploded, and hold on to my objections to the cause of World War Last One, known colloquially as “WwoolaOW!” escaped most of the reactions of the crazymind whiteguys, aside from the last 42 years of ceaseless war against them, defending my patch, and new tribe/s, spread around the globe by 2017, and treating the whiteguy mad fucks of the geekosphere with just enough respect to let them keep the electronic portals of media up and running, so I could entertain myself with this type of - typing, wait for my time to come, to be released from the mortality of earth life, and join the Great One - Nobleman Chief - in the Upper Sphere.

Meanwhile, from 2013, BCE, crazymind whiteguy continued to be - crazy, and over-consumed everything from crude oil to their crude synapses, all which only helped them stay, fucking crazy.

But, HEY!, that I now backmail this to them from 2055, to 2013, wont help them at all, outside of sending them a little bit faster to going totally off the planet and warring against their own, unto destruction.

Which, it did.

Hohoho and a hyuk hyuk hyuk!

My saving “grace”? “Humility!”

No way was I gonna let those fuckheads “lead me into temptation” and start playing SERIOUSLY with my witch king powers!

Though the growing numbers of “bad apples” deserved being pulped to juice - man, woman and child, I saw the future for myself, and for them, and let them drag their own ignorance out with their ceaseless and insane “INVENT-INVENT-INVENT!” psychoses of distraction, of trying to use technology and economic/political bullshit to fix their unnatural mental dysfunctions, until it killed them all.

Saddest part of course, was that none of them, transfixed in the ancient “golden calf tribe” spells as they were seduced into, could act to stop their very own insatiabilities of FUCKING EVERYTHING, including their own habitat - the Great Mutha Eartha!

She really was, a Gem amongst the slag, in this little corner of the galaxy.

As is the Great Father Sun, our Light. When we see it.

Once whiteguy fell off their pedestals of power and pride, once the world settled again, if only for running out of slaves and weapons-makers, Eartha's Indigenous assumed the Helm of the Realm, and we started to sort the Humans from the trolls - thr True Fellas from the crazymind egomaniacs.

So, for lots of us, it's “back to the Stone Age!

And for most of us, it's “YAH-FUCKIN' HOOOEEE!!!

There's nothin' like Knowing our True Selves!

Happy Fellas, again!

Back to 2013, around the world, the Indigenous True Fellas, used every medium, and formed the Collective, to vote down the crazymind whiteguys and their insane agendas.

“Class Action” against insane policies, was enacted everywhere, and all military forces acquiesced to the True Laws.

With the “economy” known to us as the “unnecon”, of mad industry for mad dynasty industrialist's pockets collapsed, every softcock used to being too comfortable in their gated communities and nations was left totally unguarded and naked - “fashion stores”? HA! ….and powerless.

With no more than some 5% taking any notice of the really braindead right wing corporate politicians, and police, people all over were either running out of control, only to be stopped dead by anyone else with a weapon, or people were dropping all pretense and going hard at restructuring the laws of distribution, as much as “laws” existed after late 2013.

Both slaying demons, and wising-up, became fascinations by most people.

From inner London or New York, Moscow or Beijing, even in Astrayliar's “Sinny”, which surprised me at least, to remote rural and desert and mountain outposts, People were out there looking for anyone to join their little local Revolution in land use and distribution of the wealth.

And everywhere, those passed “bighouse” egomaniacs who owned huge chunks of land, and for that materialistic aberration in act and belief, were arrogant to being genocidal, were now sitting on the sides of meetings, but listening intently, with no hidden wants nor agendas, but simply to get off on the Truth of this type if event, and the True Fella Indigenies were holding the Council meets together, and speaking with their long-repressed Wisdom as to THE Law, and how we're all gonna be, from now on.

“Happy!” the 1st Law.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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