And why have I posted these two posters?

131022 JUST DEFIANCE And Why Have I Posted These Two Posters Edition

You best ask NSW cop Peter Ellis, ex-Lismore, who has terrorized me since he fitted me up on a false weapons charge on 16th July 2008.

Why fit me up?

O! Only a minor matter of being conceived as-it-happens, on 16th July 1954 by a murdering mother, and her extramarital lover, to play the catholic/freemason cabal's "Jesus on the rebound" as I label it/myself, in mockery.

Nothing of any serious or great significance!

And, never having been informed of this horrible fact -verifiable - nor the several other heinous secrets surrounding my planned conception, birth and life-as-a-puppet to the evil and warped Theosophical Society, the world's elite of secretive and evil cults, I was being pushed around by all and sundry, family included.

As best I can figure out their HA! "logic", I was supposed to be the spiritual descendant of Jesus of Nazareth, who I take it, from my supposed ancestors, the Sutherlands of Scotland, did escape old Israel and was transported to Scotland, and is the ancestor of the Sutherland clan.

The real life clan fictionalized in "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown.

So, I take it that I was actually fully aware of these secrets I was never told of, and that I would know that my time had come at some stage, and would announce myself to the world as the messiah!

FAAARRRKKK???#$%???  Christians and CRAPitalism doing their insane thing!

So, on 16th July 2008, the same day and even I'd estimate, the same time of day, when the NSW police commander of the same police station at Lismore, NSW, one, "Bruce 'Bluey' Lyons [whom I'd met and spoken to, about corruption in NSW some months earlier, and who, on my leaving the Nimbin police station where we had our little and friendly chat, Lyons addressed me as "commander", twice in fact] was meeting the fucking POPE!

But when he referred to me, with a very deliberate tone in his voice, that I was in fact some bloody commander, I had no idea what he was talking about, and brushed it off.  

Then, I knew next to nothing about how much the fucking females of catholicism and of the Tuntable Falls commune there in Nimbin, were manipulating me and my thinking into following a selfless and essentially human justice warrior path, akin to their interpretations of how a fucking JESUS would!

So I had no idea that Lyons, himself a catholic, was onside with the softcock sheilas and the global cabal of catholicism, and that they were all waiting for me to fire up and destroy every evil bastard on earth!

So, Peter Ellis [no doubt now a well promoted copper in the NSW force, possibly working at the NSW Goulburn police training academy], after arresting me on trumped up charges of firing a rifle at 4 or 5 mongrels, one being the sister of a false hippie in Nimbin, one Peter "Pedals" van der Wyk, who has had a mocking attitude to me since I went there in 1998, [Ellis] has been following me around the country since the Lismore coppers strung me along, terrorized me and fucked me around for over 6 months then dropped the case against me on the day of the hearing. 

Ellis [and many other coppers from Victoria, NSW and Queensland] has been on my case to keep me marginalized and thus silent about his deliberately, in collusion with a bunch of totally corrupt people from the NSW establishment, I guesstimate one being the recently defamed Eddie Obeid of the Sydney ALP, sent me to the brink of suicide.

So, this morning, as fires rip across NSW, and with me having an occult talent of creating massive psychic heat centres, as best as I can describe it at the moment, and with my want for all NSW coppers to fucking burn, I happened to hear the familiar sounds of an offroad motorbike loitering in the bushland near me for about 2 hours this morning, and when I was reminded of Ellis doing that a few years ago when I was also in Gippsland [where my Aborigine Ancestors were wiped out by the Scottish Brigade of genocidal land grabber in 1900 or so], once memory of Ellis came to mind, the bike went silent?

So, assuming Ellis or one of his criminals in the NSW police force was again chasing and terrorizing me, I fired up the laptop and drew these two posters.

I tell ya, the outlaw motorcycle gangs here, currently under serious pressure from the Queensland state government, have got nothing on the police forces in Australia, and never have come close to these coppers, as the coppers have been filthy dog-rotten-corrupt since 1808.

So these 2 posters are gentle, and call us and them to address the real crimes, not the fucking easy targets coppers so typically and cowardly chase down.


Your police force owe me at least Australian $5 million, for the terrorism you sent my way, and for keeping me homeless thus vulnerable, as you've all forced on me over my 12 years in NSW.

But, perhaps you should talk to the last Pope, and to Eddie Obied, or McDonald, and the rest of the Sydney branch members of the rum club ALP?



If the NSW LNP government had ANY honor, [NOT!] they'd call their chief of police [Scipioni] to open an inquiry, and award me the $5 million I assert they owe me, for "services rendered" to the people of NSW, in fighting the corrupt scumsuckers there.

But, I've never been one for trying to get blood out of a stone....


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