My Comment To The Guardian Article "Australia's house prices are running out of control"

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If we're not careful, Melbourne and Sydney will become like London and Paris – places where the international super-rich grow their money while ordinary residents are priced out

James Norman
theguardian.com, Monday 21 October 2013 22.46 EDT

Funny hey? Lowest 1st world people/land distribution density, world-topping land/housing prices?

And we bow to "free markets" in real estate, as if rising house prices is for everyone's benefit, and even godly, and police defend their agencies and their precious profit-taking, speculative property marketeering above the landless, homeless voters, taxpayers, Human Beings.

You're a lazy, self-interested, ignorant and evil people, Australians.

A few years ago, albeit a British institute, deemed Australia as "the most sinful nation".

As usual, they did not explain "why?" Because, of course, such an inquiry would expose Britain as being at the core of making us as "sinful" as we have become.

Of course, not the majority of British people, but the British elite, who so manipulate, distort and pervert all economics and Economic Science, to their extreme advantage.

But it's well out of control now.....

A sound knowledge of human economic history, shows that property "bubbles" like we are in now, always precede major economic collapses.

Today, and of the last 40-plus years, "Wall Street" types have invented so much trash in ways to put-off what were inevitable breakdowns of the fundamental economic structures, to have it appear we [they] have figured out how to avoid further "depressions".

Not so, in reality. It's just that the mainstream media is so controlled, edited and censored, and survives off real estate advertising, and the political class is so far above the majority that they do not have to care about the more even spread of wealth, that we do not and will not know when the global economic structure is really about to collapse.

And, with the western alliance's military industrial corporate complex threatening everyone, when things economic, reach such disproportionate levels of distribution, the military commands in USA and Britain, the global elites, configure events for another war, so distracting the masses, and steering media, and government - public funds, resources etc - away from homeland disasters like mass poverty, mass homelessness, etc.

Way above warzones and the negatives of war, the world's elite simply keep going about their greedy accumulation of - land - er, real estate, and being wealthy, so far above any of the throng, prices increasing actually is to their advantage.

And media like our very own national broadcaster, the "THEIR" ABC, report as often as they can fit into news bulletins, that rising land/housing prices indicates good prospects for our nation's economy.

GET REAL Australia! The higher you climb on this speculative false-economy house of cards, the further and harder we all will fall.

Ain't I the doomsday-ist? HA!

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