My Comment To The Conversation's Article on “Mixed messages: cars, the ‘problem child’ for the Industry Minister”

My Comment To 
The Conversation's Article on 

Our new government, typical of their "small government" attitude, and because of the slowly-incoming need for even this richest nation to start to introduce serious "austerity measures" akin to those already in place in Eurape, and which have pretty much always been in place in the "fight for your food" USA free market, and forget the poor, is happy to drop subsidizing our "auto industry".

However, unusual for myself, I wholeheartedly agree!

The auto industry is, and has never been "sustainable".

It, the motorcar, has always been an unsustainable, thus governmentally, and thus socially unaffordable bit of "bling" to thrill and juice or idiotic egos.

The worst aspect of this FACT, is that it is also the biggest factor in fucking the ecology of the planet, what with the resources needing mining for it's manufacture, then the fuel-oils, then the consumable pieces and their resource-draining replacement, then there's the PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE the major factor in their basically "evil" existence [sorry], THEN, are we all so hypnotized by our motor to not see it and thus act to reduce it? - THEN, there's the disgustingly INefficient abuse and waste of the land areas we blithely give over to their existence and noisy, polluting uses - THE STREETS, ROADS AND HIGHWAYS.

[sorry again for the emphatic emphasis]

However, need it be said, the car's very existence takes up to ONE THIRD of our urban space?

INefficiency writ large!

I actually think our major auto industry exec's and even a politician or 2 [amazing!], are coming to see the "error of their roadways", and that this, aside from the outrageously inefficient agricultural industry/ies, is one of the most important fiscal and environmental issues the whole species has to address?

Of course, as cowards, we assume that "the auto industry is here to stay", and so we appear to be typically slothful filth enough to ride our autos to the end of the world.

The simple reality of that, and most other large, especially multinational industries, is that it has grown so large, relatively quickly, by their forceful warlike marketing of the product, to appeal to our stupid and selfish little thrill-seeker egos, so has had a grip on all political parties and their politicians for so long, that they can dictate the terms in regard to "JOBSJOBSJOBS", employment of the masses - of the voters, almost all of whom, want their own motor, with heaps of chrome and FAST! Et-stupid-cetera, and, want the jobs the industry creates to afford one.

So, if, IF? Reason has permeated the auto industry, with the REALITY SHOCK of their unsustainability helping it along, then they are facing the facts at last, getting passed their fanaticism of making more purely for more making, etc., and all parties, polies and auto executives included, or especially, are coming round to the fact that the industry has to scale back, to some extent, and that blithe financing by government is untenable.

Whether this REALITY reaches the populace so deeply spellbound by the shiny shit in the ads and in the NEOOW-EEE-OO car showrooms or not, is of curse, another thing?

But the previous governments have seen this coming for quite possibly 40 years or more, but the massive profits the industry has extracted from the anti-bicycle and anti-public transport sheep, and thus the economic power to blackmail any government or politician into continue the funding, and the threats by the industry heads to stomp any candidate who might dare speak out against the motorcar culture, has kept them all quiet as lambs, bleating instead about MORE JOBS et cetera.

An evil [sorry] vicious cycle, and industry, which, as a species, we cannot grow beyond soon enough!

If auto's are so damned good, let them survive by being sustainable, efficient, long-lasting, with NO PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE, for one?

There is no Human, that-is Wise, Reason on earth why our motor vehicles cannot last us one hundred years, each. Smash-ups not withstanding.

it goes on and on, and we are being forced to face it, at last.

Let them fall. Or.., start designing and making cars that are ecological, or something...?

Like make them with only TWO wheels, and pedals.... hahaha!

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