Christine Milne ! Don't Be Distracted!

131028 JUST DEFIANCE Christine Milne, Don't Be Distracted Edition

Greens leader horrified at the prospect of more desperate tactics in response to increasingly harsh asylum policies
Australian Associated Press
theguardian.com, Sunday 27 October 2013 13.35 AEST

Not a nice thought, for sure? Shipping containers being opened and inspectors find bodies of duped asylum seekers inside.

What a shitful way to die.

That any human being is driven by their own people, the puppet-regimes the western elites have put in power in places like Afghanistan, and how many others, to take any deadly means of escape from their own places of birth, on the scale we hear of today, shows that the species has lost it, badly.

Whether dying in a dark airless box or by a bullet, or car bomb, or decapitation or chemicals, not only weapons - think “Bhopal” - O! ANOTHER whiteguy CRAPitalist TRAGEDY - think “Ok Tedi” O! ANOTHER whiteguy CRAPitalist TRAGEDY - think of the millions dying DAILY because of the mindless abuse of all manner of modern methods of invention and production - in fuels, in manufacturing SHIT, in FOOD - FOR WHITEGUY CORPORATION CULT EXECUTIVES' PROFIT, then think of the causes of poorer 3rd worlders taking to any thing that floats, to get away from the western inspired carnage in their once Edenic regions.

US! Whiteguys! US!

So, Christine Milne? Please, keep your perspective!

The whole “refugee” issue is caused by an insane base of power, run and invented by WHITEGUYS.

RACIST, whiteguys.

Hypnotized, selfish, stupid, ignorant, and gutless whiteguys.

To make a headline over this end-of-the-game [ of the whole bullshit of western colonialist, CRAPitalist military-industrial-complexities ] issue, tragic though it is, or could be, is to avoid the issues, and to lose the plot, of the Greens' Directions.

If we, the ones who reckon we DO think correctly about life on earth, and about the fundamental Tenets upholding Perennial Human-to-Human, and Human-to-the-PLANET relationships, don't take on the insulting, catchy smear-jobs of the new right, and start to hammer HARD, VERY BLOODY HARD, back at them and all their poofy [as-in “puffy”] rhetoric, with some HARD Economic and Political SCIENCE, like taking on the debate between “selfish idiocy versus Solid, Scientific, Evidence-Based, Ethical, Time-Honored COMMUNITY VALUES”, found Truest and Irrefutably in our suppressed “Political Left”, “Socialist” - DAMN! Let's call it “COMMUNIST” Wisdom, then we are not Human anymore!

To sit stunned in silence while the new mob of spoiled idiots prance about like lords [ of sick ], walking all over simple, common sense and justice, without us going to the wall [ “to the barricades” ] opposing them, AT ANY COST, means we deserve being shat on by these dicks.

I'm inclined to believe the feminists, the matriarchs, have done the men over, by making everyone desire either soft pussy, or soft armchairs, [ and “ O! That red is so soft on the palette!” ], against being ready and able to Man-Up, and howl-down, war against, anyone who dares talk the shit we let these idiots get away with.

Perhaps you, Christine, have to Woman-Up!, and take on the demeanor of the sharp Maggie Thatcher, and be ready to threaten the fools who play with wealth and the planet like it was a game of footy with the kids?

Look at our police forces? The AFP should have had all the errant over-spending new government MPs up on charges by now.

The churches should be shut down, BY THE POLICE FORCES.

And those who prove they are not run by and riddled with fucking pedophiles, OR FALSE BELIEFS, should be TAXED 100%.

We'd soon see how many spoiled brats believe in god, once all religions were taxed!

Yeah, life is on the warp, now. We're out of control. We've lost the plot BIG TIME.

But don't injure yourself and the remnants of Honorable Intelligent GREENS' thinking by dropping the hard issues and using this sad, but small and fabricated issue [ the whole “Boaties” thing ] to keep your name and pic in the news, please.

The masses can see you're going weak, by talking up this uncertain point.

Grab the Party, and go bush for a while. Go packing splat guns and harden up. Let your Inner Warrior/s loose!

The last 100 years of the rise of feminism and the plot by the matriarchy to win power over the idiot males, has made us all too soft, too scared of things like death, and bruised knuckles, etc.

"All life is sacred", has many very-dangerous-to-life flaws in it!

We all have to always be wary of "sacred" lines like that.

Not good for us.

“Church” once again, making us piss-weak cowards.

Pick the hardest issues you know of.

Church and taxes”, one.

The “war on drugs” another.

The "war on terrorism" another.

Who ARE the "terrorists"?

Start Local Community Meetings about the real worth, of everything our whiteguy, me-first, false-god, CRAPitalist culture lures us into prizing, and wanting, and protecting, over the most important things - like - NATURE - O? Remember? WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE ENVIRONMENTALISTS!

And like the Human-Human Spirit of Relationship, of COMMUNITY, and a rahrahrah?


They always turn hard debates into soft cheese and wine nights, and everyone, the “invited in crowd” goes home all chuffed and rosy, as they fiddle their rosaries.

And nothing EFFECTIVE is achieved other than a bunch of pre-spoiled church grads winning bigger egos and nice little contracts with Aunty or the firm.

Meanwhile the HARD ROAD, gets harder, and the darkness of the NWO gets darker.

Focus the arguments so that YOU/WE lead the discussions/debates, into the pathetic abuses of language and information that the NWO fucks are being told to deploy against the species.

Woman-Up, Darlin'!

FUCK the gay marriage laws, shit!

If you must, get behind that “bitch” and into the whole ethos of this UTTER FRAUDULENCE of the LEAST economic, most socially and most culturally destructive shit we accept as the “nuclear family” tragedies, with it monogamous wedding vows and laws, it's land speculation delusions.

ET cetera!

Now, I don't propose polygamy. But I do say we all have to get beneath the superficial shit of the mediated culture and deconstruct the falsities, especially when they are found to exist ONLY so the sellers can profit from the stupidities of BAD laws and customs.

EXACTLY, why the ¼ acre nuclear family situation was created!


GET SOME - erhum? - GRUNT!

START SHOUTING on the streets!


Challenge the ponses riding the corruption on the assumption the police will always protect them, such they can name their own price for NATURE!


Direct the focus and the PROTEST to where it

1, gets most media, inspires locals,
2, hits at the jugular of the toxic life-blood of corruption,
3, demands the police correct their focus by addressing the real source and cause of corruption/crime/poverty/evil.

PROTEST in their faces about not upholding TRUE LAWS.

And.., keep the PROTESTS going nationwide, relentlessly, armed with every legal point - which you have in abundance - for True Laws, etc.

All the while, spreading the Impetus Globally.

If the courts allow anything not Scientific, in terms of laws, be armed with the knowledge to argue the points, until the High Court if necessary.

“THE COURT IS CORRUPT!” Must become a Standard Mantra across the judicial tiers, throughout the courtrooms, and across the planet.

Until the EVIDENCE leaves them no choice but to rule in the favor of THE FACTS.

Like, “climate change IS manmade”!

ET cetera!

Lawyers everywhere have also to Man-Up! Woman-Up!

20 years ago a cab fare I raced around inner Melbourne, a high-flying REAL ESTATE boss/executive, being sent crazy by his own greedy and sycophantic employees, spoke about his disdain at that industry, that it was so filthy.

Lawyers are usually extremely astute, and usually know well the folly of the western CRAPitalist market/s and ideals.

They have to be approached and asked, told, requested, to, themselves, Stand Up for their Profession, and for the species, and give their services to a well organized collective of Greens, on a global scale, such that there can be a certainty that your/our challenges to the police, to the governments to the corporations will be able to endure their heinous practices of delaying things until the opponents run out of cash.

The Human side of life, has to ORGANIZE itself to call the legal profession to start to “lean on” the lawyers who go into bat for the clearly destructive corporations/governments/wealthy.

So too, must a lobby be honed to approach the military, at all levels, but top down, calling for them to address the clear ambiguities of their professions and trades.

We leave these crucial things unaddressed, and the devil will walk all over us.

There's a time for being soft and sweet!
There's a time for being politically polite!

But once that devil's taken your street
It's time for being FORTHRIGHT!

Throw away the sofa and the big screen.

Toughen-up, Kids!

Take a lead from the PROTESTS happening now, against the NSA, and other spy agencies over in the USA, etc.

Jump To! Warriors!”, we might have them on the back foot.

No good focusing on just one arm of the beast.

Time for the “multi-pronged attack”.


You've got more Friends, than you realize.

And.., “The only thing to fear, is fear itself!”

And “fear” is propagandized BULLSHIT!


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All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
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