"Criminals"? "Aborigines"? Reversing The Blame

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Recently, the Australian High Court determined that “social disadvantage” in a person's youth has to be taken into consideration in sentencing a person charged with and convicted of committing a crime.

So, said the High Court, Aboriginal people charged with crimes deserve lesser sentences than mainstream whiteguys.

Or.., something.

Another way of putting that recognition, is “the personal is cultural”.

That our High Court has gone so far in their determination, in removing some of the blame off, in the cases, Aboriginal People, is quite a mighty shift.

But will it make a difference to the broader Aboriginal Nations' Peoples in Australia, who now suffer the highest “race-based” levels of incarceration on earth?

Also, suicide is possibly made more inviting for this “highest “race-based” levels of incarceration” knowledge, and the knowledge that Aborigine children have very very few options but to face a life riddled with poverty, marginalization, prison sentences, endemic and culturally inherent racism, wherever they travel across Australia.

Australian Aborigine Children have the highest “youth suicide rates” in the world.

From my perspective, this is clearly a part of the 19th century “world plan” conspired and contrived by the colonialists in an elite British cabal, led, at least financially, by the richest idiot on earth at the time, one Cecil Rhodes.

Go web-surfing to find and read his doctrine about whiteguys one day being the dominant race, etc.

So.., they have become.

And with it, they have lost all reason, and understanding of the facts, about “race”.

I suppose it's worth including that Rhodes, and his coven of spoiled, excessively wealthy white-skinned witches, [ I say also that they were actually “inbred” amongst their Brit-Eurapean cliques of elite dynastic whiteguy clans, which, if so, explains their dementia ] wanted to actually “own” the planet.

They believed that being white-skinned, they were the superior “race”. Indeed, from the evidence of how they maltreated other colors, they were so fucking stupid as to believe that only white people were Human Beings.


So the plan of these whiteguy psychos had to go so far as to undermine, reduce and exterminate all non-white, native people, all Indigenous Owners of other lands, so that his whiteguy, spoiled-rotten fucking psychos could take the People's completely-wisely understood “Mother Eartha”, and hold in their greedy little hands, the contrived “titles” to the land. And, all it's, all Her, resources, of course.

Boffins and mainstream media still talk about “the white Australia policy” which was part of the constitution included in our nation's “federation” in 1901, and remained part of our politics, officially, until the late 1960s, as if it is a thing of the past.

“Boffins, academics and media”, who, at best, take a holiday in their nice white shiny NEW 4-wheel drive, with a big shiny new WHITE caravan in tow into our desert or bushlands to see “first hand” our own Immortal Aborigines, and maybe have stood next to them at the checkouts of country town supermarkets.

More than a few “academic” essays have been written on “the Aborigine” from that extent and level of engagement and understanding of “the Indigenies”, I'd reckon. After reading a few books too.

So..., racism is still rampant here, in almost all our courts, police stations and commands, corporate mining and tourist and related boardrooms.

Therefore, racism is still very much on top of all foreign ownership beliefs as exist, though are probably rarely spoken about, in the highest echelons of power, be-it in the “houses of Hanover” world's richest families, and in the mad minds of the senior commands of the American and NATO corporate-military-industrial complex. -ities.

I'd say that the word “racism” and all that belongs in that same language group, of ignorance, are never referred to directly up in those madhouses. But those familiar, would know when it was being referred to.

“Political correctness”, is more dangerous than most realize!

Asking any of the multinational corporation upper class whiteguys to explain their ignorance, is futile. They are completely blind, deaf and dumb to how insane, stupid and ignorant they are. “Insane” is supported by studies into the psychology of corporate CEOs and senior executives, which show they have the highest rates of psycho-pathologies relating to dysfunctional and inordinate obsessions, like megalo-mania, fanaticism, distorted beliefs about themselves and the world around them..., ET cetera.

So, it comes..., to our politicians.

Are they aware of this endemic ignorance amongst those they parlay with, do deals with, party with, take bribes from, bullshit to the voters to protect?

To make it to that level, either down at the “grassroots” of local councils, in the middle and upper tiers of our system, in the state and territory parliaments, and in Canberra, demands that almost all Moral, Intellectual and Egalitarian Principles are abandoned. At least overtly.

And if one is foolish, naïve, angry and/or honest enough to let their “human” side be seen amongst the throng of fellow pieces-of-corporate-religious-political-or-media-shit, you're for it. The demons of denigration will begin their dark undermining work, to your face, but mostly behind your back, and life, career and reputation will be a steep downhill slide from there on.

So while our last, and third last ALP prime minister, Kevin Rudd, and his Party, in about 2008, went so far as to overtly, publicly apologize to the Aborigines, for all, or almost all of the evils the elitist, superiorist, whitearse scum of the earth had done to them since 1788, and while lots of pieces of legislation have been enshrined into law here and there, appearing to make the lot better for the world's most marginalized Aborigines, and more Aboriginal kids have been absorbed by the “benevolent” religious schools, to get whiteguy indoctrinations, so the whiteguy bullshit religions can “appear” to be good guys, Aborigines are still incarcerated at some 10-to-20 times the rate of whiteguys, “youth suicide” amongst Aborigine Children is the highest on earth, and the vast majority of our True Fella Aborigine are left on the margins of the fringes of every economic and social and cultural and educational opportunity in life.

[How much, therefore, did Rudd and the ALP/Greens/Independents government sew the seeds of their own demise by their Honorable Admissions about our Aborigine?]

And still, superiorist whiteguy takes the easy, gutless, immoral and totally unintelligent path of blaming the Aborigine for their misfortunes?

Except our High Court Judges!

All Praise the High Court Judges!

As things go, such rulings, to consider “social disadvantage” when sentencing or convicting someone charged with committing a crime, rulings which are more significant than most people first see, take a long time to influence the larger arenas of courts and charges and sentencing, so, the widest arena of society, and culture.

So with this recent ruling by the High Court, I guess Australian Aborigine, and the rest of us, have to wait decades if not longer, before all traces of racism are gone completely from the nation.

But that depends upon the rest of us, particularly our lawyers, and whether we/they are ready and willing to get up and push this issue as much as possible - and further?

As I wrote above, “the personal is cultural”.

So, the task for Advocates for the Aborigine, and for Good Law, and for Humanity, is to take the decision of the High Court to it's natural conclusion, and, for the first time since whiteguy began to FUCK EVERYTHING, and assumed they were right, and superior, and the only Humans, no matter what facts stood in the way, correct this BULLSHIT of placing the blame on the victim - ie., charging the most impoverished and marginalized, most socially, culturally and morally disadvantaged people with doing the best they can to survive in an outright evil, awry and corrupt, upsidedown culturally beggared legal system.

It's blatantly obvious that the people who cause other people to commit crimes, be-it white collar crime, or war crimes, or merely stealing from a shop type crimes, also control the laws, and so they, being so arrogant and superiorist to believe everything revolves around their own happiness and egotrip, are in fact the biggest criminals.

Their control of legislation and law-making has had them assume they have the right to put everyone else in the criminal class, purely and quite quite insanely, so the elite can swan it around in their high class modes of transport, riding over the lesser peoples, live essentially “rent-free” in the “classiest” penthouses and castles and palaces, and steal as whim has them, everyone else's Right and True Claims to Land, to their Mother, thus to their very Survival.

To Humanity's very survival! The “99%” of us.

As I addressed in the previous blog post, which has strikingly similarities, the reason why there's so much BULLSHIT denying that “manmade climate change” is a FACT, is because the culprits in the largest multinational, wealthiest, most insane, most insatiable corporate spheres of industry, have done their maths, and found that were they, thus their “side” of the politico-economic equation/debate/farce/WAR, to admit that “manmade climate change” is an actuality, means that soon enough, the Righteous Lawyers of the world would begin apportioning the blame to the most influential in that arena.

“The largest multinational, wealthiest, most insane, most insatiable corporate spheres of industry”! But of course, behind all wealth-creation, are the dynastic families who use these mediums - industry, media, religion, corporations, and WAR - to retain their superior economic positions.

Were this to transpire into the courts, and were the case not repeatedly postponed by the defense -for the indefensible - into the never-never future, the culprits, and I add here, their religious masters, would be fined, not as I wrote yesserday, “trillions” of dollars, or pounds, or euros, but by today's standards and inflated/devalued monies, in the order of quadrillions.

The Ultimate CLASS ACTION by the OCCUPY Movement's “99%” against Humanity's antithesis, the “1%”.

Change the names, and a few other words, and we have exactly the same CLASS ACTION brief to suit both the Aborigine's case against the culture of racism here, there, and everywhere whiteguy has trammeled the earth, but also, we have the ultimate legal case for about every “criminal” who has stood in the dock, facing charges for doing the best they could merely to get a feed, or to relieve their frustrations, or to acquire the necessities and do what should be “normal” and have “ a life” with family, friends, social-lives, secure housing and food supplies, and even a motorbike or two.

And..., a few chooks in the yard, ET cetera...!

So, every person who has done their own soul-search, to expunge and discard the whiteguy, superiorist RACIST BULLSHIT about their own being, and has reached deep in, to find and bring forth to their fullness, their HUMANITY, has the Right, and the Duty, to accost every police officer they see taking an Aborigine into their custody, and stress to the officers that the police officers are breaking the laws, and are arresting the wrong suspects.

In fact, strictly-speaking, anyone who witnesses such an illegal arrest, is themselves breaking the law if they do not make some effort to correct the police officer's actions.

As I write above, the wordage and names differ, but the problems and solutions are the same, for Aborigine, and for the 99% of Humanity.

And, by no coincidence, for the future of planet - our only one - the Great Mutha Eartha.

It all comes down to “LAWS”.

Reverse the blame!

Make Straight, The Laws!

Make Straight, The Laws!

Reverse the blame!

It follows that prisons should be emptied, and closed, for good.

Land Laws should be Reformed.

Land should be shared, and apportioned equitably.

ET cetera!

Last, were I hopeful that our police had ANY Morality and Integrity in themselves, I would put it that they too, have a Duty to face these points, these facts, and do everything possible, AND MORE, to, from here on, both demand corrections across the laws, especially all laws referring to Aborigines, to their deprivation, and the inherent racism of our “white-invader” legal system, and also, from here on, to defy and refuse to carry out orders and commands, be they from their immediate superiors, or according to written statutes and legislation, which have them arrest, incarcerate and charge Aborigines for - let's draw a line - crimes less than “grievous bodily harm”, or murder.

Otherwise, as it's been since 1808, YOU copper! are part of the problem, NOT, part of any solution.

These types of corrections in law, are huge, no doubt.

Therefore they cannot begin to be effected/corrected by just one level of the legal system, or the society, alone.

That the Highest Court in the Nation has found that Truth, is enough for the rest of us to abide and do everything we can to institute the corrections.

As for our current government - I think the vast majority of Australians know that they are a “mock government”, and do not actually qualify as any leadership team for ourselves, for our Nation, or for us into the future.

If such a Movement, such a CLASS ACTION, ever got legs, and went beyond my hypotheticals, if it became a project of our Better Lawyers, and received the media and publicity it, and Our Aborigines deserve, surely the current trend-follower government/s, federal and state, would want to be seen to be onside, so would be quick to jump on any bandwagon.

But most of us know, tragically-cynically, that the current federal government coalition would also, at-once, begin covertly, on the commands of their masters the foreign demons in British, Eurapean and USA - and Chinese - land-grabbing dynasties and corporations, to subvert any such Grandiose and Honorable Corrections, to Recognizing Aborigines as deserving of vastly improved treatment, and Freedoms.

So I would say that they, our mock-government, in Canberra, and in the states and territories, for their being essentially racist, foreign-owned and controlled cabals of traitors to all Australians, be left to follow the “will of the People”, and let the People, the Honorable Lawyers and Police, et al, make the corrections from the ground up.

This is, after all, what “Democratic Consensus” is supposed to be all about, is it not?

Reverse the blame!

Thanks to The Team at ABC Radio National's “The Law Report” for their story

heard by me, this Saturday morning October 12th 2013, for bringing this important High Court decision to the airwaves!

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