Logic Is processing known facts, isn't it?

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At 1st, we'd assume it's a lost cause, trying to have logic-free people understand it's importance.

So, we have to attempt to have the illogical, or the “anti-logicals”, come to see what logic is, and, more importantly, what prevents us, or, our mind, - their mind, from going through the process of assessing the information, and facts, as the process.

So, to start, we have to forget about interesting them in the crucial need for logic, and start them "up" the often long process of cleaning out the 'hexes” in their being, mind and body, which prevent them from recognizing logic, it's usefulness, importance, and, it's enjoyment.

Try telling a person who's been effectively “hypnotized” since they were baptized, that they are under a trance, and have always been, and that that's why they reject the concept of "logic"?

A dangerous path.

And, try telling someone who is enjoying “life” in a wealthy class, the same, or that they were hypnotized at school, or such?

A dangerous path.

The same applies to fanatical religious people, especially of the christian brand, who, it's assumed, the post refers to.

And worse than merely being under a trance, preventing them from seeing and understanding the importance of logic, they are also, by the [general] christian cult they “belong to” or, to their cult “elders” '...by the general christian cult they are “owned by”', the cult's occult method/s of keeping the victim under their control, is to quite deliberately oppress/suppress their mental processes such that they are prevented from going there, so cannot actually engage their higher mental faculties of the intellect, which, of course, is/are primary to being able to deduce a correct conclusion about anything, by the intellectual employment of the processes of “logic”.

One of the world's most influential problems, is this abuse of the occult, by wealthy, powerful groups, cults, religions, and their elites.

Once wealth is attained to, through the tomfoolery of witchcraft, so too does the cult's confidence increase, until, quickly enough, they abandon clear, critical thinking and logic altogether, so deeply self-hypnotized have they become, and fall to believing they only need magic to be happy.

Of course, all the world is illusion, and the illusion is manipulable, by messing with the “subtle” fabric, the subtle substance upon which the known, seen, felt, heard, sensed world exists.

However, in that level of “existence” there too are laws.

“Karma” as Sanskrit refers in part to it/them.

“Cause and effect” in western terms.

And messing with the subtle substance without a full knowledge and understanding, but mostly, “Respect” of and for the occult fabric and the ways it works, always brings the house down on the player.

This is exactly the foolish and deadly path the world has followed by making fact, of Albert Einstein's physics and the theoretical “splitting of the atom” theorizing.

Thus we now face some likelihood of crazy witches, high up in places, and dynasties of global power, [my, "the lords of sick!"] actually prescribing, and doing what they can, to start a nuclear war, to decimate the global population, so they can assume ownership of the remaining land, and resources, with some 90% fewer human beings to have always to negotiate with, etc.

They've gone too far into using/abusing the occult powers, and for their becoming too “spoiled”, confident and wealthy from it, have forgotten the vital Laws, and the Respect necessary to allow the universe, as represented here on earth by the ecosystem, to continue smoothly, as-it-were, or as-it-might-be, and to not induce a negative, and usually powerful response, backlash, BAD reaction.

So, the question is choice, but itself needs logic, and known facts about the conditions in the minds of the “anti-logics” to discern that a preceding process has to be employed before trying to convince the anti-logical mind it needs logic to - well... - survive.

Is that logical?

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