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131116 JUST DEFIANCE Chief Many Voices Edition.

This story came flowing into mind this morning, so I wrote it down, and edited it a little.

I have doubts as to any of it's accuracy, but thought I'd fling it up here in case some got something from it.

In all, it's a discrediting of any misbeliefs that I'm any sort of sage, or, especially, that I'm a messiah.

There is no such thing, for anyone else, as a messiah.

I assert, that at most, I'm a channeler of things in words, from higher and lower realms of the occult.

But, I see myself as a trapped puppet. With add-on powers, I can't explain... All part of the mystery....

Some tribes think I'm the reborn Merlin from ancient Wales.

Some even think I'm reborn Jesus, from ancient Israel.

Some think I come from that Star over there, Alpha Centaurii, earth's 2nd nearest star, about 4 light years from here, like the fictional Clark Kent, aka hollywood's “Superman”.

People think what they're conditioned to think, like dreams, they “think” mostly immigrant ideas, thoughts, images and intentions.

Life is a constant debate, argument, battle and war to find and stay in a “True Zone” where beliefs are not other peoples, are not mere fantasy, but are the Right Way to think, thus, to experience the world inside our mind, and outside in the experience of our senses.

Getting even to realize “that”, as the most important thing for each person, is the great war of the worlds, so-to-speak.

Nowadays, and for as good as “forever”, since well before any of the current generations, of species, beings have been captured in one or another bigger fella's imagination.

Lots call the one they're caught up by, “god”, “Brahma”, “YHVH”, “Allah”.

And there's lots of others with their own names, given long time ago by their followers/believers, one or many for the innumerable creeds on earth.

But in the end, with the expansion of populations, territories are crossed, and differing beliefs eventually clash, mainly because people are possessed by their “deity”, and the beliefs and stories passed down from their earliest times.

Stupid wars break out, over trivia, “OUR god is the only true god!” etc.

And, in the minutia of each tribes' politics, usually incidental stuff about whose gonna carry the bag, now that the last bag-carrier is too old, they narrow their focus down and forget the large view.

And more seriously, which is generally the same, they forget the fact that nothing they argue about is more important than that their Life is a constant debate, argument, battle and war to find and stay in a “True Zone” where beliefs are not other peoples, are not mere fantasy, but are the Right Way to think.

Finding this True Zone, people see that all the trivia is just that, and has to be experienced, and debated, with large doses of lightheartedness, all the while keeping, the True Zone in the centre, of their own perspective, and in how they then, hear and discuss other points.

While western people, in the modern era, of the last 26,000 years or so, have wandered so far off the True Path, where the True Zone was Natural for them, like it is natural for a Dog to bark, for a Monkey to climb trees, for a Snake to slither, staying naturally in this True Zone is not just very hard for them, they don't even know it exists, let alone how important it and being there is. Their attention is very very easily, constantly, caught by some other thing or event.

Mental tourism”! HA!

And before they know it, they're GAWN chasing that illusion, forgetting how they should chase that illusion, if they should go that way at all, and before long they're treating it as something or someone they “love” or hate, so much they want only to forget their 1st priority of the True Zone, and want either to possess, hold, crawl inside the one they've been captured by, or with, or they want to break or kill them or it.

So, nowadays, everyone is caught, and lost off the True Path.

99% of us don't even know that Path, and Zone exists.

And most if us, when we hear about it, react violently, automatically, mainly because we're cynical and embittered by “paths” we may have been led down, and found as bullshit pathways.

So bringing the people back to their own True Zone, and thus to their True Paths, which is where everyone is completely at peace inside themselves, and knows why other things and beings are the way they are, so accept other existences and realities with even hands, is pretty much an impossibility.

Therefore it's pointless trying to enter the fray of joining one political party or gang or club, with grandiose hopes and intentions, outside of just wanting to partake of a group, a community. And, in partaking, with no evangelical delusions, but merely knowing that you're duty to everyone, is but to quietly license yourself to be in that group, by easing them, those who like hearing the True things you might be able to express, into seeing that, not of YOU, but of and in themselves.

But it's stupid and dangerous to enter with overblown beliefs about yourself, such that you can change the stupid, or give hope to the voters, or victory for the fans.

As well, of course, because you have a talent for the game or debate or wars those groups partake of, and, most importantly, that you can enjoy the events with a light heart, while sincere, and still conscious of your own True Zone, or, your “TZ”.

If, importantly, for if not, you mustn't play, but if, you can stay attuned to your TZ, everyone is given a lift, and anger and hatred are diminished, to varying degrees of course, depending upon how recent and powerful the angry or hate-filled ones' possessors are.

Of course, trumpeting that you're a seeker, as often incites angry reactions from the hardened and violent, bitter, smallminded cynics, mostly those who profit from a bad, corrupt spoiled world. So you gotto be very careful who you tell!

NO-ONE, basically. Because everyone talks, and few have friends who have no animosity or want to tell sick minds.

That's why religions go wrong, and incite wars.

Whereas, the Traditions, like Taoism, of China, and some Yogic Traditions of the East, Advise that People hold to their Beliefs and Practices in the privacy of their own rooms. And, that is the best way, with good Guides, as you travel.

If you could hear the other sides, in a game or political debate, talk about the game after, you'd likely hear some express how much they enjoyed the fracas that day, or that there was less animosity, etc.

But this is still light years away from them, or your own mates, realizing the primary need in them to explore for their own TZ. Then, to surrender every other thing and passion, and to go a-searching for That.

While, of course, not falling to being a burden on others.

The Ancient Hindu Bhagavad Geeta text, has Krishna talking to Arjuna about this search, and about the one who sees it's importance, then, who leaves the world and goes to find it. And Krishna tells Arjuna that perhaps one in a thousand sees the need, and goes, and perhaps one in a thousand of those seekers, reaches their True goal.

That “True Zone”, as I call it.

So, trying to lead your footy team mates off in that search, is futile. And you'll be relegated to “orange-boy” in no time.

That's why you have to be able to enjoy the game, or the debate, or the fight or battle or war, as a game of dueling while keeping your TZ in the balance, in the centre. And, to yourself.

Gung Fu, and all Martial Art Masters are in that Zone, in everything they do.

Especially when they are dueling, which is primary to their ability to do amazing things and to defeat opponents.

And this, my “TZ”, is just my way of putting what the Masters who have attained to the same supreme state, to the Full and Complete Human Condition, in all True Traditions, all from well before the “fall” of the western, judeo-christian eras, have Attained to.

This, is each persons' God, YHVH, Allah, Brahma, Tao, Et Al, Et Al.

I might have been there in this incarnation, but I don't believe I have.

All this, is reiterating what I've heard, read, studied and absorbed over 58 years.

From, Many Voices.

So, I'm no god. I'm merely something of a Chief, of Many [True] Voices.

And, we all are, in different avenues, specialities, skills, trades, professions, chiefs of many voices.

That, is our make-up.

But, since “the fall”, the metaphorical, allegorical fall, in the bible, from Eden, our possessors have fallen, off the Path, and have divided us, into thinking awry, into thinking we are our own mind, and body and soul and other things we regard as “ours”. “MINE!” Not yours!

Et cetera.

This has evolved into what we call the “ego”.

And, the ego is more something which grows, and is encouraged in each of us by a fallen culture, simply because we have forgotten, our True Zone.

We've forgotten the knowledge that we are each, in our worldly existence, actually singular compacts, of many voices.

Of course, beneath all the many voices making up our mentality, is the ever precious, universal consciousness, whence all voices come, and whence all the knowledge of the voices come, originally.

And, to get into It, we use the True Zone's Many Voices which are True Voices, not the may voices which want to possess us and have us be idiot puppets.

But the Work of Establishing something of a Connection to the True Many Voices, is our 1st step/s. And that can be the hardest, as most 1st steps often are.

By True Many Voices, I mean those whose being, is Truly Impartial, have found their own TZs and don't want to possess us, who don't need to possess us because they are not actually in their own TZ, or use us for their own advantage.

They exist in the subtle world, like the lesser, possessive beings, the “nTZ beings”, just a few steps or realms higher, and we usually cannot hear or see them, for all the lower stuff, the nTZ stuff, between us and Them.

The possessive entities.

So, 1st, hearing this, then thinking on it, we, or our ego, the possessor, who likes to stay behind our consciousness, and use us to their advantage, reacts with adverse sentiments.

The possessor, the fallen god, but a human, or other entity, from eons ago, wants primacy in as many minds as they can have.

So a “theory” which might show as provable, to stack-up and be true, which is contrary to how the possessor has deluded you to think of yourself and thus, of others, is to any possessor, an enemy, and wants us to think they have to be avoided at all costs.

So, if you are not aware that all of us are possessed, by one false god or another, or many of them, and think you are an “individual”, who thinks every thought and thing you do are from your very own thoughts, and motivations, it's natural, unnatural actually, that you'll go sick!




ET cetera.

Reason”, combined with Wisdom, is not the flavor of the month in that kind of possessed head.

Unless, you're one of those one in a million who happens to see the falsity, and thus, the immaturity, and the pointlessness, thus the ignobility of not looking for your True Zone?

You too, are Many Voices.

Your mission, is to learn to get the deceptional voices out of your inner Zone, out of your mind, and to let the True Voices, ones which help you learn the right ways to see yourself, and thus to see the world around you, assume their place in your world.

That's the start, of being a Real True Human Being, and, to being your own God.

Not proud and bold and fearless to go out and impose your beliefs on anyone else.

The world of others is their world. It's you finding your TZ which gives you license to enter their worlds.

People and the most fearsome other beings, will never reject you, or be hostile to you, if you are able to keep Still, in your TZ, as you wander through their worlds.

Whether they have found and hold to their own TZ's or not.

Which, since “the fall” 99.99% of us humans, have not.

But, if you find that Zone, or, even if you are just true to yourself in searching for it, which is a 24/7 thing, not, just once a week, a “Presence” will surround you, and when you wander around, in jungles, in cities, but when in habitats of non-human beings, you'll be surprised how many animals and even insects will be calm around you. Will not run, or display aggression to you.

That's because most beings other than this recent epoch of “fallen” humans, and beings other than those who have reacted and come here from other parts of the universe in response to our dysfunctional behavior, [like exploding the atom and developing the atom bomb], but most animals are still in their True Zones, and can see our feelings, hear the colors of our movements and bodily actions, like the American Rock Band, “The Moody Blues” sang about in the 1970s, and if the animals see you are genuine in your being, in your place, or in your want to find your True Zone place in the existence, they'll Respect you, and some might accompany you along the way while in their territory, to keep you company and to even warn and protect you.

Not all of them though!

But, you gotto be sincere.

And that's what life is about.

24/7, 52, 100 years of Life, doing your Duty.

Or even for 10 years, if your destiny is a short one here.

Lucky YOU!

Chief Many Voices
Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
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