My Comment To The Guardian Article “Tony Abbott welcomes Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's roadmap to restore ties”

131127 My Comment To The Guardian Article “Tony Abbott welcomes Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's roadmap to restore ties” Edition

PM will pursue security round table and hopes 'stronger and more substantial relationship' will be forged
Katharine Murphy, deputy political editor
theguardian.com, Tuesday 26 November 2013 18.10 EST


Nations, that-is corporations, spy on each other, because they are worried about the spied-on's intentions of an invasion, or, want to invade.

Amongst other things.

Australia could never invade Indonesia, without USA's help.

Or, the USA is using Australia to help a US invasion of south east Asia.

Asia then has to be one step ahead.

As the USA is psychotic, backed by a psychotic zionist world plan, Australia has to ask whether we prefer a mad zionist extreme right wing American invasion, not of Asia, but of our land, as we are the preferred real estate in every other nations' eyes, or, if we prefer a somewhat more Intelligent, thus more balanced Asian invasion of our lands.

Simplistically, we're all brutal people, Britain and Eurape too, and mainly for the shrinking amount of available real estate, arable land, and, resources beneath the surfaces, against an exponentially-growing world population.

Australia knows Indonesia would not invade us, so, outside of knowing who the Indons are 'chatting' with in their/our region, regards plans to make any kind of move on Australia, so Australia is most likely to be spying on Indonesia for the USA.

Vague stories are around about Australia being used by the US as their 'pivot to Asia'.

Most thinking Aussies know the last person we should trust in government now, is Tony Abbort. And most also know that the Americans must never be trusted.

So hearing that they are, and have been using us as their 'pivot', may well have another more threatening agenda behind it.

The USA is out of control, regards it's foreign agendas, mainly pushed by their quite insane, insatiable multinational corporate-government, and there is a clear want by them to keep expanding their grip on the world's resources, and everything and everyone living on top of them.

We blindly enjoy what the USA has invented and mass-produced, without most if us realizing and rejecting their negatives.

That the USA, as a nation of over 300 million people, per capita consumes something like 25-times more than it's global, per capita allowance, should tell us they are well awry, and must be resisted, in culture and intentions of expansion.

Because any 'friendly' visits, are always accompanied, and fundamentally-driven, by their insatiable wants for resources, to feed their greed.

They would oppress Australians without a thought, if it took that to get what we have.

And what we have are huge untapped resources, and undeveloped real estate and arable, agricultural land.

So Australians going to the cricket, footy or to the local pub's pokies, etc..., should disqualify them for being dangerously unintelligent and immaturely unconcerned about voting at each election.

So, as we have voted in the most 'unAustralian' federal, and in most states, governments, we are guaranteed a disastrous future.

A future of being..., OK..., 'passively' invaded by a ruthless oppressive lair of a nation, the insatiable insane USA, [or, by it's multinational corporations, who own the warmongering US military, and ours, and the western alliances'], who are likely then to push further up into Indonesia and south east Asia, in their mad autonomic clammering for resources, and, for complete global power.

So, is Australia better waiting for this to occur, and our future, and kids, pushed into a US-style of modern, 21st century slavery, or are we wiser to call Asia, to "Man-Up", and collectively pre-empt the mad Americans, and make a United move on Australia, with more intelligent, more equitable distribution policies, of people and of resources?

Being closer, culturally, to the western hemisphere, the USA, does make them an easier choice.

But that they cannot resolve their political/economic disparities, domestically, shows 1, that their whole capitalist, corporate free market is a deadly failure, and 2, that they will have us on the bottom of any classes, if they do assert their political/economic/military agendas here, more than they have to now.

1, the current federal LNP government, led by an idiot egomaniac, with J Bishop, our wannabe Maggie Thatcher as foreign affairs minister, probably expecting to be foisted up as our next PM, once Abbort implodes, will never be capable of dealing with these or any other fundamental foreign affairs issues, and are totally incapable of understanding and intellectualizing and interpreting the possible future scenarios I suggest above, we may have soon to face.

But I have no faith, in the ALP team now in opposition.

It, the possible future foreign affairs we have coming, can simply not be negotiated and seen through peaceably by any of our egomaniac career-centred politicians of this era.

'Spying' on each nation, by each nation, does nothing useful either.

Those who deem spying as necessary, aren't qualified to make those assessments.

We need people of far wider and wiser perspectives than any we see in the capitalist world, if we want a future any better than world war.

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